Improve Indoor Air Quality With The Assistance Of HVAC Professionals

The Environmental Protection Agency and The US National Library of medicine have emphasized the concern for poor indoor air quality that can result in airborne illness and other health risks for you or your family. Indoor air pollution is a rising concern because of an increased growth in bacteria and various forms of fungi, including hazardous mold growth on the inside of home residences. Air pollutants include allergens or small microbes that induce allergic reactions or airborne germs such as mold spores that develop in the air in indoor environments. Air pollutants are direct contributors to poor indoor air quality that will result in worsening health conditions for you and or your family.

Poor indoor air quality is more likely to affect Individuals that suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma or those that suffer from allergies. Undoubtedly, inside air is much more contaminated by air pollution than outside air. Lack of proper air circulation within an indoor environment can easily lead to an environment that is 5-10 more times more polluted than the outdoor environment. Some of the more common contributors to poor indoor air quality include pet dander, pollen and dust. Excess moisture can build up to dangerous levels without the use of exhaust fans in the bathroom or kitchen. Fumes or smoke from candles, smoking, or indoor fireplaces equally contribute to poor air quality. Finally, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can heavily contribute to indoor air pollution. VOC chemicals are found in household paints, cleaners, or adhesives. The need to improve indoor air quality is essential for more breathable air and to remove airborne pathogens or other airborne dangers.

There are certain measures that can be taken by homeowners to improve indoor air quality. Any type of household goods such as adhesives, cleaners or building materials should contain little to no VOCs. Any type of building material should be free from formaldehyde. Research has shown that certain plants can absorb dangerous VOCs within a home. Plants include:

• Philodendron
• Peace Lily
• Snake Plant
• Dracaena
• Bamboo Palm

Finally, homeowners should pay special attention to their home HVAC system and clear and proficient ventilation.

Obviously, the safety of you or your family will always come first. The need for indoor air quality testing should be a priority to be conducted by professional HVAC contractors. Professionals, like AC Engineers, a Destin heating and air conditioning repair, know what to look for and what samples to take according to any type of ailments or concerns. Furthermore, professional HVAC contractors can identify the root or roots of indoor pollution and remedy the situation in a prompt manner. One of the greater concerns of indoor pollution can be Radon, which professionals are trained to test for and handle. Healthy indoor air quality should not be taken lightly. Use professional HVAC contractors to assist with reaching a healthy indoor air environment for you or your family.



  1. i have learned this the hard way.. now i call in the pro's.. i do not know anything about this stuff and will break it.

  2. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    We are all allergy sufferers in our house, so I try to keep the air as clean as possible.

  3. mrsmomx6 says

    It''s rough indoors during the summers with monsoon season, so we try to keep everything really clean 🙂

  4. maggiesblog2 says

    Since my son has severe eczema this is something we pay close attention to!

  5. mrenkema79 says

    Great tips here! We have a few of those plants.

  6. Elizabeth O. says

    Great tips. I have to research the plants you mentioned. We have plants at home, but I don't know their names.

  7. jeanette mays says

    I just cleaned out our air filters at home. Air quality is important since my daughter has asthma.

  8. We really need to check our air quality. We all have horrible allergies

  9. crysta911 says

    Good air quality is important to someone with allergies like me.

  10. pricelessyona says

    I've always been interested in the benefits of having certain houseplants in my home. I have seasonal allergies and tend to suffer from some sort of respiratory mishap every year.
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