Canadians save when shopping thanks to #RMNchallenge win $100 Visa

I am pretty savvy when it comes to saving money. Often my biggest shopping fear is paying full price for something to find out I could have gotten it cheaper had I only looked. I am subscribed to every shopping site newsletter and have every loyalty car you can imagine to help save whenever possible. If I find myself without a coupon code I may do a quick online search to see what I can find. But there is a risk with that. Often I am put on forums and the person who added the link is unknown to me. This then turns to a security issue as clicking could cause problems for my computer. I have also noticed quite often I am looking for a coupon for a Canadian retailer but only finding coupons for other countries. This is where comes to the rescue. is a marketplace platform that helps retailers and brands connect with millions of active shoppers anytime, anywhere to drive engagement and sales. With more than 600,000 coupons and offers for 70,000 retailers, they operate the world’s largest marketplace for digital offers.

As a consumer it is so handy to have an online database of coupon codes that I can easily access when I need them for the items I want to buy.

A recent survey reveals spending increases as temperatures rise. The survey also showed 74 per cent of Canadians agree that people tend to spend more as the weather gets warmer. In fact, survey respondents plan to spend an average of $1,270 on travel expenses, $1,160 on home improvements, $632 on food and entertainment and $222 on new clothing and shoes between March and June!

Other survey findings include:

  • Freezing February: 56 per cent of Atlantic residents and 51 per cent of Ontarians look to travel after the coldest February in 115 years2;
  • J’aime patio season: Come springtime, Quebec residents plan to spend the most on entertainment and food ($891);
  • Costly staycations: 46 per cent of the country agrees staycations are less affordable than they used to be;
  • Better than a stress ball: Thirty-three per cent of Canadians travel because it allows them to get away from the stress of everyday life;
  • All-inclusive dilemma: Fifty-three per cent of Canadians agree that an all-inclusive vacation tends to be cheaper, but 44 per cent prefer more choice. regularly conducts consumer behavior surveys to examine the buying habits of Canadians. To save on spring travel and clothing, visit and sign up for the deals newsletter.


Saving Tips for Spring Vacations

To lend a helping hand, teamed up with Sandra Hanna of the Smart Cookies to offer savvy spending tips and tricks.  Here are a few insider tips to get more bang for your buck this spring:

·         Pause before you click: With over one-third of the country looking to travel this spring (36 per cent) take a moment and do some quick research before your final click to checkout. Taking one minute to search for a promo code on could save you serious money on travel booking sites like WestJet, Park n Fly and Hotwire.

·         Savvy Staycation: Forty-six per cent of Canadians agree a staycation in their city or town is less affordable than it used to be, so get creative. Search what local hotels that offer a day pass to the hotel amenities like the pool and spa. You may be able to enjoy a “day vacation” at a high-end local resort at a very affordable price.

·         Plan for hidden costs: Sixty-one per cent of Canadians agree the hidden costs of traveling like food and new clothing eat into their budget.  If you are traveling over March Break, look into the travel perks offered with your credit card. Some cards offer free checked baggage which can add up to more than $100 for a travelling family, or double rewards on flights, hotels and even gas!

·         Rent your space: If you are planning to be away this spring, put your home to work while you’re gone. Posting your home on a site like while you’re away is a great way to earn extra cash. is also a great way to find budget-friendly accommodation. Visit a site like for further details like $25 off your first booking.

·         Buy yourself a giftcard: Seventy-four per cent of Canadians agree that as the weather gets warmer people tend to begin spending more. We say – go for it! Keep your spending in control by purchasing yourself a gift cards ahead of time for your spring time splurges. Pre-load your card with the amount you have set aside in your spending plan to avoid blowing your budget.

I was recently asked to take part in a shopping challenge. You can follow the #RMNchallenge hashtag and see what the other bloggers bought and how much they saved. I was given a $250 pre-paid Visa to use while shopping along with the coupon codes and offers from Below are my results

Note- RetailMeNot will show sale offers that do not require a coupon code as well. This is a great resource if you are looking for a specific item and trying to figure out what retailer has the best price.

I have been wanting to do some spring crafts with my daughter so I headed over to Michaels in the city with my coupon I printed out. I was able to save 40% on any 1 item. Since we live rural and do not get fliers, I did not have access to this coupon before.


I used the coupon on a collage frame that was $24.99. I save $9.99 (round up to $10)

Then I used the rest online buying items for my kids. First I put in Carter’s in the search as it is a great place my daughter loves clothes from. Right away I found a coupon for 15% off my entire order. Since we often need to pay shipping, coupons codes usually balance this out and make sho[[ing online more affordable.


I found two dresses, a jean jacket, a few tees and a pair of shorts with a total of $111.81 saving $15.75 with my coupon code.


I realize people saved way more than I did but being somewhat frugal I spent my money on items I needed and was happy to save where I could. I doubt I will have saved the most, but it was sure fun finding the deals. As you can see I still had just over $100 to spend and I knew just where to go, DC Shoes. Having two teen boys this is my go to place for online men’s clothes. Great brands, fair prices and free shipping!


I got $10 off my order when I opened a new account and spent $44 (free shipping) Then at DC saved $13.20 for  TOTAL SAVINGS OF $44



It is pretty great that you can find coupons for items you buy day to day online and in store. Be sure to check out before you shop next.

giveaway time

1 lucky reader is going to win a $100 Visa to spend at Fill out the form below for your chance. Good luck!

Disclosure- This post was brought to you by All opinions are my own. I received a prepaid Visa to complete this challenge. 


  1. a dominix-joudrey says

    i will spending it on the children's place

  2. Jenness M says

    %50 off at Best Buy!

  3. Laurie P says

    Would be great to use it at The Children's Place!

  4. Florence Cochrane says

    I will be spending it at Old Navy.

  5. I'd probably use it at Bath and BOdy Works – I'd love to get some new spring candles to liven up our place

  6. I will spending it at swiss chalet

  7. Aeropostale!

  8. At Amazon!

  9. Sephora and Kobo!!!

  10. Elaine G says

    I'd spend it at WalMart

  11. OLD NAVY

  12. Tricia Hope says

    I want Amazon,thanks for the chance!

  13. Valerie Mallette says

    I would spend it at Amazon.

  14. Brenda Penton says

    I'd be spending it to buy clothes for my kids at Old Navy

  15. Jeannie Lam says

    I think I would be spending it at the Gap.

  16. Likely at Old Navy or Sephora!

  17. Francine says


  18. holly ogorman says

    Definitely some Amazon shopping!

  19. butterflyamyc says

    The children's place looks like a good place to spend it.

  20. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    If I win, heavens what should I pick, hmm it would probably be spent at Amazon or where ever I can get the computer parts needed 🙂

  21. prairiebelle says

    I would be shopping at best buy

  22. Old Navy or Sephora

  23. I would love to spend it at Sephora..but I would probably use it at a shoe retailer as I really need some new shoes.

  24. Christina Ferguson says

    I think I would use it with Beyond the Rack. They have so many great deals on a daily basis.

  25. I will be spending it at Old Navy

  26. $25 of $125 at Golf Town is pretty good

  27. ginette4 says

    I'lll be spending it at Michael's have a wedding this summer and could use the card to purchase items for the wedding

  28. nancy2880 says

    I'd like to spend it at Sephora.

  29. Suzanne G says

    I would be spending the money at Sephora.

  30. Michelle Policelli says


  31. Doris Calvert says

    Best Buy or Wal Mart

  32. Sports Check, need some new running shoes

  33. Jennifer L. says

    I'll spend it at The Children's Place.

  34. Old Navy

  35. Susan Patterson says

    I would use it at Walmart – thank you!

  36. I'd use it at Lowe's, lots of good stuff there!

  37. newfiechick72 says

    Old Navy

  38. Andrew P says


  39. glogirl3 says

    I would spend it at Old Navy.

  40. I do like Land's End's quality clothing!

  41. billiondollarprincesss says

    Joe Fresh

  42. I'll be spending at Old Navy!

  43. If I won I'd be spending it at Indigo. There are so so many books on my want list – especially cook books at the moment.

  44. naiddia p says

    I would spend it at old navy.

  45. Sportchek! My son needs lots of new hockey gear!

  46. Vesper1931 says

    Probably Amazon

  47. Susanne McCarthy says

    Probably Walmart to stock up the pantry!

  48. The Children's Place…summer clothes!

  49. Lushka Smith says

    At Amzzon

  50. Amazon 🙂

  51. dorcontest says

    Amazon or Sears. Depends on what is on sale and what my needs are at that time.

  52. Andrea Williams says

    I would probably use it to buy clothes for my boys at

  53. stephy905 says

    So many choices! Sears most likely.

  54. andrea amy says

    Dominos pizza 😀

  55. Ronald Gagnon says

    Probably Best Buy

  56. I would spend it at Sephora

  57. I'd spend it at Sears.
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  58. edmontonjb says

    I would do some summer clothes shopping at Old Navy


  59. Clinique

  60. At Sephora or
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  61. nicolthepickle says

    Future Shop, now known as Best Buy.

  62. Amazon is my choice

  63. Walmart!

  64. I'd spend it at old navy

  65. I'd use it at Thank you!

  66. Caroline says

    I'd spend it all at Sephora – I need some new makeup!

  67. wendy Hutton says


  68. Indigo

  69. Rhonda W G. says

    Walmart would be my choice!

  70. I always find things to buy on Amazon.

  71. Amazon!

  72. Nicole Jubleew says

    I would use it at Amazon.

  73. I would spend it at!

  74. I

  75. I will be spending with Visa at The Children's Place

  76. Dynamite

  77. Judy Cowan says

    I would use it at Sears.

  78. Re: WOW, I need the prize to buy much needed grocery & supplement to get well soon. OMG. Wow, prize Visa gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the gc to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  79. Krista M says

    Probably at Indigo, I absolutely LOVE buying new books online! Plus they always have great deals!

  80. Old Navy for me!

  81. I would spend the visa at walmart for sure!

  82. Walmart!

  83. I would spend it at Bath & Body Works & Old Navy.

  84. hmrcarlson says

    The Children's Place for Summer clothing!

  85. I will be spending it at Crate&Barrel.

  86. Carol Denny says

    At Walmart.

  87. Victoria Ess says

    I'll be spending it at Gap!

  88. wrightbrittany says

    Best Buy, hands down! I'm shopping for a new computer right now so I would definitely apply it to that!
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  89. Kelley Moore says


  90. caroline m. says

    probably on which I've used a few times in the last months.

  91. Jennifer P. says

    I would use it at Old Navy / Gap / Banana Republic.

  92. I would spend it at Home Depot
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  93. probably at Swiss Chalet

  94. stacey dempsey says

    I think I would use it on amazon

  95. laughingfrenchy says


  96. I would probably spend it at Joe Fresh or Sears.

  97. playfulpaws75 says

    Walmart is definitely the place for me!!! I was just in the store, looking at all of the clothes I need, but can't afford. This gift card could really help get my summer attire!!!

  98. I'd spend it at Abercrombie Kids.

  99. Amazon for sure!

  100. Patrick Siu says


  101. I think I would love to spend my winnings at Sephora, okay I would love to but honestly it would probably be Lowe's or Homedepot and something for the house.

  102. I would be spending it at Old Navy or Childrens Place.

  103. I would use it at Walmart or Home Depot.

  104. Sephora for shora!

  105. I’ll be spending it at

  106. Donna L. says

    Home Depot!

  107. chocolatewords says

    Best Buy, in order to buy a new tablet.

  108. Aarti Missra says

    If I win, I'd spend it at Walmart.

  109. Sara Lima says

    Normally I tend to use stuff like this to pamper other people; stuff for nieces and nephews, or my godson or my fiance. I think I'd probably use THIS for Sephora, though. Mama needs some new lipsticks and lovely, delicate lotion with tons of SPF. Or maybe some new, amazing, mascara. YES! Lipgloss and Mascara for the WIN!

  110. Corey Hutton says

  111. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I would like to spend it at Amazon.

  112. cottagebunny says

    I would like to spend it at Mark's Work Wearhouse 🙂

  113. mrdisco1 says

    best buy

  114. Old navy, I could use some new clothes!

  115. Best Buy

  116. vinci777 says

    would spend the useful gc on Amazon.

  117. michelle says

    Sephora, that is all. Sephora is a dangerous place

  118. Stacy Scott says

    Babies can use new Summer clothing, So I would Love to use it at the Children's place =)

  119. SueSueper Sue says

    I think I would be spending it at Marks. Love the quality.

  120. I'd spend it at Amazon

  121. Old Navy & Children's place kids need new summer clothing

  122. I will be spending it at Old Navy

  123. BlessedTA says

    Old Navy

  124. Lindsay C says

    I would use the GC at Old Navy to get a few new summer outfits.

  125. docfunbags says


  126. kristine ewald says

    I would love to spend it at walmart

  127. wilsoin king says


  128. I would use it at Walmart and Swiss Chalet

  129. my son needs shorts he is growing like a weed so t The Children's Place would be great

  130. Amazon and Wal-Mart

  131. michelle matta says

    Old Navy

  132. Alayne Langford says

    So many choices but I have narrowed it down to Indigo, Amazon and Walmart! 🙂

  133. Surso S. says

    michael's for art supplies for my wife

  134. Forever21
    The bay
    Bath and Body Works

  135. I ‘m not totally sure who I will be spending it with, maybe Old Navy-I think I will wait till I win to decide for sure

  136. Tammy Dalley says

    Id spend at old navy

  137. I would spend the Visa at Le Chateau Canada.

  138. Angela Mitchell says

    I would be spending it at Chapters/Indigo.

  139. BlessedTA says


  140. Carolle H says

    It would be a Sears

  141. Looking to brighten up my balcony, so Walmart or Giant Tiger will be my shopping

  142. I would spend it on Amazon or a travel site

  143. tammy harrison says

    Swiss Chalet 🙂

  144. Erinn Lishman says

    I'd be spending it at The Childrens Place to stock up on clothes for my three girls!

  145. amystackhouse says

    I would shop at Carter for my little boys. We live in a small rural area and we don't have a dedicated children's store! I love shopping online and getting a deal makes it even better!

  146. I'd love a fun shopping spree at Babies R Us for my little guy! Thanks a bunch 🙂

  147. Sarah Sar says

    I will be using it at my favourite store, Sephora!

  148. Donna Connors says

    Old Navy

  149. carole b says

    I'll choose Well

  150. I'd spend it at J Crew

  151. Old Navy and Michaels! It's craft season so I have to stock up!

  152. angela m says

    Joe fresh

  153. I'll probably be spending it at Toys R Us.

  154. Dayna Wilson says

    Definitely Sephora!

  155. Woot!

  156. I'll spend it at Walmart

  157. Walmart is the best. I will spend the cash there.

  158. shellie clark says

    Old Navy.

  159. Harmony A. says

    I'd spend it at Michaels!

  160. Jennifer Stuart says

    OOOOh hard choice…probably Old Navy

  161. I would spend it at Amazon. Thanks for the chance.

  162. BobbiJo Pentney says

    I need some more yarn so I would be going to micheals.

  163. I'd spend it at Soft Moc, buy a nice pair of sandals for the summer

  164. Walmart! They have so much stuff!

  165. Most likely

  166. I would spend it at

  167. I'd spend it at Sephora

  168. Domenique says

    sears or gap or kobo

  169. I never win anything

  170. I would probably spend it at Walmart. It is convenient to buy things there online and have them delivered to your door.

  171. Lindsay T says

    i’d love to use it at children’s place!

  172. Carole Dube says

    I will spending it

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