We are taking the “mixed feeding” challenge #mixedfeeding

Anyone who has pets knows they are more than just pets. Pets are an extension of your family, almost like your children. I have two large dog and they very much think they are my babies. They are both labs and I love them dearly. One is 3 years old and the other 9 years old. They are gentle and loyal and great companions to have. They have protected me, comforted me and helped me through some difficult times. They are never far from my side, or my feet.


Everything I do in life I have them in mind. From where I live to what furniture is in the house to how long I travel. I know my plans must always include them. They are a part of my family. There for their health is very important to me.

I am excited to announce they will be taking the “Mixed Feeding” Challenge.

A regular mixed feeding diet of both dry and wet food for dogs and cats keeps your pet healthy, as both types of food offer important yet unique and complementary health benefits. Up until now my boys have been eating mainly dry dog food, or soft dog food. Never wet, this will be interesting!


What is the “Mixed Feeding” Challenge

The challenge is to introduce both wet and dry food to the pets diet for the month. We are being sent enough wet and dry food for the four week program that is suited to my pets needs with a guide on how to correctly introduce mixed feeding into their diet. For four weeks they will be eating both wet and dry foods.

Feeding Dry Food and Wet Food to your pet on a regular basis provides them with the best of both worlds. While both types of food are nutritionally complete and balanced a regular diet of dry and wet food for dogs and cats is the great way to keep pets healthy and happy. Each food offers unique, complementary benefits

More information

You can check out www.petmixedfeeding.ca for more information on starting your pets on a mixed feeding program.

 Did you know?

  • Both wet and dry foods are nutritionally complete and balanced on their own
  • Moving your pet to a mixed feeding diet is easy – start off with a ratio of about 25% new food to 75% old food, and work your way up from there over about a week
  • Dry food is a concentrated energy source, and its crunchy texture helps maintain your pet’s oral health
  • Wet food helps maintain a healthy weight for your pet because it is lower in calories than dry food, and its high moisture content helps support a healthy urinary tract and proper organ function
  • There are lots of misconceptions about mixed feeding – one being that wet food will make your pet gain weight – but that is simply not true

I think this challenge is going to be a lot of fun! My dogs adjust quickly to change and are not picky. We are being sent food from Pedigree and Iams to try out for the month.



Be sure to watch on social media following the #mixedfeeding hashtag for updates on their experience over the next month.

Do your dogs eat both wet and dry food? Why or why not?




  1. All my dogs have had a mixed diet. But in addition to canned and kibble, they get raw vegetables to offset the carbs in the kibble. Nothing worse then a keg on stilts. Ratio of canned to kibble to raw is 2:1:1.

  2. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    I have only ever fed my dog dry food. He came from the shelter eating one brand, so I kept feeding him that brand because he likes it.

  3. We feed out dog a mix of wet and dry food. We just do it because he likes it. I'm glad to see it's good for him, too!
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  4. Our dogs love a mix of wet and dry food. They've been eating it since they were puppies.
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  5. We feed our smallest dog, who is 10 lbs a mix of wet and dry. I change up the wetfood because they offer so many flavors.

  6. I have often thought about this challenge for my dog. I have heard the pros and cons of both dry and wet dog foods, and I would have to say that if would probably benefit our dog to have both types.

  7. jenniferjuro says

    Brother did this for a while for their dog. I think its a great way to give a dog variety.
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  8. For some reason our dog's digestive tract can not handle wet food. It gives her diarrhea.
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  9. When we had dogs and cats we did both mixed feeding also. Gives the animal a variety.
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  10. Oh I didn't know about mixed feeding. It's good to know wet food doesn't necessarily make your pet gain weight. This would be a cool challenge to try.

  11. We do mixed feeding, but my boys get a larger percentage of dry to wet.

  12. I have never heard of this challenge and can't wait to find out how it goes. We feed our pups only dry food but would be willing o try something new…

  13. I mix feed my pets as well. I think they enjoy it and it gives them some variety in their meals.
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  14. I don't have dogs but I do have cats. They eat both types of foods, but I never really thought about mixing them together. I'll have to try that out sometime and see how it goes!

  15. Great info! We are thinking of getting a dog soon so this is good to know!

  16. My husband just came home from work today talking about getting a dog. I guess his boss has to get rid of his. I'm not sure our house is ready for a dog yet though.
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  17. Good to know about mix feeding. It is good to give animals variety
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  18. I think a lot of people think that wet food will make their dog gain weight. Will be interesting to see how your dogs take to it.
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  19. Thanks so much for sharing this. my friend just added a doggie tab to her. I will send this to her.


  20. way2goodlife says

    I never knew of the specifics – just gave our dogs mixed food. We didn't have to find a good combination to avoid stomach issues
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  21. I have two small dogs and i do mixed feedings. I would not want them to just have dry kibble all day. They are a healthy weight and enjoy the changes in their food.

  22. we feed our dog a mixed diet of raw food and dry kibble. seems to work best for his sensitive tummy. we just love him so much!
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  23. kathy downey says

    We do wet and dry food,and we like to mix it up

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