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I love to entertain and have guests over. Having a big family I am always thinking the more the merrier. I love to entertain but the clean up is not my fave. Lots of friends over means lots of time to clean up. Nothing worse than having to wash dishes twice so it is important to use quality products when cleaning up. I always like it when whoever does not cook, helps with the cleaning. But sometimes I end up doing it all.

Canadians love to entertain and host dinner parties. To help create magical evenings, Food Network Chef Michael Smith teamed up with Cascade Platinum to share tips on how to make your dinner party sparkle, while cutting down your clean up time!

Want your dinner party to sparkle? Follow these tips from Chef Michael Smith and your guests will be blown away:

  1. Spend time to save time: Prep as much as you can in advance – from food to your table. Smart preparation will allow you to spend more time with your guests.
  2. Make your guests feel special: Thoughtful details tell your guests they are special. Set the mood with music, place cards, flowers and sparkling dishes and glasses. I use Cascade Platinum in every cycle to make sure everything is ready for a big event.cascade
  3. Start with a bang! Do something collectively right away. A group activity subtly reminds everyone “We’re in this together!”
  4. Give your guests something fun to do: At some point, engage your guests in an interactive activity, something hands on, that’s not work.
  5. Clean as you go: Get the mess out of the way, and load the dishwasher as you prepare dinner. With Cascade Platinum, you don’t need to worry about pre-rinsing – it will clean stuck-on food in one wash.
  6. Share the work: Many hands make light work. After the main meal and before dessert, encourage everybody to pitch in with clean up.dinner setting
  7. Grand finale: End the evening with something spectacular, something memorable, or my favourite—something flammable!

But you don’t have to host a party to have a Sparkling Clean dinner. Sitting down to family dinner is a special occasion in itself as it brings people together. Why not give your family an extra special night by putting Michael’s tips to action? These tips will surely save time and be very useful.

Visit for more tips and recipes from Chef Michael Smith and Cascade Platinum

Happy entertaining!

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  1. tanyab79 says

    My better half and I usually do a joint clean up and sometimes he does more.

  2. glogirl3 says

    My sister and I usually do the kitchen clean up.

  3. Combination of my husband and I.

  4. My husband and I have a rule – one cooks, the other cleans. Depending on who made the meal, the other one will take care of cleanup.

  5. Dayna Wilson says

    Kitchen cleanup is hubby's job, thank god.

  6. Susan Hanley says

    That would be me. If our girls are home then they will help out.

  7. usually it is shared between the two of us

  8. Victoria Ess says

    I do it.

  9. dorcontest says

    We share that responsibility but when we have a huge crowd, the ladies gather together and clean it all up. It is actually a lot of fun with all the ladies.

  10. I usually do, sometimes my guests help out.

  11. butterflyamyc says

    I try to clean as I go when entertaining.

  12. My hubby and in-laws are actually really good about cleaning up 🙂

  13. prairiebelle says

    I usually do most of it

  14. I am the kitchen cleaner!

  15. Hubby and I both do

  16. I do it all.

  17. caroline m. says

    I usually do, because I don't like leaving it to the next day like my husband does.

  18. Michelle Policelli says

    I usually do most it…but when we have a large crowd we both share the responsibility! 🙂

  19. My husband

  20. wendy Hutton says

    I usually do the cleanup or some ladies off to help out, the men run lol

  21. I do, but I wait until my guests are gone.

  22. I do it.

  23. Shelley N says

    When we entertain, my husband and I clean it up

  24. Erika Letson says

    I do all of it!

  25. Judy Cowan says

    My husband always does it.

  26. Silvia D says

    It is usually just me but sometimes I get volunteers to help

  27. Carole Dube says

    I do and my husband helps out!

  28. I always do the kitchen clean-up when we have entertained.

  29. BF and I coordinate and tackle it together

  30. Susan Patterson says

    I do the kitchen cleanup whenever we have guests over!

  31. Jeanette Jackson says

    When we entertain my husband and I both do the cleaning up

  32. newfiechick72 says

    Usually it is me who cleans up.

  33. hmrcarlson says

    Me, of course! I clean as we go to help reduce the end mess.

  34. hubs and I share the dishes. we try to do as much before our guests arrive

  35. The kitchen clean up is usually a combined effort with everyone and with everyone I mean the ladies

  36. I usually do the clean up.

  37. Jeannie Lam says

    Usually my husband and I both do, but if my mom is over, she'll insist on cleaning up!

  38. it's a group effort – everyone who is around shares with the clean-up. thanks

  39. Doris Calvert says

    We both do the clean up as we go along.

  40. Kelley Moore says

    my husband and I.

  41. billiondollarprincesss says


  42. It’s usually always me!

  43. sarah sar says

    I do all the cleanup and don't really mind doing it. At least I know it's done right!

  44. Brenda Penton says

    My hubby and I work as a team to clean up

  45. I usually do the kitchen clean up.

  46. Carol Denny says

    I do it.

  47. julielaura1 says

    Hubby and I both clean up!

  48. angela m says

    I usually do it, but sometimes my husband or guests do.

  49. Usually me but my friends are awesome so I always have extra pairs of hands!

  50. Sunshine G says

    Whoever didn't cook, usually – we have a rule that whoever cooks doesn't clean up.

  51. When we entertain, kitchen cleanup is shared between my husband and myself.

  52. Well since I cook all the time my husband and four year old son do the dishes… it is so cute to see them work together.

  53. Linda Brown says

    Everyone pitches in…..

  54. Audrey Skinner says

    I do all the clean up.

  55. sadly usually I end up doing it

  56. I do all of it.

  57. Julie Bolduc says

    I usually start and my hubby jumps in

  58. Elva Robertsf says

    My daughters, if present, are really good to help me clean up after entertaining.

  59. I usually do the cleaning up.

  60. antony b says

    I usually do it, depends on who is here but I usually get help too.

  61. Since my daughter has the biggest house we usually have parties at her home. We all do the cleanup. Girls and guys help and we have a great time and get it done really fast.

  62. Barbara Hutcheson says

    ******I mostly do he clean up******

  63. I usually do the clean up even if guests offer, I prefer to just relax!

  64. My husband and I share the cleaning.

  65. S. Jackson says

    My husband does all the cooking so I do all the kitchen clean up!

  66. Monique L.S. says

    My husband and I both clean up.

  67. it is shared between the two of us

  68. shirley keeping says

    my husband does the dishes arent i lucky

  69. kathy downey says

    The men do the cleanup after,the women relax and chat

  70. Florence C says

    My husband give me a hand to clean up.

  71. Erin McSweeney says

    we switch off…

  72. Melanie Borhi says

    I usually do the cleaning myself which I don’t mind. But if my boyfriend is present I get him to help clean.

  73. We never entertain-but who ever cooks the other does dishes at our house

  74. Usually everyone pitches in, my husband has always been a great helper and the company I have usually pitches in also.

  75. Brittney House says

    My husband and I usually share the load.

  76. vinci777 says

    Mostly myself, but guests and hubby help somewhat.

  77. Elva Robertsf says

    I was looking over your list of your '34 Recipes for the Grill." I think I would try the Lemon-Thyme recipe first. The recipe suggests that this will be a tangy and sweet recipe-that is a good combination, I think. Thank you for all these Grill recipes. We appreciate this very much.

  78. edmontonjb says

    I usually do the clean up


  79. Stephanie LaPlante says

    My mom does most of the cleaning.

  80. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    that's me though entertaining is usually done upstairs at my sons and I do it there then 🙂

  81. Melissa D says

    My husband and I always share the responsibility. We work a lot of opposite shifts so I do some and then he does some!

  82. Angela Mitchell says

    I share the duties with my husband although I usually do more:)

  83. I do the cleaning

  84. Wanda Bergman says

    I do all the cleanup, but I clean up as I go so it's not so bad.

  85. Sarah Stickney says

    we usually share the duties

  86. Andrew P says

    I usually do

  87. me, blah, haha, i hate dishes!

  88. My hubby usually does it.

  89. Rhonda W G. says

    We both handle clean up on the most part…

  90. Juliee Fitze says

    Mostly my sisters help get it done.

  91. mommakoala says

    Everyone pitches in to help

  92. I do the kitchen cleanup…always haha.
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  93. Brenda Lacourciere says

    I am always stuck cleaning up

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  95. Both Hubby and I share responsibillity

  96. danielle nantau says

    My hubby is captain clean man !

  97. My friends and neighbours are amazing to help clean up when we do our entertaining!!!

  98. If I cook, my fiancé does the clean up

  99. Hubby helps me

  100. Robyn Bellefleur says

    Usually my husband gives me a hand.

  101. I do the kitchen clean up – entertaining or not! Thanks for hosting.

  102. Jennifer P. says

    My husband and I share the clean up when we entertain.

  103. Rochelle says

    LOVE this item, have used it most of the time

  104. Rochelle says

    I am the everything fairy around my home, I use cascade most of the time

  105. laughingfrenchy says

    Both me and my girlfriend share the clean up duties.

  106. beewbedard says

    we all pitch in 🙂

  107. Lori Bazan says

    I usually do the after clean up myself. My husband though does the majority of cleaning the home before!

  108. Me, always me! LOL!

  109. I do a lot of it as I go along but my hubby does the dishes if I cook.

  110. Panflip721 says

    It’s definitely a team effort between my husband and I. Though, the entertaining is almost always my idea.

  111. Sometimes we split the duties, but clean up and dishes usually falls to the boyfriend. He really doesn't mind at all.

  112. holly ogorman says

    It's me, always me.

  113. Kristy. V says

    If I am on cooking duty my hubby is the one who does the clean up or vice versa!

  114. Donna Connors says

    My hubby and I do the clean up but I load the dishwasher ( I don't like the way he does it, haha).

  115. Stephanie Galbraith says

    We all pitch in to do the cleaning.

  116. I am the cleaning lady in this house *sigh*

  117. hubs and I both do it

  118. Erica Seaman says

    Hubby does most of the clean up, i do most of the prep 🙂

  119. We usually just leave it until later, then do it together.

  120. Dorothy Deakyne says

    I am always the clean up person

  121. brandy c says

    I do the kitchen clean up, always.

  122. shellie clark says

    I do

  123. Jessica C says

    Im a stay at home mom so i do most of all the cleaning in the house as i enjoy it 🙂

  124. I do it all except when my DIL is here, then she helps.

  125. hubby always volunteers – best guy ever!
    I'm usually packing up leftovers then, if there are any 🙂

  126. I normally do but my husband and guests usually help as well

  127. I usually make the kids do it (but I help them by cleaning up along the way) 🙂

  128. nicolthepickle says

    Me, but my MIl always helps.

  129. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    My Husband does the clean up…. He does the cooking and the cleanup.

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