Tips on Buying Girls Shoes Online

Buying shoes for girls online might seem like a tedious process.  Trial and error may discourage even the best of us but with a little bit of helpful information you can be assured your online shopping for baby, toddler girls shoes will always put a smile on her face while keeping her feet comfortable.  Whether they’re running circles around you or taking their first steps, small feet require big care. sophia's shoes


Buying a new pair of shoes for your sweet girl is a necessity as her feet grow.  Choosing a great fit along with that certain style to match that special outfit can be a challenge. These tips will be a useful guide in making the right choice when purchasing girls shoes online with Sophia’s Style Boutique.


Selecting the right size

Getting the right fit for your child is an important part of shopping for shoes. We understand the significance of every step.  We recommend checking the way other brands may fit her feet.  Whether small or big, the size of shoe could affect her way to move, walk or run and natural development and mobility.

The correct size shoe is s a first condition that a shoe suitable for children should fulfill. It should have a little space to squeeze, and enough space to allow the feet to grow. Considering the growing process it is indicated to check if the shoes still fit well every month. You can measure the distance between the biggest toe to the back of the heel.

Measure their feet before buying shoes.  The best moment for measuring the foot is at the end of the day when the foot is largest.

Because most of us have one foot larger than the other, consider the size of the bigger foot. There should be enough space for her longest toe at the end of each shoe when she stands up. Most shoes give in after the first walk.


Special Occasion vs Casual Shoes

When it comes to the occasion or festive event your sweet girl attends there are various styles to select from so you can choose the one that complements her attire in the most beautiful way.  Keep in mind some girls keep their First Communion Shoes for years to come as a memory as well as Flower Girls.

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Casual wear shoes should fit well and bring comfort. Keep in mind that shoes for baby girls or toddler girls shouldn’t be miniature versions of adult shoes as kids feet have a slightly different shape than the adult feet. Unless your child complains that they are uncomfortable, you may not know when it’s time for a new pair of shoes.  Usually there are special designs and trends when it comes to children footwear.

Lace & Velcro Closure

When shopping for girls shoes with a criteria of comfort, keep in mind that stability is important.  Be certain to avoid backless shoes or a heeled design.  Options that feature lace materials or velcro closure should not feature a heel. If the shoe has a heel, you should make sure it doesn’t slide up and down when she walks. Flexible and steady soles also help the child while he/she walks and runs.

Proper Materials for Kids Shoes

Material should be breathable and lightweight, so look for leather or fabric shoe options. Synthetic materials are also an option for special occasion shoes just as long as they are not too rigid. The upper part of the shoe should preferably be made from a flexible material in order to shape well to the foot. Most shoes have features that improve traction and shock absorption, stability straps, well designed midsole and insole materials.

Check the Sole

The shoes best designed for little girls should have a flexible sole with gripping soles, nonskid preferably rubber. These types of soles provide stability, mobility while providing comfort for little feet. Avoid the slippery soles and choose the low-heeled shoes which bring a comfy feel.


There are numerous benefits in buying shoes online as long as you follow these tips and make sure both you and your daughter agree on the shoes. Remember to measure her feet at the end of the day, to obtain measurements of the biggest foot, to ask sellers for size charts as most will have brand size charts.

It’s important to measure your children’s feet accurately before buying them each pair of shoes, to ensure healthy foot development for years to come. Getting the correct advice will ensure that your child is measured and fitted with the correct size and style of shoe for their feet, through every stage of their development.



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    I've bought shoes for my kids online and they were way too big. We had to save them for a year.

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