Where to get free WiFi in Canada when traveling


Long gone are the days of being offline! We are all busy people, social people and being online is a way of life. So as nice as the idea of logging off is, reality is that it seldom happens. For me even when camping I need to check my emails. If I do not, I miss miss a paying job, important message or even a weather alerts. WiFi is offered free all across North America. You just need to keep your eyes, or your phone set for it. I know many people who email over call and worry if you do not respond within a day or two. However I am not interested in paying roaming for or additional data charges. So I have been watching for WiFi when possible. My teens who are on pay as you go phones do not have data and relay 100% on WiFi. Not everywhere has open networks though.

Just because my family is on holidays, doe snot mean I can stop working. I travel to keep the kids busy and enjoy my nights and weekends off. But during the day, working online continues. I need WiFi and my data plans are reaching their limits monthly.


Below is a list of where you can get free WiFi in Canada this summer ( or anytime) when traveling

Hotels, motels and campgrounds

With everyone being connected these days accommodation knows the importance of staying connected. Having WiFi for guests is just as common as having a phone. Most offer free with the room rate and all you need is your room number or the hotel code. Sometimes the WiFi is open and no password is needed at all. Ask the front desk for the WiFi password when you are checking in or using the facilities.

I have found in some hotels the lobby WiFi is stronger than in the room. There may be two different log ins or a certain number of devices allowed per room. Make sure you ask. I have seen some where you must log in every 24 hours as well to activate.

Restaurants and coffee houses

Both fast food and sit down restaurants offer free WiFi these days. I am seeing it more and more. No password needed but there is usually a log in page for you to accept their terms. I find the connections are usually really good and fast. Nice to have when data is not working in remote areas but there is a Tim Hortons 🙂

Tourist information offices

Every city or tourism destination has free WiFi. Often you can connect from the parking lot. A great place to stop and check emails. Tourism offices are perfect one stop locations for bathrooms, AC and local info, so why not get connected while there?!?


Public libraries have government funding allowing members and non members to use internet. If you do not have a library card, just ask the librarian for the log in info. Many even have computers you can use if you do not have your own with you.

City Centres

Large cities and popular destinations have WiFi offered in their downtown core. This is handy if you are like me and need to use your phones GPS for self navigated walking tours. Just be aware of the range as you may step out without realizing.

Malls and big box stores

I have my teens on pay as you go plans. These plans seldom include data. So they know all the hot spots to get free internet and the mall is one of them. Malls and box box stores have Wii, again you usually need to log in and accept their terms. This is not only a great way to check in online but also check in on the stores sales while there. Be sure to send them out a Thank you tweet for having free WiFi 🙂

How do you find free WiFi?

Make sure your smartphone is set to allow WiFI. Go to “Setting” then “WiFi” and have it turned to on. This will allow your phone to detect any WiFi connections in the area. You may even pick up the odd mobile hot-spot or WiFi from an apartment building or other patron. If you enable your mobile hotspot be sure to protect it with a password. You never know what someone else may be surfing and streaming taking up all your data.

Found free WiFi but can not connect?

When traveling another blogger told me about purple.com

Purple.com, commonly referred to as “Purple” is a single-page website created in 1994. It once consisted of no links or text and its only noticeable content was a purple background. The site is notable as being the oldest known single-serving site.

Type in purple.com into your browser and the login page will automatically launch asking you to sign in or accept terms. Often the login just needs a page to launch it and Facebook and other social media do not always work initially.


Do you have any tips for finding free WiFi?





  1. These are great tips. I would not of thought of a few of them. Who would have thought campgrounds offer WiFi! Thanks for the list.

  2. oldermommystill says

    Great tips on finding free wifi! I knew about some but others, like big box stores I did not know. I am bookmarking to save the info, especially about Purple.com thanks!

  3. Toughcookiemommy says

    I love being able to get free wi fi when I am out and about. It really helps my blogging productivity.
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  4. Robin Masshole is says

    This is really helpful information. We have been thinking about coming to Canada, so I will keep this in mind.

  5. This is great to know! In Toronto there is plenty of free wifi but I never find it lol my son finds it quickly, this is great to know!

  6. Thank you for the list. You don't know how many times I've had to hunt down free wifi to make a change on my blog, etc, when traveling.

  7. Angela at OneSmileyMonkey says

    Great post! Love the tips, saving this.

  8. These are great tips. We are always looking for free wifi!

  9. firststepstogreatstrides says

    Love the tips!

  10. try small things says

    Thanks for the tip re: Purple! I'll try it!
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  11. SueSueper Sue says

    Interesting. I never heard of purple, but many times I know I need a login page, but cannot get to it. I certainly will try "Purple"

  12. I've never heard of purple.com! I will be using this tip in the future! Great ideas!

  13. Great post 🙂 We always joke about how easy it is to get WiFi but so hard to get a free glass of water, lol. Great for traveling!

  14. I love the tips I was born and raised in Canada. I live in Michigan now and I would totally be lost with out my wifi.
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  15. I always stop at McDonald's or Tim Horton's to get free Wifi. It is so handy when you are travelling to cut down on your Data usage.

  16. I can always use free wifi when I travel. It is hard to find sometimes. Thank you for helping me find where to look for it!

  17. If you visit downtown London, Canada it has free Wi-Fi in the downtown core.

  18. These are great tips in finding free wifi. It's important to still get connected even when you are traveling.

  19. Paula Schuck says

    Free wifi when you are traveling is so helpful. I did not realize there are so many places to access it.

  20. Veronica says

    Great to see many establishments offering free WIFI these days

  21. If I need it when traveling I always find a McDonald's. I'd love to have wifi everywhere I went though!

  22. I'm thankful that my internet provider has wifi hot spots in SO many places. I haven't traveled very far yet, but I'm glad to find out about Purple.

  23. Wow I didn't know the campgrounds would have wifi. That's pretty much everywhere now

  24. The purple.com tip totally worked! Thanks so much!
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  25. mommakoala says

    Most of these I know. I hate it when hotels try to charge you for wi-fi. I like searching out the free stuff

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