My daughter is a Barbie Fashionista #BeSuper #SuperStyle Giveaway

I have two girls, both love Barbie!

One is much older than the other, my youngest still is a huge Barbie fan. Every time she sees a new doll she has got to have it! She loves everything about her and often dresses like her. I see nothing wrong with imagination, role playing and a little creative fun! I encourage self expression whenever possible in my children.

Fashion and style have always been a creative form of self-expression and no one knows this better than Barbie. For decades, Barbie has used the latest trends from around the world to express herself and own personal style. This month, she’s encouraging little ones to #BeSuper by using their own #SuperStyle to show the world who they are inside.

Barbie Fashionista dolls

Children develop a strong sense of personal style at a young age. From mixing patterns to choosing bright colours and a variety of textures, children love to express themselves through their style and fashion. Now, with the Barbie Fashionista dolls, girls can take this one step further and use the dolls to outwardly express what makes them beautiful on the inside and showcase their uniqueness and individuality.
The line of Barbie Fashionista dolls includes 23 uniquely-styled Barbies with eight different skin tones. To offer your children even more selection, there are also 18 different eye colours and 22 hairstyles, all dressed in trendy, authentic street fashions!
Both my girls always loved picking out dolls that looked most like them. Now it is even easier! I have always encouraged my girls to wear what they want and create their own style. My youngest often looks like she is a child from the 80’s and I can never get her to wear matching socks 🙂 Sh emixes and matches colours and patterns, the brighter the better.  But that is her style and how she expresses herself.

Some of her recent looks

Little one’s tee shirt “My BFF makes me LOL”!

A photo posted by Gingermommy (@rantingginger) on

Her socks every day never match!

Even after finding matching pairs, she chose these ‘fancy fabulous’ mix matched socks. Her ‘style’ A photo posted by Gingermommy (@rantingginger) on

I personally love it! People always say something but she just laughs and says “It is my style” I applaud her for having the confidence to be herself and dress how she feels most comfortable!

How do your children express their style?

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  1. nicolthepickle says

    My DD, always likes to wear "dancy" clothes. This means they must have ruffles somewhere.

  2. My daughter is obsessed with shoes she’ll spend a long time trying to figure out what shoes she wants to wear with what outfit. She’ll just try on shoes just for the fun of it

  3. Judy Cowan says

    My niece loves patterns & bright colours and doesn't care if they match – if she likes it she is going to wear it!

  4. my daughter loves leggings!! the shirt it doesn;t matter as much but she always needs to be wearing leggings … even capris leggings

  5. my daughter loves wearing dresses

  6. Florence C says

    My granddaughter loves her jeans and t-shirts but she also loves to wear dresses.

  7. My granddaughter since she turned 5 always picks her own clothes out of her closet for school every day.

  8. my niece likes to dress herself, she picks out her clothes every morning, and everything has to match including her hair accessories, id say she is a little fashionista

  9. Susan Patterson says

    My grandchildren express their style in their clothing, artwork, imagination and playful spirits!

  10. Juliee Fitze says

    My granddaughter like to put on her costumes and dance around.

  11. butterflyamyc says

    They express their style by wearing bright shiny, glittery things with lots of accessories.

  12. Our daughters love expressing their style is the wild clothing combinations they come up with!! 😀

  13. SweetPanda says

    My daughter loves to wear bright colour tops and slim fit jeans

  14. naiddia p says

    My daughter expresses her style by wear dresses and pretending she’s a princess.

  15. julielaura1 says

    My granddaughter who is 6 just loves her dresses and is very particular about her accessories!

  16. wobbles13 says

    my daughter loves colourful tunics with leggings

  17. holly ogorman says

    She picks her shoes each day, she has quite the assortment. As far as picking an outfit though, that always falls on me. She gives input, but she hates having to pick something out herself.

  18. prairiebelle says

    she expresses her style by picking out what she wants (within reason) She loves the sparkly shoes and the pretty dresses

  19. edmontonjb says

    My kids like to use accessories, like hats and jewellry to express their style


  20. lyndac1968 says

    my granddaughter loves to dance around and she can't sit still for long at all, where as my youngest granddaughter is going to be a chatterbox

  21. Jeannie Lam says

    My kids loves picking their own clothes and wears mis-matched socks

  22. Carol Denny says

    Anything pink!

  23. wendy Hutton says

    my niece is only 5 but she likes to pick out her own clothes, she like to wear bright colors

  24. Suzanne G says

    My granddaughter loves her leggings and a dress for her fashion statement.

  25. Elva Roberts says

    My children are adults now. My great grands altho very young, prefer mauve and pink colors(the girls) and are quite vocal about it.

  26. Angela l. says

    Omg, she's a total threenager! Always has to pick out her own outfits and they usually look surprisingly cool I have to admit!

  27. stephy905 says

    One little cousin in particular dresses herself like a princess

  28. My niece loves picking out her own outfits to wear and she loves bags/purses.

  29. kathy downey says

    My granddaughter loves to express her style by designing gowns on paper

  30. Brenda Lacourciere says

    Ours mixes and sorta matches her outfits according to her mood rather than actual complementing colors.

  31. Tim Stephens says

    My girls like to get themselves dressed picking out whatever they want… we only over rule them on weather related issues… cute and crazy all the time

  32. Lisa Neutel says

    my daughter is all about bright colours and comfy clothes

  33. Jennifer L. says

    My son loves to choose very colourful clothes.

  34. Sarah Stickney says

    my kid isn't quite there yet

  35. Cathy Oppedisano says

    Through their facial and body expressions and what they'd like to wear that day.

  36. Dallas Rein says

    My daughter is very creative, loves style and fashion, and really wants to be a designer one day.

  37. with hats and sunglasses

  38. Victoria Ess says

    She does her own hair!

  39. BobbiJo Pentney says

    my daughter loves to layer and the sparkler the better.


    MY daughter loves wearing dresses

  41. My granddaughter likes to pick out her own clothes to wear every day.

  42. Brittney House says

    My daughter likes to pick our her own outfits and shoes.

  43. tammy ta says

    My son expresses his style through the clothes he wears, the way he styles his hair and the music he listens and dances to.

  44. My granddaughter expresses her style when she plays dress up and dress down!!!

  45. my niece always loves dressing in classy dresses and dancing around like shes a princess

  46. cartersmom89 says

    My niece would love this so much!!! 🙂

  47. My daughter loves dressing up and has said things are "not her style" since she was 3. She likes pink, dresses and accessorizing with jewelry, belts, hats, sunglasses and Mommy's shoes.

  48. Tammy Dalley says

    My boys love to dress up

  49. My granddaughter age 2 has started to dress herself and spends many minutes dressing herself several times a day and her outfits can be very interesting

  50. Aimee Robison says

    She expresses herself in art, and her style of clothing.

  51. hmrcarlson says

    One of my twin girls loves to wear pink and the other purple!

  52. truckerofbc says

    My daughter is a pink dress wearer and her colors are more flourescenty

  53. Angela Mitchell says

    My daughter likes to mix bright colours and dress from characters from her favourite books.

  54. My daughters both expressed themselves with hair and clothes. I let them use temporary colour from a very young age it is their hair.

  55. Brenda smith says

    My kids loved bathing with Barbie.

  56. Carolle H says

    She dress in purple all the time

  57. Rebecca H says

    She loves skirts and dresses and jewllery… never thought she'd be a girlie girl, but, its looking that way 🙂

  58. Julie Bolduc says

    I let my children pick out there own clothing while shopping

  59. Jennifer P. says

    My daughter expresses her style with unique hairstyles and pretty dresses (she only wears dresses, except when she is playing sports, or riding her bike or scoooter).

  60. My son is too young to express anything about style but my Niece who would love this incredible prize pack expresses her style through clothing and hairstyles. Thanks a bunch!

  61. My 3rd daughter is a real fashionista. She loves girly clothes, fancy shoes and nail polish.

  62. SueSueper Sue says

    My daughter expresses her style with her hairstyles.

  63. My daughter loves using makeup – we're working on her scaling it back 🙂

  64. My daughter seems to dress a lot like your dd and I give credit for it because she really doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Just don't try to put her in a dress.

  65. My dd loves to dress her own way…she has since she was 2!! we have had many years of "fancy" outfits!!

  66. My daughter likes funky clothes.

  67. Carole Dube says

    My daughter express herself with shoes!

  68. angela m says

    My daughters love to wear pretty dresses and sparkly shoes

  69. Dayna Wilson says

    My son could care less about what he wears. My daughter likes to wear hats, headbands, and tutus!

  70. Through her clothing and music!

  71. layers of clothing with long layers thrown in. frilly is good too.

  72. michelle matta says

    my son loves picking his outfits at 3 years old. he gives his opinion on mine too

  73. newfiechick72 says

    Decorating the room for tea time. Very creative!

  74. wendy nicholls says

    she loves her dollies . She packs them around in anything and everything.

  75. Maegan Morin says

    My daughter loves to wear hats! She has a lot of them in many different stylers and she weas them like a rock star!

  76. stephanie baker says

    My daughter is a little hippie chick. She likes bright colors & mismatching her clothes. Love her funky style!

  77. Bailey Dexter says

    When my granddaughter has her weekend sleepovers she always brings her dress up bag. There are a lot of costumes in it that we pretend we are in new countries & we are always doing new things!

  78. shellie clark says

    My niece loves bright colors

  79. dorcontest says

    My sons always wear comfortable and stylish clothing.

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