Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead Animal Review

When it comes to finding a vacuum for my family, I often feel overwhelmed! I have three active kids at home who all seem to forget to remove their shoes when running through the house. Add in two big dogs and a very messy Macaw and you will wonder why I do not just hire a maid. It is nothing for me to vacuum the house or parts of it, multiple times a day.

Tile, laminate, carpet and hardwood floors mixed in with multiple floors also makes finding the perfect vacuum a bit of a chore. I need something that easily maneuvers from one surface to another seamlessly without hiccups. I need heavy duty power with inconvenience and light enough to carry up and down the stairs. My children also have dust allergies, so a canister is a must!

I thought finding the perfect all in one model was going to be a difficult task, then I was sent the Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead Animal to try out. Just one look at it and I was amazed! I never thought I would call a cleaning tool sexy, but this was so sleek and futuristic looking!


Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead Animal

Experience the premium cleaning power of Dyson. This bagless vacuum uses an outer cyclone to capture debris while inner cyclones capture microscopic dust that escapes the grip of other machines. Designed to never lose suction, this small but efficient cleaner makes every hard and carpeted surface in your home pristinely clean.

More Information

  • 245 micron stainless steel mesh cyclones capture everything from large debris to particles down to 0.5 microns – including pollen, mould and bacteria
  • Oscillating cyclone tips prevent clogging
  • Bagless construction saves you money
  • Ultra-efficient Cinetic cyclones mean you don’t have to wash or replace the filter
  • Ball technology enables on-the-spot turning and no more awkward manoeuvring
  • Carbon fibre turbinehead brushes clean hard floors
  • Nylon brushes remove ground-in dirt from carpets
  • Captures allergens, expels cleaner air
  • Includes tangle-free turbine tool, groom tool, articulating hard floor tool, stiff bristle brush




About Dyson

In 1993, bags were out and cyclones were in. 20 years of research and development later, Dyson is introducing the only machine with no bags, no filter fuss and no loss of suction.

Bagged vacuums lose suction as pores clog. Cyclonic vacuum cleaners rely on filters to capture dust, which also clog, causing loss of suction. Dyson’s latest vacuum uses patented Dyson Cinetic™ cyclone science. 54 cyclones with high-frequency oscillating tips vibrate to prevent the cyclone aperture from clogging. The cyclones are so efficient at dust separation, Dyson Cinetic™ doesn’t require filters to be washed or replaced, so you have one less thing to think about.

James Dyson: “Getting rid of bags solved the frustration of my vacuum losing suction. But washing filters – or worse – buying them, is still a nuisance. Dyson Cinetic™ cyclones are so efficient at separating microscopic particles that everything gets thrust into the bin, and you can forget about fussy filters.”

Previously, when manufacturers claimed ‘no loss of suction,’ machines could be tested with less than one bin-full of dust (IEC 60312-1 Clause 5.9). However, after just one bin load performance can start dropping. Dyson engineers spent time in real homes to calculate how much dust would be picked up over 10 years. By testing Dyson Cinetic™ machines with10 years’ worth of   dust, they proved that all others lose suction, while Dyson Cinetic™ science doesn’t. It maintains constant suction, with ten years’ worth of test dust and no filters to clean or replace.

Dyson Cineticcyclones

Smaller cyclones generate higher centrifugal forces and capture smaller particles. But the tighter the cyclone, the more likely it is to block. Dyson engineers have created cyclones with flexible tips. The spinning airflow agitates the tips, setting up an oscillation which prevents dust from sticking to the cyclones and keeping them clear.

Dyson engineers went through 50 iterations of the technology using different materials: if the material is too hard, the tips cannot oscillate enough to move dust through to the bin. If the material is too soft, the airflow causes the cyclones to shut, blocking them off.

Carbon fibre turbine head

On carpets the stiff nylon bristles remove dirt. On hard floors the ultra-fine antistatic carbon fibre filaments remove fine dust.

Dyson Ball™ technology

Sitting on a ball, the Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum has a low centre of gravity and is easier to pull without snagging on corners or the carpet pile.  Coupled with a unique central steering system, the vacuum uses an articulating chassis and central pivot point for negotiating tight turns and circumnavigating furniture.

Playing around with my Dyson. Love how easily it moves and adjusts . Watch the blog for a review soon

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See how easily it swivels and pivots around corners and walls. I have been using the Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead Animal for a few week snow and am really happy! There are a lot of attachments and I wish I could easily store them on the machine. But I can not, so I just plan ahead on what I need and make sure to have them on hand. The canister empties quickly and easily and I love no bags. No bags means saving money, less hassle and less waste! I have yet to find anything my family can dish out that this vacuum can not suck up. The long hose (10 metres) and tall attachments make it so even my teens can use this without headache or excuse. At $799.99 I consider this to be a good investment for your family and your health. Less dust, deeper vacuuming and effortless handling. I am loving this vacuum! There is a 5 year warranty on parts and labour if you are feeling nervous about costs. In the past I have had to replace vacuums after a few months because of my dogs and their hair. All Dyson vacuums come with Dyson-engineered tools for cleaning hard to reach places around the home. Including one for vacuuming the dogs! So if that does not tell you how it handles dog hair, I do not know what does 🙂

I am going to continue trying out this Dyson and see what else I can suck up! I will be sure to keep you posted.

This would make a great wedding gift, housewarming or just because gift. I know people say not to gift appliances and household cleaning tools, but this will surely make your life easier. The Dyson Cinetic vacuum is the result of nearly six years intensive R&D by a team of 29 Dyson engineers and an investment of more than $13M CAD. 2,000 prototypes were developed whilst creating the new technology.

Have you tried the Dyson Cinetice DC78 Turbinehead Animal before?

See this model and other Dyson products at www.dysoncanada.ca


  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    I have wanted a Dyson forever. One of these days I will get one 🙂

  2. This is so perfect for our house. We have cats, dogs, and one teenager. O.o
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  3. I have not tried this Dyson, but I have always wanted one! I've heard good things from all my friends who own this model.

  4. I have never tried a Dyson. It looks cool and it looks like it would get the job done. We would just need to save up for one, because it's around $499.
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  5. Ty Watson says

    I absolutely LOVE my Dyson vacuum. It's literally the best vacuum I've ever had.
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  6. magscheung says

    I always have wanted a Dyson! It is a dream of mines for the home…hopefully one day! =)

  7. I recently obtained a Dyson Animal Big Ball vacuum and I have to say it is pretty awesome. It really sucks— in a good way!
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  8. I've wanted a Dyson for so long, and now that we've added a couple of dogs into the mix, I NEED one!
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  9. Amber Edwards says

    i have always wanted a Dyson. Especially one for animals because we had a dog, cat and both are shedding like crazy right now!

  10. Wow, this looks like such a beast of a vacuum. I love my Dyson and couldn't live without it. Thanks for sharing…

  11. I was just looking at this in the store today. It looks like an amazing little vacuum. I am going to save my money for one! I love the features and Dyson is a brand I trust.

  12. We never had one. I've always wanted one.
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  13. Now that's my kind of vacuum. There's going to be a lot of cat hair in my house soon.

  14. I love Dyson! My dog sheds like crazy, so we need a good vacuum!
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  15. Dyson makes amazing products. I have one of the fans and it is fantastic. I have always wanted a Dyson Vacuum.

  16. It certainly looks pretty cool! We haven't owned a Dyson.

  17. Aimee Smith says

    I love my Dyson. I have never tried this one, it looks awesome.
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  18. I have an older Dyson from a decade ago and still love it but I have hardwood floors now and need something more lightweight. This is perfect!

  19. I have this Dyson and I love it. I like that it is not heavy to lift as I can't handle heavy weights
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  20. Who would have thought we'd reach an age where vacuums are the cool thing. The thing we get excited over. 😉
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  21. Kristin Wheeler says

    Cool! Everyone loves a powerful vacuum!!!

  22. Owning a Dyson Vac has been a dream for quite sometime. I vacuum at least 3 times per day so it would get a ton of use!
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  23. way2goodlife says

    Isn't Dyson the coolest. I hope to own one one day – it looks like it gets the job done so easy
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  24. I have this vacuum and I am still in awe with how much it picks up. I have 3 cats that shed A LOT and my Dyson finds cat hair I can't even see. LOVE IT. Definitely worth every penny.

  25. nicolthepickle says

    What a cool vacuum cleaner. I'd love one like this. I currently use a shop vac because I was fed up with cheapo ones.

  26. sarah sar says

    I've been wanting a Dyson for the longest time. One day…one day I will get my hands on one.

  27. lyndac1968 says

    I would love to be able to own a great vacuum like the Dyson, I have 4 pets that shed a lot, and the cheap vacuum's just don't seem to last long in my home!

  28. I do need this. We just moved into a new home, upstairs is hardwood but the basement is all carpeted. And we have two cats.

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