Explore Turkey’s Seaside Villages

Turkey is a popular holiday destination thanks to its incredibly rich history, collection of white-sandy beaches, sunny climate and spectacular vistas. Though the lures of the sun and the sand are almost impossible to resist when you’re taking a break from your busy life back home, there are some great off-the-beaten track villages that capture the culture and essence of ancient and contemporary Turkey, particularly in the south west region along the Aegean Coast. So add a couple of these places to your list of must-sees if you’re looking for a day trip or two on your holiday to Turkey, you won’t regret it.


The small village resort of Dalyan is also home to one of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches, Iztuzu. With two miles of white sand, it’s a famous spot for sea turtles laying their eggs. Dalyan offers great birdwatching opportunities for keen ornithologists and all visitors to this village are recommended to take a boat trip out to appreciate the stunning coastline.


Gelemiş or ‘Patara’ (formal ancient name) is a wonderful village nestled between the coast, along and sprawling ancient ruins, you can spend a whole day here, wandering around the Patara sites. Sit in the tiered, semi-circle stone theatre and let your mind drift to a landscape that Alexander the Great once conquered.


Kalkan is a former fishing village which offers some spectacular views from its marina. Its collection of 19thcentury fishermen cottages, hills and pretty lanes is ideal for sightseeing – and it is adjacent to a spectacular beach.

Kaya Köyü

However, if your interest lies more in ancient ruins than natural beauties, then you must visit the uninhabited village, Kaya Köyü. With over 600 abandoned houses, beautiful churches and cobbled lanes, this ghost town is fascinating to explore, and has featured in its fair share of movies over the years, thanks to its picturesque setting and unusual atmosphere.


Finally, the Datça peninsula is a 50 mile stretch of unspoiled, luscious landscape on the Aegean coast. A former fishing village and renowned for its quaint harbour and turquoise water, Datça offers ancient ruins, spectacular views, rustic houses, olive groves and small, fantastic restaurants. Datça is further away from popular tourist attractions – but this only adds to its unspoiled character and beauty.

So while you can almost always guarantee a successful package holidays to Turkey, but with a little further exploration you can turn your break into an authentic Turkish experience. Happy holidays!


Image by Jorge Franganillo used under the Creative Commons license.


  1. I would love to visit Turkey

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    Someday I would like to start travelling again and taking in the scenery. There are some beautiful countries out there.

  3. sounds beautiful! hoping one day I would be able to go there!

  4. sarah sar says

    I have always wanted to visit Turkey. Great pointers for a future trip. I might just pull myself away from the city and relax at the seaside for a bit!

  5. Victoria Ess says

    Oh Turkey has always been on my bucket list of places to go. Thanks for the post!

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    I would love to visit Turkey,sounds beautiful

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