Summertime Laundry routines & Entertaining tips

School may be out but life goes on, just a bit differently. For me, scheduling is out the window and last minute living is never ending. We often just get up and go and enjoy a spontaneous getaway. Sometimes this can be visiting a local family attraction, a road trip or a planned weekend getaway camping. Packing light is important and carrying an extra bag for dirty laundry is a must. Seldom do you find laundry facilities while away and when you do, well, who really wants to be doing laundry while on ‘vacation”?

So my day to day 3 loads a day is compressed to the kids and myself wearing the same shorts or hoodie over and over until we can not stand it any longer. Fishing, grass, campfires and a quick Frisbee match all add to the equation. Leave the laundry in a stuffy bag until you get home and you will wish you had a maid. Phew!


Luckily OxiClean is perfect for tough stains, smells and mixed colours. Laundry that is not your day to day situation. Nobody wants to have to worry about visiting an amusement park over the summer and not enjoy a yummy treat in fear that laundry will be a huge chore when home. Even visiting the beach and using sun lotion, bug spray and don’t forget sand, will add to your laundry woes.

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This summer I throw routine and worry out the window. I am getting outdoors and enjoying my children and life while I can. Household chores and laundry can wait. When home this summer entertaining will be all over the calendar.

OxiClean  recently partnership with HGTV’s Sarah Baeumler! Sarah has shared some creative and easy entertaining and design tips to make hosting a summer gathering easier. See her tips below.



Enjoy your summer and family time! The clean up can always be shared or even better, wait!

Does your household routine change over the summer?

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