Proper A/C Maintenance Makes Summer A Time To Remember

Summer is fast approaching and households are getting ready for the season. It’s a highly anticipated time of the year given the excellent weather that’s conducive to outdoor activities. Kids are especially excited since they can take a break from school and have lots of free time to do whatever they want. They will be spending more time inside the house during the day in the coming months. Be sure that they are comfortable despite the heat. Get proper air conditioner maintenance for the HVAC system to keep it running at an optimal level.

Clean and Clear Debris

There are plenty of simple maintenance tasks that homeowners can do by themselves. Cleaning the A/C is a prime example of this. From time to time, wipe off dirt and dust around the system. Do this for both the indoor and outdoor units to keep the efficiency high. The outdoor unit is particularly vulnerable to the accumulation of dirt and debris. If the coils are covered in them, then it will not be able to function as well as it should. Clean this area on a monthly basis or depending on how quickly things accumulate.

Clean or Replace the Filters

The air filters are nowhere near as complicated as some of the other parts of the HVAC system yet it performs a function that is just as important to the unit’s overall operation. These are passive air purifying components that serve to trap harmful particles such as dust, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, animal dander, pollen, and other things that might compromise the health of the family. Summer is a time when these airborne particles tend to be at their highest level. Air filters can get clogged very quickly leading to an overworked A/C unit. Replace them every month or as needed based on careful inspection.

Professional HVAC Service

There are more complex issues that require the skills and expertise of professionals. It would be difficult for a typical homeowner to open up their units and do a thorough checkup of the essential components. Experienced technicians have spent years around air conditioners so they know how to spot potential issues and solve them before they get worse. This is crucial during the summer when the scorching heat can make the house extremely uncomfortable if the cooling system were to suddenly break down. Make sure to hire professional Solano air conditioning service to come in and perform regular maintenance work twice a year at the very least: once before summer and once before winter.

Keeping the house clean, cool and comfortable for the kids during the summer should be a top priority. It will lessen their chances of getting allergies or respiratory issues and it will allow them to enjoy the season to the fullest.


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