12 Head of the Class Lunch Ideas

For many of us school is still a little while away, but some are heading back soon.

A great lunch can make or break anyone’s day. Whether you are a rushed morning packer, or like to take your time, the meal your child finds when they open their lunchbox needs to be something that will help get them through the rest of the day; and help them stay at the head of the class! Make your child smile at the sight of the following twelve school lunchbox meals.


Does your child like Uncrustables but you can’t justify the expense? Make your own! The great thing about making your own crust free sandwiches is not just the great savings, but also, you can prepare them and toss them into the freezer. What would your week be like if you were able to make what you need once a week, or once a month even?


If your family has chosen to be gluten free, bread can easily be replaced with spring roll wrappers, cabbage leaves, lettuce, mushroom caps, and even slices of squash or cucumber. The Kitchen is My Playground has a fantastic sandwich that calls for cucumber in the place of bread that my kids really enjoy. I like to use cucumber because it gives your sandwich a nice crunch and you can adjust the thickness to please multiple preferences.


Looking for a little something sweeter for Friday? I am in love with Living Sweet Moments‘ peanut butter and fluff roll ups! I have no idea why I have never thought of flattening bread slices and rolling them up into sushi-like bites before. These sweet sandwich bites are a great way to end a long week and are the perfect lunchbox surprise to see after completing a big test. I suggest taking this receipt a step further with a sweet presentation.

Using a gift box of chocolate truffles as your muse, write your child a note. Next, make an envelope out of wax paper that will fit inside of your child’s bento box as a divider between two layers of bites. Place your first layer of pieces inside the box, add your divider note, and place your second layer on top. Close the lid securely and you are done.


Find your family’s new lunchbox favorite by clicking on the links below.

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  8. Chicken Greek Salad Wrap
  9. Homemade Graham Crackers
  10. Peanut Butter Banana Roll-ups
  11. Homemade Graham Crackers Recipe
  12. Low-Carb Smoked Turkey & Cucumber ‘Sandwiches’

What is your child’s favorite lunchbox meal?


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  1. lyndac1968 says

    A lot of great lunch ideas, some great ones for me as well!!

  2. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    The peanut butter roll ups sound awesome. My boys would love those.

  3. Kelly Hutchinson says

    My ids won't eat sandwiches unless they are crustless! I love the idea of making a wrap My daughter would like that.

  4. Oohhhh…peanut butter rollups. I like the sound of that!
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  5. What fun ideas! I really love those roll ups w/ peanut butter.

  6. Florence C says

    I like the rollup idea and the cucumber sandwich. Lots of great recipes.

  7. Thanks for all of the ideas! I'm going to pass them off to my daughters!

  8. I think I need to bookmark this post for later! I'm always looking for healthy go-to snacks that I can easily make and take. I love how these snacks aren't just for the kids either 🙂
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  9. I pinned this. My kids are so tired of my plain boring pb & j sandwiches.

  10. School starts here in less than an month, these are some great ideas! Roll up sandwiches are a GREAT idea! He might actually eat his lunch that way! LOL

  11. Wonderful ideas. I love cucumber sammys in fact your making me hungry. Pinning this because those recipes rock.
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  12. Those uncrustables being homemade sound amazing! Great ideas!

  13. These are great ideas. I used to love making the kids their lunches when they were little. I would always add little notes.

  14. I've never thought of making my own uncrustables! How neat!
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  15. Okay, these are way cooler than the plain old PB&J I normally give my kids. HA! They would love, love, love that cucumber idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. I love these ideas! It's so fun to be creative with the kids' lunches.

  17. jenniferjuro says

    These are great lunch ideas!! My kids have been getting bored with the same sandwiches in their lunches.
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  18. Cathy Mini says

    I'm loving the idea of using vegetables as substitutes for the slices of the bread! All of these lunches look amazing, though!

  19. These are great! I will be making some for my son’s lunch!
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  20. Love these lunch ideas. So creative and simple and that kids would love.
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  21. I need to make some of those cucumber sandwiches for me! those look really good!
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  22. kathy downey says

    I really love those roll ups with peanut butter,he will love those,thanks

  23. Great!! New lunch ideas!! Which is great as I always find my brain empty for cool new ideas come september!!


  24. I am always looking for new ideas, my kids love everything in a wrap.

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