5 Must Try Restaurants in Newport Kentucky

If you’re looking for a fun place to go and you live in Kentucky or the Cincinnati Area of Ohio, I would recommend visiting Newport On The Levee! It is just over the bridge from Cincinnati to Kentucky and right by the Ohio River! There is a ton of things to do at Newport On The Levee, there is dining, arcades/games, the movie theatre, and a lot more! Among everything that they have to do at Newport On The Levee, there is actually some really great food and restaurants that are a must try! I’m going to share with you a few different restaurants that I really recommend trying at Newport On The Levee!

1. Dewey’s Pizza: I am a huge fan of pizza, it’s probably something I could eat every single day! Deweys is a very unique pizza place because of the menu choices they have! Their menu is filled with your classic cheese and pepperoni pizzas, but also have a ton of speciality pizzas! Their specialty pizzas have very unique names or are named after celebrities, such as the Dr. Dre which is a pizza with Chicken, Bacon, Ranch, and Jalapenos on it! Or the Billy Goat which is packed full with Mushrooms, Goat Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Green Peppers, and Fresh Tomatoes. They allow you to do half and half pizzas and they can be completely different pizzas so it’s great if you have two people that like opposite tastes! Very high quality pizza at an affordable rate!

2. Dick’s Last Resort: Now this restaurant isn’t only found in Newport or the Newport area, it’s all over the country but it is a must try! If you don’t have one of these in your area or have never been here, let me tell you all about it! Dick’s Last Resort is basically a restaurant where the employees are paid to be rude to you. I know it sounds terrible but basically they spend the whole time making fun of you and as long as you aren’t too sensitive are able to take a joke, it really is a fun experience! The food is really great as well, their menu consists of Sandwichs and Burgers, things like that! Such a fun place to eat while on vacation and looking for a good time!
3. Brio Tuscan Grille: If you’re wanting a nice evening out for fine dining, I would highly recommend Brio! It is a Tuscan inspired Italian Menu. Pasta is probably one of my favorite dishes and you can get an amazing pasta dish at Brio! There isn’t much to stay about this restaurant other than the fact that the food is absolutely outstanding. But do keep in mind that as I stated before, it is fine dining, therefore it is a bit more on the expensive side of the spectrum.
4. Tom & Chee: If you’ve never heard of Tom & Chee, they are the restaurant that is famous for their Grilled Cheese Donut, that’s right…I said a Donut and Grilled Cheese mixed together! They started as a small food tent in Cincinnati and then took their business onto the ever popular TV Show “Shark Tank” where investor, Barbara Corcoran, took them in and helped build their business!  They have all sorts of soups, salads, and various types of grilled cheese sandwiches! This is an amazing meal for a cold or rainy day on the Levee!
5. Coldstone Creamery: Now I know this one isn’t really a restaurant, but it’s definitely a must try! Coldstone is filled with various flavors of ice cream and you can make your own unique creation every time because you can add whatever candy, toppings, and everything that you want and they mix it for you by hand right there in front of you! It is really amazing ice cream and you can get so many different combinations each time you go!
These are all really amazing places to indulge into something amazing to eat! If you find yourself hanging out at Newport on The Levee, definitely go out and try these delicious places!

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