Splatoon for the WII U

My youngest really loves playing on the Wii U and even better, her older brothers play along too. So when I can find a game that they all enjoy, I am happy! Recently we were sent Splatoon to check out for ourselves.



Get messy with Splatoon, a fun-filled third-person action shooter that challenges you to cover levels, and enemies, with a brilliant spray of colorful ink. Take on the role of an Inkling, a squid-like fighter ready to cover yourself and everything around you with your team’s hues. Cover the terrain around you in ink to claim it, and spray walls to gain access to hard-to-reach areas. Earn high-powered super weapons by soaking your turf in ink, so you can cover your enemies in color or spray more territory. Put on your thinking cap to dream up devastating strategies, but don’t forget to keep an eye on your turf — too much attention on the other team may lead to a redecoration of your own territory. Next, take a trip back in time as you enter a fascinating theme park that showcases 12 amazing attractions, each modeled after one of the most beloved Nintendo franchises of all time. Stay entertained with streaming content from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube and more, and access your favorite Web sites, social networks and more with simple Internet browsing. Navigate the stunning virtual worlds of your games or browse through content. Save plenty of game data and more with 32GB of storage. A thrilling world of action and adventure awaits — are you ready for the time of your life?

My family has been playing this for a week now and love it! For best results make sure you have a WiFi connection hooked up as many features require it. You can play without, but it is funner this way. Also, customizing your character is super cool! My kids have created some real fun characters. I can not wait to see what they come up with next. With this being rated E for everyone, I was not surprised to hear the dads at my daughters school talking about wanting this game as well.

You can buy the game on its own or as a Wii U bundle for the best possible savings!

Learn more about Splatoon here splatoon.nintendo.com


  1. mommakoala says

    I'm surprised my daughter hasn't mentioned this one to me. This is right up her ally.

  2. julielaura1 says

    Sounds like fun my elder grandkids would love this game!

  3. kathy downey says

    Thanks I am always looking for a new one that may interest them and this sounds great

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    this game sounds like one that my grandchildren would play, I wonder if they have it already. I can't keep up with all the toys, games etc that they have 🙂

  5. Darlene Schuller says

    This is for sure a game Kira would love. just yesterday she was on the hunt for something different to play, I"ll have to mention this to her! Thank you

  6. hmrcarlson says

    My kids would have a blast playing this!

  7. Sounds fun. I will look for this nest shopping trip! thanks for this post as I need to get a new game.

  8. Stephanie LaPlante says

    That game looks super cool!

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