Helping Your White Goods Stand The Test of Time


In the average household, there’s a washing machine, fridge, freezer and possibly a dishwasher. That’s a lot of ‘white goods’ under one roof! Despite the fact that product prices are decreasing, you’ll ideally want your product to last as long as possible before replacing it. Manufacturers don’t have to guarantee the lifespan of a product – but certain brands do offer a suggested guide for how long you can expect products to perform. It ultimately makes sense for you to try and help your white goods last longer. Here are some tips:

Think about how the product is going to be used

If you’re starting from scratch, buying a really cheap washing machine on a great deal might seem sensible – but not if you’re planning on doing three cycles a day, every day of the week, for a family of five. Frankly, the machine just won’t last. So, before you even make your purchase, think carefully about how you need to use the product and buy with a realistic level of usage in mind.

Learn, clean and maintain

White goods can last longer if you clean them on an ongoing basis. A surface clean is fine but it also helps to clean and maintain specific parts. And this requires learning how your white goods work. For instance, many fridges are made with a small drain at the bottom to capture condensation. Water and food waste can gather in this drain – and block it. This in turn can cause problems and a breakdown. In the case of freezers, ice or food can get trapped underneath the door seal – so it’s sometimes useful to clean removable parts wherever manufacturer guidelines allow.

Invest in good quality detergents and adopt a cleaning regime

When it comes to fridges and freezers, it’s essential to understand the spread of food bacteria. This goes for dishwashers too.  The lifespan of your white goods can be lengthened by using quality cleaning products that effectively kill over 99% of bacteria. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and adopt a regime if possible. For instance, dishwashers work at their optimum when you use detergent AND salt tablets to reduce calcium in hard water – this prevents the build up of limescale. Keeping the detergent drawer of your washing machine pristine ensures flow of detergent thus each cycle wash will function as it should.

Expect breakdowns and pay for repairs and maintenance

It’s a simple fact: components of products like washing machines will break down. But it’s just a part of the machine – it doesn’t mean the whole product is useless. Ask an expert to look over your white good and note the date for a maintenance history. However, if a machine has badly deteriorated, it might be better to upgrade – check out this Tesco buying guide for ideas.

Consider before buying and always concentrate on good cleaning and maintenance – these are basic golden rules which could help your white goods last longer!

Image by ClkerFreeVectorImages used under Creative Commons Public Domain deed CC0

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