Keeping my Red Hair Red

Every time I meet another redhead for the first time we talk about “redhead” stereotypes. I have no idea why, it is just so natural to do so. Maybe because some of the stereotypes are so crazy we know the other will get it. Recently I changed dental offices and my new hygienist is a redhead. Well she is more strawberry blonde, but still red. As she was cleaning my teeth we chatted about a recent root canal i had and how the pain was, and how I reacted to the freezing.

I laughed and said “Must be because I am a redhead” and she laughed and knew exactly what I meant. We then went on about where our ginger locks came from and things we both have been through. We both have red hair and blue eyes so we are both very unique! She mentioned loving the colour of my red and said how nice it is that redheads do not go grey. Well, I told her this was a myth. She is in her early 20’s so did not know for herself. I told her I had a lot of grey and had low lights almost a year ago. I said she could probably see the grey as it has been so long since I got a touch up.

I get low lights or high lights to naturally blend my hair colour. This way I blend the grey with keeping my natural red. She gave my hair a real good look under the bright dental light and said “I see no grey at all!” I told her she was kind and we carried on with our chat between her cleaning my teeth.

When I got home I went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. All of my grey was really gone. Shocked! It has been at least 9 months since I had my hair done and there was no colour left. I had no idea what had happened. I was not going to argue it though. I was thrilled, then this morning in the shower I figured it out.

All #redheads worry about their #ginger locks fading! #pgmom

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When I went to reach for my shampoo I had an “Uh ha” moment. I am not making any claims but I had grey hairs a few weeks ago and the only thing I have done is change my shampoo. I doubt it is hiding my grey, but it has definatley brought life back to my low lights I had thought disappeared as well as brightened my natural red.

I am happy! See for yourself!


Disclosure- I am a #PGMOM however this post is not a part of a campaign. I have just been using product that was sent previously and had to let you all know how much I was loving it! 


  1. That's awesome!! It's always a great feeling when you notice a product doing something great. I'm happy to hear it has brought your hair "back to life" as you put it. I'll have to let my red-headed friends know 🙂
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  2. Elizabeth says

    I love when you try a new product and you suddenly get this AHA moment like – why haven't I been using this my whole life?!

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