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Pampers UnderJams

Every child beams with pride the moment they reach certain milestones. They feel they are growing and are excited to share their glory with the world. But when things do not go as planned, they often are sad and sometimes ashamed or embarrassed. Bedwetting is one of these times.  Bedwetting is an extremely common occurrence among children. Parents who’s children have suffered through this are aware of the heartache it brings on everyone in the family. Pampers UnderJams hopes to give confidence back to your son or daughter in this tough time as well as create an easy solution to tackle the bedwetting problems in your household!

If your child has struggled with bedwetting you know all too well how they feel. One of mine would wake up early before me and hide their sheets in the laundry. When asked what happened they would reply with “Oh I spilled a drink in bed” I could see on their face they did not want to talk about what happened. So I respected heir feelings and did not push the issue.

restore your child's confidence

How you can help your child

Be a calm voice of reason and assure them this is not their fault. Let them know they are not alone

Avoid drinks in the evening if possible. avoid caffeinated drinks all together

Have your child use the bathroom before bed. Wake them before you sleep as well to try.

Talk to your doctor

Buy Pampers UnderJams to keep them and their bed dry. These are especially great for sleepovers and camps.

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About Pampers UnderJams

  • You can find these at Walmart
  • Night wear leakage protection that features a NightLock ultra-absorbent core.
  • ComfortWear quiet, cloth-like materials for privacy.
  • Low waist so only your child knows they are wearing them!


Parents can learn more about enuresis (bedwetting), watch videos and read articles with helpful insights from Moms who are leading pediatricians – who have dealt with their own children suffering from bedwetting online at

Follow the conversation and share your stories withe the #ConquerBedWetting hashtag. Be sure to follow @Pampers adn @WAlmart on Twitter for up to date info and promotions.

Have you experienced bedwetting with your child(ren)? Feel free to share your stories below.

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  1. I can only imagine what it does to a child's confidence. I'm glad there are discrete solutions for them. 🙂

  2. kerriemendoza says

    I think it is amazing how many great products and education there is available to help your children through a difficult stage in their life. I will definitely share this with friends that are going through this with their children.

  3. lyndac1968 says

    It's great that there is products out there to help with this problem, my daughter was a bed wetter till she was about 8 and it's very upsetting not only for the child but for the parent as well

  4. It's so great that there are discreet options for children. It can be so tough for kids going through this, and anything that can help them out with their confidence is so awesome.
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  5. I haven't thankfully, but I know some parents who have! I will share this post with them.
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  6. These are great tips, we limited evening fluids too and that helps a lot. For a while too, I'd set an alarm and get the girls up to go, it prevented a lot of accidents until they could do it on their own.

  7. My son is still potty training. I have a feeling he will need these soon though!

  8. What a great option instead of wearing diapers. Definitely makes kids feel like big kids and encourages them .
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  9. Amber Edwards says

    This would be such a great thing for building kid's confidence! it's not like they can really do anything about it when they are sleeping. Some kids just have a harder time at night. And that's ok.

  10. I think this is so wonderful! Bedwetting is a totally natural thing, but it can really destroy a child's self-confidence. Thanks so much for sharing these!
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  11. I didn't know about these. Under jams sounds like they're great for the transitional period.

  12. These would have been a heaven sent when my son was younger. He had such a hard time getting over this stage.
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  13. We are currently having this issue with my daughter. We will have to try these out!
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  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    It is tough on kids who wet the bed. Normally it's just a question of them not realising that they need to go when they are asleep and nothing medically wrong. It's so nice that there are solutions for this problem, that helps a child keep his/her confidence

  15. Amanda West says

    Bed wetting is such a sensitive issue with kids. I love this product to help with their confidence! I think that could make the potty experience that much easier.

  16. Ahh these are such a great idea! Such a hard problem to solve, but so frustrating for everyone involved.
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  17. way2goodlife says

    My son regressed after the baby was born. I need to face the fact and under jams would ease us back into the progress
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  18. We are potty training our daughter now, so I feel we will be dealing with bed wetting soon. I think these are awesome!
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  19. jenniferjuro says

    I think this sounds like a great product! My son still struggles with night time wetting.

  20. It's so great that there are options that help them discretely!

  21. katrinagehman says

    thanks for the great information. bettwetting is hard on everyone involved but there shouldn't be guilt on the child.

  22. Elva Roberts says

    I think it is wonderful that Pampers has these Pamper Underjams help children, who for whatever reason have bed-wetting problems, keep dry through the night and helps them to be able to go to sleepovers and other activities that other children do.

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