Cool Theme Ideas For Your Spare Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, now may be a good time to turn it into something special. You may be after a man cave or a music room. Perhaps you want to create a games room for the kids, or you’re after a little studio workshop. For the healthy-minded, a small gym could be the perfect use for the space. Whatever you want to use your spare room for, here are some great theme ideas to help get you in the mood:

Rustic – Create something relaxing and cozy for you all to enjoy. Choose from cute country cottage or cabin decor to create a cute and quaint space. It takes careful choices in furniture and accessories to get this look right. Choose wooden seats and ornaments. Go with floral or culturally inspired patterns on the soft furnishings. Beautiful.

Sci-fi – If you love action figure and sci-fi movies, why not display your collections in your very own themed room? Choose memorabilia to adorn the walls and display your favorite pieces in cabinets to save dusting. Covering the walls in posters is a little bit dated. Instead, grab yourself some great wallpaper with futuristic geometric shapes. You can even paint the walls black!

Techno – If you love your gizmos and gadgets then it’s time to turn your spare room into the tech lover’s paradise. Start by calling out an electrician. Most spare rooms have very few power points so have plenty installed to take your power load. Next, you will probably want to paint one of the short walls white and install blackout blinds. Now you can project your movies, games and computer screen on the wall to make the image huge. If you’re into online gaming, buy a cool games chair and a beer fridge. Finally, air conditioning to keep all those hard drives cool could be a good idea.


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Craft room – Lots of worktop surface space is essential here so start by installing these. Situate the best of them in front of the window so you have plenty of natural light. Choose some narrowly framed seating to save space. You will also need some cabinets and cupboards to store all those crafting bits and pieces. Light is really important, so bring in a couple of table lamps, and a standard or two. Your choice of ceiling light could be key here too.

Music room – Some smaller rooms lack the acoustical requirements of a good music room. But if you’re not using an acoustic instrument it shouldn’t matter at all. Plug in your keyboards, plug in some headphones and enjoy hours of fun. As a kid’s practice room, smaller rooms work well, especially if you add some sound proofing!

Spare rooms are wonderful to have and are wasted just waiting for a guest to stay over. Make the most of your spare space by turning it into something functional and fun. Whatever your style and purpose, giving this forgotten area some character and raison d’etre is a great project to take on.


  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I just wish that I did have a spare room, I have an in-law flat and have trouble storing my possessions as it it 🙂

  2. apopofred says

    I have two spare rooms thanks to my roommate moving out and leaving the house to my husband and I. Since we have no kids and are stable enough to rent on our own we decided to each have a spare room for our hobbies. His is a gaming room while mine is a craft/office room. It has been great since we both have our own spaces to personalize!
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  3. Great post.

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