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As women we have to deal with a lot in our lives!

Possibly more than men as it is often difficult to discuss some of the issues we are dealing with. Many times I have wanted to ask questions but knew it would not be looked at as “lady like” so I kept it to myself. Bodily functions or dysfunctions is one of these issues. You know many are suffering and trying to find the answers and resources they need, but with nobody talking it is tough. Constipation is one of these subjects. Medication, child birth, diet, life changes, these all add to changes in our digestive systems and bowels. Changes many of us are not prepared for and have no idea how to fix.

Dulcolax laxatives wants women to take control. Their predictable, overnight relief to help you take control and “own the throne”. Take it before bed so it can work gently and there are no ms rushes to go to the restroom while out.


With 1 in 4 Canadians suffering from symptoms of constipation, it is a problem that often impacts Canadians quality of life. In fact, the Dulcolax Bowel Health Poll found that almost one-third of Canadians found that constipation interferes with their quality of life and some Canadians (14%) feel they are wasting time on something that should just work on its own.

  • According to The Canadian Digestive Heath Foundation constipation is defined by infrequent or difficult bowel movements. The Dulcolax® Bowel Health Poll finds that one in seven Canadians feel their bowel movements are inconsistent and over one in nine feel their bowel movements are uncomfortable2.
  • Whether you go once or up to four times a day, everyone’s “regular” can be different – its how your body feels.

This is not only an uncomfortable topic to discuss, but also an uncomfortable problem one to deal with. Often causing physical pain and making it so the sufferer can not lead a normal, active life. There is definitely  stigma around bathroom discussions. Nearly three quarters of Canadians actively avoid ‘going’ in public places – proof that it’s not something we’re comfortable with even though everyone does it and most Canadians think bowel health is important. Many are not even talking to their Dr about their problems.


What can you do to take control?

Canadians should be aware of their routine and if there is any change, take note. Talk to your Dr or pharmacist and visit www.dulcolax.ca for more information about bowel health and treatment options.

Did you know May is digestive month? This is the perfect time to start taking control.

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Statistics in this post were results of the survey Dulcolax had conducted. 

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  1. I'm not uncomfortable talking about anything! I'm odd that way lol Its healthy to discuss everything as far as I'm concerned!

  2. Florence says

    No not uncomfortable talking about the subject. I try to avoid having to take medications, but on times it is necessary to provide comfort.

  3. nothing really comes to mind at the moment

  4. Not comfortable talking about the subject because it is a personal matter.

  5. i am not comfortable talking about this subject – it seems so personal!

  6. Kelley Moore says

    I don't mind talking about anything I have two teenage girls so I have gotten quite used to talking about everything!

  7. Jocelyne Alldrick says

    I am comfortable talking about pretty much anything…always have been…

  8. kathy downey says

    No I am not uncomfortable talking about the subject.,over the years with my MS I have had a few issues.

  9. It's a personal topic that I don't feel comfortable discussing

  10. I don't mind talking about it with my hubby or mom.

  11. butterflyamyc says

    I have had 5 kids. I will talk about anything and everything. I just don't care, no topic is off limits.

  12. not comfortable with it, for me its personal

  13. Doris Calvert says

    Uncomfortable with strangers,personal thing

  14. I am okay talking about ** it! Everybody poops what is the big deal?

  15. Carol Denny says

    No I am not uncomfortable talking about the subject with family

  16. newfiechick72 says

    I am quite comfortable talking about anything related to health and well-being.

  17. erin mcsweeney says

    I'm ok talking about it…we should all be able to talk about it.

  18. depends on with whom I am speaking. thanks

  19. No, I'm pretty open about talking about most things, so this wouldn't bother me!

  20. hmrcarlson says

    I am comfortable talking about this as I work in healthcare!

  21. SueSueper Sue says

    This subject is important. It's one everyone deals with so no need to be personal. If my kids aren't going, I want to know. Get more liquids in, get more fiber in, and/or use Ducolax.

  22. I'll talk about it with family but it's not something I'd share with co-workers.

  23. Juliee Fitze says

    It depends on the time or place that someone is talking about it.

  24. I'm pretty open about discussing anything.

  25. Sherry K says

    I don't mind discussing this with most people. We have all experiences that others could benefit from.

  26. With friends & my doctor sure.

  27. Victoria Ess says

    I feel very comfortable talking about this.

  28. I guess it would depend who i was talking to, but on the whole – not an uncomfortable topic foe me.

  29. wendy Hutton says

    No I don't mind talking about this, it happens to most of us

  30. Susan Patterson says

    I am not uncomfortable talking about this topic.

  31. This is a personal subject that should only be discussed with your physician or close family members.

  32. Gloria Roy says

    No not really, I have Multiple Sclerosis so I do have issues.

  33. aarone mawdsley says

    no because everyone has to do their business

  34. edmontonjb says

    After having some major health issues a few years back, I'm perfectly comfortable discussing anything about bodily functions. When you have doctors and nurses asking about your bowel movements several times a day, your shyness quickly goes away!


  35. I'm ok with discussing it, but it's not a favourite topic

  36. josee Carpentier says

    I don't feel comfortable

  37. Jennifer L. says

    I'm a little uncomfortable talking about it, probably because it was never really mentioned much when I was growing up.

  38. tanyab79 says

    Not really it just depends who I am talking to.

  39. I am completely comfortable taking about this subject with anyone because its kinda a family issue and its something we have always discussed.

  40. I should be comfortable by now with this issue…having severe IBS for 10+ years, but I am still not really comfortable discussing it with anyone other than my doctor.

  41. Silvia D says

    i am comfortable talking about it, talk about all sorts of medical or personal issues.

  42. Not comfortable talking about the subject because it affects me personally

  43. Im a nurse so i talk about this issue often

  44. naiddia p says

    I am not comfortable talking about it. Its too personal.

  45. stephy905 says

    No I'm not uncomfortable at all…with anything. I have constipation and other medical conditions so I'm not shy. It's just life so own the throne!

  46. Alayne Langford says

    After having 5 kids, I can pretty much talk openly about anything and let’s face it, we all have a potty mouth once in a while 😉

  47. Brenda Lacourciere says

    im comfortable talking about it with certain people.

  48. cottagebunny says

    I am comfortable talking about it but just not with everyone.LOL

  49. Nicole Jubleew says

    I don't mind discussing it with close friends or family.

  50. billiondollarprincesss says

    Don't mind talking with close friends.

  51. Brenda Penton says

    I am comfortable talking about it. Everyone poops 🙂

  52. Angela Mitchell says

    Nope, I'm not uncomfortable talking about it. I have IBS so it's a topic I'm used to.

  53. it doesn't bother me at all. it's something that affects everyone at some point in time

  54. Carolle H says

    I dont really talk about it , but I would not be uncomfortable

  55. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I have no problem in discussing anything.

  56. I dealt with this when pregnant and not only are they extremely uncomfortable it is a hard topic to discuss because nobody wants to talk about it!

  57. DanaQueen says

    Yes, it's uncomfortable as it's not a topic you want to talk about with anyone but your doctor.

  58. Sarah Sar says

    I'm pretty comfortable talking about this topic and am very open with family and friends.

  59. It is an important subject that is needed to be talked about. It is not a good thing for anyone to be constipated, so no it doe not bother me to talk about it.

  60. I dont talk about it much. It seems rather personal…

  61. Carole Dube says

    I am comfortable talking about pretty much anything….you can always get good tips while talking to someone you know!

  62. Pfffft…not uncomfortable at all, I can talk about anything, anytime. 🙂

  63. dorcontest says

    At my age, we talk about this openly. 🙂

  64. Caroline says

    I am not really comfortable talking about this subject because it is so personal.

  65. Nope,I'm an RN and talking BM's is no problem for me. Do it everyday at work!

  66. Laurie P says

    It's a little awkward, I'm sure a lot of people would agree…..

  67. Julie Bolduc says

    I don’t mind talking about this it’s a normal thing everyone goes threw

  68. Andrew P says

    I'm not comfortable, seems to personal

  69. Sheryl P says

    I'm pretty comfortable talking about anything.

  70. I'd talk about it with people close in my life

  71. Not particularly uncomfortable taking about this. It was a topic that was regularly discussed when I was younger.

  72. I don't mind discussion with friends and family members.

  73. koalajoe says

    It's simply a topic regarding health and well-being so nothing to be uncomfortable and embarrassed about

  74. I am comfortable speaking about this but with family and doctors so they know I am healthy.

  75. mommakoala says

    I can talk about anything. I'm a nurse and I find my conversations have no limits.

  76. it honestly depends who my audience is!

  77. Erica Seaman says

    I am comfortable talking about any topic…never know what you might learn from someone 🙂

  78. Joanne Saunders says

    Mabey when I was younger, but I;m in my mid-forties now and I'm not ashamed or embarrassed of anything.

  79. I work in health care…we talk about everything!

  80. Kim DeCoste says

    I’m not embarrassed to talk about this at all…I suffer with it every single day and I find when I talk about it with others, I’ve gotten some good advice

  81. its not something i would talk about over dinner

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