Giant Tiger is your Canada Day Headquarters with Giveaway Canada #CanadaProud


Canada Day is the official long weekend kick off to summer. Oh and Canada’s Birthday of course! With the kids out of school and many taking their summer holidays it is a fabulous time for a barbecue.

All Canadians seem to love to celebrate Canada Day and they do so in the funnest ways possible. We sport our red and white outfits, hang our festive decor , raise our flags and host BBQs. As I mentioned school is out and the days are longer, so this is the weekend to have fun and let loose.

My family loves to BBQ and does so often. My teen boys really love to eat (as most teens seem to do), everything! So burgers are usually the meal of choice for us. Invite over some friends and you have a party!


In preparation for our feast I was able to get everything I needed at Giant Tiger to celebrate and have a pre-weekend BBQ.  As you can see burgers (handmade and pressed) were on the menu. My kids are pretty basic when it comes to their taste, bacon, cheese, and ketchup is what they love. Myself I enjoy pickles and mustard as well on mine.


Add in some red decor and sweet treats and you are all set. With Canada Day around the corner Giant Tiger has all you could need and more to make this a fun celebration! A one stop shop for all your Canada Day deals!

GT-canada day

Add in a little red, some good food and fun company and you have all you really need. My kids love getting in on the festivities! I plan on spending many days out on the patio and the plastic tableware and festive decor will be used all summer long.


I love how there is something for everyone when shopping there and it is all so affordable. Having two ever growing teen boys I am always looking to save a buck where and when I can.

Canada Day  is the national day of Canada, a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act

Hands down, Giant Tiger is the one-stop-shop for all our Canada Day needs. Whether you’re popping into a local GT boutique or browsing online at, they’ve got your Canada Day prep covered with everything from fashion and décor to food essentials and fireworks!

From June 29 –July12 Canadians can show their support for our troops by making a donation at participating Giant Tiger Stores across Canada.  For every donation made, customers will receive a thank you card that allows them (and their family) to write a note to the men and women that keep our country safe. The best part? These notes will be placed in care packages that will be delivered to our Canadian troops abroad during the holidays!

giveaway time

Since Canada Day is the start of the summer BBQ season and all things summer, Giant Tiger has a great prize for one lucky Canadian reader. You can enter below to win a $50 Giant Tiger GC. Fill out the form below for your chance. Good luck!

I received the above pictured product as a thank you for my participation in this program. No other compensation was provided. 


  1. http://sarah%20sar says

    We have a family BBQ and then go to watch the fireworks. I'd love to buy some sparklers for the kids!

  2. http://Pam says

    I am not sure how we will be celebrating this year but usually a bbq is involved.
    I would buy curtain panels at Giant Tiger.

  3. http://rcaf3 says

    The best way is up early on Canada Day, hit the links, finish on 18 by planting my Canadian Flag near the green, head home and flash up the BBQ to feed the family BBQ Maple Syrup Ribs and tater salad, and in the evening walk down to the local park for the annual Lions Canada Day Fireworks display….ah don't tell our neighbours to the south they will stop their 4th to come and join us in paradise.

  4. http://nicolthepickle says

    I would buy the kids some Canada day t-shirts and some bacon. Did you know that Giant Tiger had bacon? I make some awesome appetizers with it for our special Canada day supper.

  5. http://Victoria%20Ess says

    We go watch fireworks at the local community centre. I'd buy decorations!

  6. http://Carol%20Denny says

    I would buy decorations for canada day and take them to the family cottage

  7. http://Stephanie%20LaPlante says

    I celebrate Canada Day by seeing live bands and fireworks. If I win, I'll buy some new clothes!

  8. http://colecoguy7777 says

    I'd like to buy a few canada day items and some extra snacks for visitors, Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  9. http://Carey%20Hurst says

    Normally hit a parade but have moved towns and have no idea what happens where I am. I would get a ton of snacks for our day trip across the border.Thanks for giveaway.

  10. http://Erica%20Seaman says

    We will be camping, I would buy some fun things for my Children to play in the pool with 🙂

  11. http://Erika%20Letson says

    We usually do a bbq and fireworks. I would get the kids some Canada shirts from Giant Tiger if I won. Thanks for the chance!

  12. Usually a BBQ and watch the fireworks. I'd get snacks and drinks for summer entertaining.

  13. http://joanne%20darrell says

    I celbrate Canada Day in downtown Ottawa watching the entertainment.IfIwon a Giant Tiger giftcard I would buy groceries.

  14. http://naiddia%20p says

    We celebrate Canada day by having a bbq and fireworks. I would purchase snacks with the gift card if I won!

  15. http://Suzanne%20G says

    We celebrate by having friends over and having a bbq. We also have fireworks although we may not this year as it is very dry here.

  16. http://Julia says

    We going to a celebration organized by the city. I would buy new scrubs for work!

  17. http://Carol%20M says

    This year I'm golfing then having a BBQ later. I would purchase some new summer clothes.

  18. http://Jim says

    Handy prize

  19. http://Amber%20y says

    May or may not have to work, still not sure about the schedule (they tend to give us the Monday or Friday if a holiday falls in the middle of the week). Hopefully there will be some BBQing with family and i'll watch fireworks from work or home – where ever i end up that night. There are always plenty to see in the neighbourhood. If I won I'd spend the gift card on food!! I think the best part of celebrating is getting to share delicious treats with friends and family.

  20. http://Jenny says

    well be having a pool party

  21. http://danielle%20nantau says

    Canada Day is also my fiances birthday lol so we have a big bbq that day and this would be perfect!

  22. http://Donna%20Allen says

    We will have a family BBQ then off to watch a great fireworks display

  23. http://Johanne%20Reid says

    We have a BBQ and then go watch the fireworks in Port Credit. Lots of fun and lots of family.

  24. http://409cope says

    We attend the parade in our town. I would buy some shorts for my little grandson.

  25. http://Emily%20C says

    I stay inside to avoid all the crazy traffic!

  26. http://Sylvia%20Mollison says

    we spend the day at a local park. Our Rotary Club puts on a great day of festivities, entertainment, kid activities, citizenship ceremony and topped off with some awesome fireworks. We are there every year and throughout the day, we have friends and family join us and by the end of the day, we have quite a group celebrating with us!

  27. http://Juliee%20Fitze says

    We have a bbq at my cousins and I would buy some toys for the pool.

  28. http://Shelley%20N says

    We celebrate Canada Day by having a family BBQ/get together. I would buy groceries if I won.

  29. http://playfulpaws75 says

    If I won, I would love to shop on Tuesday for a Canada flag to hang on my balcony! Even though I don't go anywhere for Canada Day, I still sing "O Canada!" at 1pm on July 1st!!!

  30. http://lyndac1968 says

    Just going to relax since we can't do to much in the middle of the week, and I would probably buy some new shirts!!

  31. http://veRONIca says

    We usually go to Parliament Hill and then have a BBQ at home

  32. http://Judy%20Cowan says

    We celebrate it by camping and having a BBQ with friend. I would buy some snacks for camping!

  33. http://Patrick%20Siu says

    We are having a BBQ, i would like to bedding

  34. http://Autumn%20R says

    I celebrate by going out for dinner and checking out the live music….I think I'd use the gift card for crafts or summer items to decorate with 🙂

  35. http://Dayna%20Wilson says

    We don't have any concrete plans as yet…we'll probably hit up a local celebration in a park. I'd buy new shorts for myself!

  36. http://kathy%20downey says

    We have a family BBQ,treasure hunt and then go to watch the firework,I think I would buy some treasures for the kids.

  37. http://Seham says

    we will be setting a bonfire with family and I think i will buy some outdoor game sets

  38. http://Tracy%20D says

    We'll be going to the cottage, would be using it for BBQ supplies!

  39. http://butterflyamyc says

    We celebrate by having a family BBQ and going to fireworks. I would buy some stuff to help keep my kids entertained (bubbles, caulk, etc).

  40. http://Silvia%20D says

    We will go to Canada celebrations then the Fireworks in the evening.I would buy some Canada hats !

  41. http://Melanie%20Borhi says

    I usually celebrate Canada day by going out for fireworks and drinks and appetizers. I would buy some new cute dresses for the summer

  42. http://Robyn%20L says

    a BBQ and red/white decorations such as table cloth/lei's, cups, plates etc.

    • http://Robyn%20L says

      forgot to say I'd buy some pop, chips, paper plates/cups/tablecloth in red/white if I won.

  43. http://Elaine%20R says

    We usually have a family gathering over for a bbq. If I win I would like to buy a new swimsuit.

  44. http://Florence%20C says

    I am going to the Canadian Day Celebrations in my community. I would buy some craft supplies if I won.

  45. http://prairiebelle says

    I would be getting a new pair of sandals if I win. we are spending the day at the forks enjoying all the activities being offered and watching the fireworks there that evening too

  46. http://ksceviour says

    we usually have a bbq with friends,and watch the fireworks later on in the evening. if i won,I`d buy a couple new tees for myself 🙂

  47. http://Rose%20Holloway says

    We go to our local park where the day is celebrated all day long. Then we watch fireworks at the waterfront.
    Would buy lots of snacks and toys

  48. http://cheryl%20hodgkins says

    We celebrate it at the park with the family. I would buy a new shower curtain and bath mat

  49. http://lynnbeanie23 says

    on patliment hill watching the fireworks and i would by groceries

  50. http://Maria says

    Would love to buy some new t shirts, and we have family BBQ

  51. http://Doris%20Calvert says

    We always spend it in Jasper, AB where it's an amazing day! I would buy some outdoor lights I seen they have.

  52. http://mousecat says

    I’d use it for new beach towels for everyone!

  53. http://laughingfrenchy says

    Going to be spending Canada Day with my family and would likely spend the gift certificate on BBQ food!

  54. http://GlutenFreeDoll says

    We celebrate with a family BBQ at home. If I won, I would buy some cool outdoor toys for the backyard.

  55. http://l%20p says

    have friends over to watch the fireworks. snacks and drinks for visitors would be great to purchase at GT. thanks

  56. http://glogirl3 says

    We always have a family reunion on Canada Day. If I won I may buy some supplies for outdoor BBQ's.

  57. http://Robyn%20Bellefleur says

    We go to the park for the fireworks with my neighbors.

  58. http://billiondollarprincesss says

    We usually go to the beach. I would probably get a maxi dress.

  59. http://Tina%20F says

    We tried to do it this weekend but the rain got the better of us. BUT on July 1st we will be going to see the fireworks being lit off

    • http://Tina%20F says

      I forgot ..I would buy some shoes for my kids as they need them right now and my son wants a Canada shirt in red

  60. http://Jeannie%20Lam says

    We are celebrating with a family BBQ with friends and family. If I won, I would pick up some summer toys for the kids.

  61. http://hmrcarlson says

    We usually have a big BBQ so I would pick up supplies with the GT gift card.

  62. http://Dianne says

    We usually have a BBQ and then find a good viewing spot on a hill to watch the fireworks. If I won I would probably buy some groceries with the gift card.

  63. http://Liberty says

    This year for Canada Day I am going to pick up my grandson. I will buy him new clothes with this giveaway.

  64. http://stephen%20gordon says

    With friends usually and fireworks and baracue

  65. http://Kris%20L says

    Ill be working this year, but BBqin on the weekend and having a party!

  66. http://Gizele says

    We watch the fireworks on Canada day. I would buy some new summer tops.

  67. http://Dale%20Steele%20Nicolov says

    Normally I go down to my parents to see parade,etc.This year we will just take it easy at home.

  68. http://Elizabeth%20R says

    Always have a family BBQ on Canada day, i'd buy some summer supplies.

  69. http://ladyhwk says

    We'll be watching fireworks at the festival where my daughter will be highland dancing, and we'll use the gift card to get some Canada Day gear 🙂

  70. http://Kevin%20B says

    We are going to a small town with a lake. They have their fireworks here on the beach should be a great show. Well if I won I would use it to help me buy my weekly groceries like milk, bread, cereal etc.

  71. http://Soozle says

    I usually end up having to work – but try to get out to the lake after or attend a BBQ!

  72. http://Rene says

    This year we are attending a family BBQ – I would get my kids some great affordable clothes!

  73. http://kristen says

    we watch fireworks in our backyard and we would buy tons of munchies for the day 🙂

  74. http://Julie%20R. says

    We’re having a backyard bonfire this year, family & friends. Sparklers, glowsticks and roasting marshmallows & hotdogs. Best!

  75. http://wendy%20Hutton says

    we usually start off by watching out local parade them go with family to have a bbq

  76. http://ivy says

    we usually go to the parade and fireworks, i would buy groceries with this gift card

  77. http://Maegan%20Morin says

    Usually we try and find some kind of local celebrations and go hang out there for Canada day.

  78. http://Kim%20D says

    I'm going to celebrate Canada Day by spending the day with family and hopefully going for a hike (depending on the weather). As for what I would buy… I would probably just look through the store until something caught my eye!

  79. http://nowyourseeingdouble says

    Love buying fireworks off of them.

  80. http://Lori%20Bazan says

    I am having family and friends over for a BBQ. If I won I would buy Canada Day t-shirts and some groceries!

  81. We always take our kids for a free fun day at the park-bouncy castles, bull rides, hamburgers, hot dogs, pop, cotton candy-the works-all for free. I would buy some special things that we wouldn’t normally spend our money on if we won-it would be a real treat!

  82. http://Linda%20Klages says

    If it ever stops raining in Ontario, I'd like to go to an Ontario park

  83. http://Jessica%20M%20Walker says

    I celebrate Canada day with fireworks with the family

  84. http://Tina%20L. says

    Well be checking out the community celebration and maybe fireworks. i would buy a whole bunch of snack food.

  85. http://Lisa%20Neutel says

    we are camping this Canada day and if i won i would buy some new beach towels and fun toys forour trailer

  86. http://Sherry%20K says

    I will be with friends and I'll by lots of ice cream.

  87. http://Anne%20Clemmer says

    Maybe eat out; and I'll be helping with VBS at church.

  88. http://vinci777 says

    Love Canada Day. Go to our local park, for a picnic. Then Like to watch the festival
    on TV from parliament hill at our house.Will shop online for t-shirts and kitchen supplies.

  89. http://newfiechick72 says

    I BBQ with friends….I would buy some Canada Day goodies.

  90. http://Cathy%20Oppedisano says

    I celebrate Canada Day by spending it in the backyard with those I want to be with and I would buy something nice for myself if I won.

  91. http://LMJF says


  92. http://beewbedard says

    I am working and I would buy some groceries

  93. http://Svitlana%20Rezai says

    I celebrate Canada Day with my family and friends. Dinner and then off to fireworks 🙂

  94. http://Edmond says

    OMG, I will be in Canada place. Re: WOW, I need the prize to buy much needed grocery & supplement to get well soon. Wow, prize $50 gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the gc to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  95. http://Rhonda%20W%20G. says

    We go out for sushi and then watch our community fireworks every year! I'd buy groceries if I was fortunate to win…

  96. BBQ Supplies!!
    My recent post Win a Food Truck Party (Ends 2015/08/31)

  97. http://Caroline says

    We will be enjoying ourselves in the backyard and having a BBQ. I will buy some outdoor décor if I win.

  98. http://Elaine%20G says

    Usually with a family BBQ. But this year I am just staying home.
    I would spend it on groceries.

  99. http://L%20Wood says

    Giant Tiger is my "go to" neighborhood "grocery" store for anything I need to celebrate the occasion…fireworks, snacks, clothing…you name it…they got it !

  100. http://lori%20b says

    as a rule we have a big bbq

  101. http://angela%20m says

    We celebrate with parade and family BBQ then fireworks. I would buy some new outdoor toys for the kids.

  102. I usually celebrate Canada Day by chilling with family, and they going to see our town's fireworks display in the evening. If I won I'd buy some tight/leggings and a cute dress. Our local GT Boutique (as we call it :)) has great deals.
    My recent post Blueberry Nutrition

  103. http://Anna%20Johnson says

    Our family watches the fireworks if nothing else. We will buy Canada Day themed items and picnic things!

  104. We are going to have a BBQ and then watch fireworks. Mmmmm I would probably get a hoodie for those cool nights

  105. http://leanne says

    We will be going to the local parade. I would get some snacks for my kids.

  106. celebrating downtown this year. lots going on all day and fireworks off city hall's roof.
    id buy some gardening stuff with the gc

  107. http://Brenda%20Penton says

    I celebrate with having friends over for a BBQ and then we all go to the fireworks. I would buy my kids some summer clothes.

  108. http://nikki%20robak says

    I get together with my family

  109. http://Mary says

    I would buy some food and snacks for my children and put some gas in the car to go see some fireworks.

  110. http://Carla says

    We celebrate in the pool with a BBQ. Probably outdoor patio decor

  111. http://lisa%20rumolo says

    I am working but will wear some red and white.

  112. http://Jennpup says

    I will celebrate it in our backyard, and I'd use the gift card toward a shady gazebo for the deck 🙂
    My recent post My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Cutie Mark Quests – Review & Giveaway

  113. http://Lillian%20Brown says

    We are attending a family BBQ

  114. http://Laura says

    I'f I won I would add to my summer wardrobe. As for Canada probably head downtown to see the concert and fireworks.

  115. http://edmontonjb says

    We celebrate at he town festivities and then fireworks at night. I would buy some groceries. GT has awesome prices on food!


  116. I celebrate by bbq'ing with my family and then going over to my friends for a few adult beverages. 😉

  117. http://Doris%20Herns says

    I will like celebrate Canada Day with a Barbeque and fireworks. I would likely use the gift card to buy my mom a present.

  118. http://Josh%20S says

    I plan on having a bonfire in the backyard. I would buy snacks and drinks for a party.

  119. http://Yuen%20C says

    I would buy some camping gear and would go to the park

  120. http://Alayne%20Langford says

    Well I would start with a new cooler and also would browse the women’s clothing section 😉

  121. http://Sonya%20Blade says

    BBQ with the fam jam, drinks and then fireworks. I would buy myself some funky socks, maybe sheets for the new bed and a Toronto Maple Leafs t-shirt for the boyfriend.

  122. http://Andrea%20Williams says

    We are planning on going to the park and I would use this to buy some picnic supplies/food.

  123. http://andrea%20amy says

    I would get the Roll'n Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Large
    We don't do anything special for Canada Day. We just stay home.

  124. http://nancy%20stokell says

    We celebrate at a friends house for a bocce tournament

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  127. http://dorcontest says

    We spend Canada Day…. starting with breakfast on the deck. I would buy a couple of new sun dresses.

  128. http://tammy%20harrison says

    We are celebrating by going to fireworks. I would buy some summer treats with this if I won

  129. http://Susan%20Patterson says

    Usually we spend Canada Day at the lake and the watch the fireworks, but this year we have to check on the hay that we cut at the farm last week!

  130. http://Rosa%20Cross says

    We celebrate at our local recreation centre with games and burgers. I would buy some new towels.

  131. http://Elena says

    We celebrate by attending the local fireworks. I’d buy some school supplies for the kids at giant tiger

  132. http://margo%20b says

    thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win

  133. http://Elva%20Robertsf says

    Canada Day is my husband's birthday and all Canada celebrates with us.
    We usually have all available family members for a barbeque and cake and icecream. It is a wonderful time.
    If I won, I would get party supplies at TARGET.

  134. http://Surso%20S. says

    we're going to bbq with some family

  135. http://Jenness%20M says

    I celebrate at the cabin with family. I would get the portable woven mat and a beach umbrella.

  136. http://Terri%20O'Donnell says

    I spent Canada Day with my son at 2 of our Local Museums enjoying activities with our friends. If I won I would buy some new clothes for us both

  137. http://Donna%20L. says

    We usually have a backyard BBQ, and I pick up fun decorations for the occasion.

  138. http://MOHAMMAD%20ANJUM says

    celebrate Canada Day by fireworks.

  139. http://Donnas says

    We celebrate with a barbecue, there are not little ones at home anymore. When my daughter was younger, we always went to watch the fireworks display (at Chinguacousy Park in Brampton). Now, I’m going to buy some steaks and throw them on the bbq.

  140. http://holly%20ogorman says

    We went swimming and had a bbq.

  141. http://Julie%20Bolduc says

    We hung out with family and did some fireworks and a BBQ I hope to buy some food

  142. http://Kevin says

    I would buy some marshmallows! 🙂

  143. http://Sunshine%20G says

    We went to the waterpark, and I'll get some kids toys if I win!

  144. http://KellyPC says

    We go to the cottage with the family. I would buy a new cooler.

  145. http://Dave says

    Party with my siblings

  146. http://Lauraleigh says

    On Canada Day we go to my brother-in-laws; his community does a parade, vendors face painting, raffles and firecrackers! It’s a blast!
    If I won I would buy some new beach towels and some outdoor fun-stuff to enjoy with the kids 🙂

  147. http://Cheryl says

    I celebrate Canada Day with our kids and would probably buy lots of summer toys with the giftcard!!

  148. http://BobbiJo%20Pentney says

    My family and I take in local events.

  149. http://Krista%20M says

    We had a family campfire & bbq at my parents home. I would put the gift card toward a new tent from Giant Tiger for camping in this summer with the kids.

  150. http://Erin%20McSweeney says

    we celebrate by going to city center fun and fireworks…I would buy groceries for sure

  151. http://Susanne%20McCarthy says

    Relaxing….kids enjoy the pool….BBQ and fireworks!

  152. i spend canada with friends! we usually have a bbq and then do some fireworks.

  153. http://patti%20townsend says

    we were working on the actual day, but went camping on the weekend to celebrate! and was my dads birthday that day as well, so double celebration! would buy camping accessories 😀

  154. http://Alana%20C says

    BBQ to feed the family then head out to watch the fireworks, I would buy anything my kids want

  155. http://Nate%20Fuller says

    I celebrate Canada Day with a backyard BBQ every year & I would buy stuff for another BBQ later this summer!

  156. http://SarjanG says

    I celebrated with friends with a bbq and watched fireworks. Would purchase BBQ items for sure.

  157. http://psychsarah says

    We always host a big party for friends and family. It was a huge success 🙂

  158. http://mommakoala says

    hamburgers and buns. Some pop and ice cream for a get together

  159. http://Laurie%20P says

    We had a big bbq on Canada day! I'd put this gift card toward some new bbq accessories!

  160. We go to the Canadian Day parade and actvities
    My recent post FREE Toys at Toys R Us Roadshow Tour

  161. http://Heather%20Howard says

    Groceries, sunscreen and towels Thank you for the opportunity!

  162. http://Eldon says

    I celebrated by going to the park and would get hats

  163. http://Carolyn says

    Since it's now the 8th of July I would check the CLEARANCE section first (don't I always) and then get anything with a Canadian flag I can put in the giveaway bags I am making for the Annual National Sweepstakes Convention.

  164. We love to celebrate our countries birthday! To set the scene, it's nice to buy red and white plates, napkins and accessories! Then you need the perfect finger food to accompany the burgers on the BBQ!

  165. http://Colleen%20K says

    … I would love to buy lots of Lovely things for my Mother because she is the Best Mom Ever !!!!

  166. http://FREDERIC%20BROWN says

    We have a family BBQ -would buy new tshirts

  167. http://Lindsay%20T says

    We celebrate Canada Day as a family. I'd buy some tasty snacks & cute outfits.

  168. http://Suzi says

    we have a family bbq and I'd buy bbq items if I was lucy enough to win

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