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As a busy mom I am always on the go with the kids! Even though I always have my phone I am often not prepared when it comes to waiting for my children. I sit for hours waiting for them to finish play-dates, swimming classes, sporting events etc.  I usually just sit quietly and bored. If I am lucky I find WiFi and check social media or play a game or two. That is until I downloaded the Next Issue Canada app and had s huge catalog of magazines at my finger tips. Everything you can imagine and more: food and fashion, celebrity and entertainment, news and business, sports and fitness, travel and lifestyle. Best thing of all is WiFi is not needed once the magazines are on your phone. So you can read anywhere, anytime!

I realized recently I have not been reading as much as I use to. I am on the go a lot and it gets to be too much carrying books, magazines and other reading material with me. I always have my phone or laptop though and as anyone who has one know, you can do anything on your phone. A great plus to Next Issue is downloading the magazines is saving trees with less paper being used. The Cost is very reasonable too as the last time I flew I bought two magazines for almost $6 each. One month of Next Issue is cheaper and I have all the reading I could want and more. A total no brainer for me!

Use on up to 5 devices

One subscription, unlimited magazines available. With an entire library at your fingertips, including back issues of all your favourite titles, and access on up to five devices, there’s no end to what you’ll discover on Next Issue.

Easy download and reading

Download magazines when you’re online and read them anytime, anywhere. You can also set up automatic downloads so they’re always ready when you are. I downloaded mine manually as I like to pick and choose what I was downloading.

Unlimited access to over 100 of the world’s best magazines for as low as $9.99 per month

Once on Next Issue I chose the magazines I wanted to download. This was easy, there is a huge list. You can see by date published , name or last opened in case you saw one you liked previously.


The highlighted titles are ones I chose to add to my reading list. Once I found the titles I liked I was able to download any copy new or previously published I wanted. I even get emails telling me when a new publication of my faves is ready


Everything within the app is done with a tap or a swipe. To change pages you swipe to the side then up and down to read. Tap to enlarge or shrink the page.


The magazine even shows editorial credits and any advertising you would see in the printed version. You see everything you would on a paper copy.



The print on my screen was very clear and easy to read. The images were bright and clear as well. I really enjoyed reading my favourites issues off of my phone and tablet when I wanted. No need to remember to bring anything I would not normally have with me either.


Free trial offer

If you would like to try Next Issue Canada free for 60 days (no obligation) You can via my link here Next Issue Canada Free Trial  Be sure to use promo code 60Free to recieve this offer. Must be new customers and no credit card is needed for the trial.

I can not say enough good things about this great resource. I am now reading more and am no longer dreading waiting for others to finish up at appointments.

Have you downloaded Next Issue yet?

Next Issue Canada is on Twitter @NextIssueCanada  and Facebook. Make sure you connect with them there for the latest promotions and updates!

Disclosure-This post has been brought to you by Next Issue Canada. All opinions are honest and my own. 



  1. jason nail says

    Downloading magazines is where it's at. Everyone in my family is on board. Thanks.

  2. 1heart1family says

    I have never used an electronic device to read magazines. I don't normally read them, but I think it is the fact that I don't have them readily available when I need them (i.e. waiting in the car for the kids etc). This would be a great thing for me to look into!! Thanks!

  3. Maya Fitz says

    I've heard tons about Next Issue but I have to say that I haven't tried it yet. But I'm going to download it now. While I don't always find myself sitting around and waiting for my kids (they're more at the age where I'm down on the ground with them), there are plenty of opportunities where this would come in very handy. I love that there's such a large selection & that you can read the magazines (once downloaded) off-line. Thanks for the great review.

  4. I only read magazines when I'm on vacation. I don't know why, I love them! I need to nab this app.

  5. What a great way to read a magazine. I like this idea better than cluttering up my home with magazines.

  6. Not only is this a great way to read my favorite magazines, but I like the idea of being able to discover new ones!
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  7. I haven't downloaded it because I'm not big on reading magazines.. but now you have me wondering if I could get some of the photography magazines that I like on there… I need to look into that!
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  8. Thank you for the wonderful review, I am giving NextIssue a try FREE! Great trial offer. I find I am the same, missing out on my reading because I just don't get the time to run for a magasine. Love this idea!
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