Best Health and Dulcolax – A Natural partnership #OwnTheThrone

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One in four Canadians suffer from symptoms of constipation?

Canadians need to speak up when it comes to bowel movements because not only is it something we all experience, but it can be a good indicator for overall health.

If you recall I had posted previously about Dulcolax and the benefits of using it.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices: One in six Canadians feels their bowel movements are inconsistent and one in nine feel their bowel movements are uncomfortable2. When you are constipated, you may feel bloated and not like yourself. To promote good bowel health, it’s important to get regular exercise, have plenty of water and caffeine-free fluids3 and always drink alcohol and caffeine in moderation. In addition, eating a diet rich in fibre is helpful.

I realize for many this is an uncomfortable topic to discus, however many suffer. It is natural and many people do not realize there are great, gentle options to help. Luckily Best Health knows this and is helping educate the public about Dulcolax. Check out their recent article on taking control of your health here.

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Don’t Delay Relief: Treatment options exist – but you need to make the right choice to get the relief you need.  For example, for occasional constipation, a product like Dulcolax® Laxative tablets can be taken at bedtime and will produce a bowel movement the next morning in the comfort of your own home. It provides gentle, predictable relief, something the vast majority of Canadians are looking for.

As we get older our bodies change. If you are experiencing discomfort talk to your Dr and see if Dulcolax is right for you.




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