Five Ways To Beat The Parenthood Blues

It’s not always easy being a parent. It can be stressful, but it is definitely worth it. Many parents find absolute joy in their children, but even the most joy inspiring child can cause parental stress.

Maybe you are stressed over your newborn keeping you up at night, or maybe your little one has medical bills that are stressing you out. Whether your stress is directly resulted from your child, or just a situation, you can do something about it.

Being stressed can make you cranky and irritable, and you don’t want that anger to reflect on your innocent little child. So, instead of letting stress control you, you take control of it with these stress beating tips.

Get A Night Out

Many parents, especially first time parents or parents with new babies, get stressed because they just don’t get that time away from the kids. You may even find you get stressed as your children get older. It’s a big life change, having children.

Not only is having a night together, whether you go out on a date or meet up with friends, a great way to relax, it can also help keep your marriage alive. Children are definitely important, but so is your marriage and your livelihood. Simply one night a week, or every other week, is enough to give you a little boost.

Have A Hobby

Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, or dad, it helps to have something to do on the side that doesn’t completely revolve around your children. It can be pretty much anything that you enjoy. Pick up sewing, knitting, or gardening.

You could also start writing or scrapbooking, which could somewhat revolve around your child, but gives you something more to do than house cleaning and diaper changing. Hobbies are a great way to relax and take your mind off things.

Do Fun Things With Your Child

Sometimes de-stressing as a parent isn’t about getting away from your children, but rather it’s about spending some better quality time with your kids. Find something fun you and your children can do together.

Yoga, which is a great way to beat stress, is also a great way to bond with babies that are too young to do other “hobbies” with you. Yoga, like other forms of exercise, is also a great way to help you get a better night of sleep.

If you have older kids, find fun games or hobbies that you can do with them. Get outside when the weather is nice and go on a scavenger hunt. There are many things parents and children can do together that not only help the bonding experience, but also help relieve stress.

Get A Better Night Of Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important keys to getting rid of stress. You may not realize it, but a lack of sleep can make you irritable, lower your immune system, and it can cause stress on your body. During sleep the human body takes time to heal itself, so without sleep the body is stressed.

Set up your room to be conducive to sleep by controlling light and temperature. If you have a small baby, work on getting them onto a sleep schedule that allows you a good restful night of sleep, or ask your significant other to take over on nightly baby needs every other night.

Try Some Alternative Therapies

You’ve already learned that yoga can give you a chance to bond with baby, and it is also a great alternative therapy for stress (and can help you drop that baby weight as well). There are other therapies that can help as well.

Find a freelance massage therapist and capitalize on a comforting and relaxing experience. Your body and mind will thank you for a regular massage – you’ll be surprised at how much a massage table and aromatherapy oils can make a difference to reduce your stress levels.

Kids can be stressful, but you don’t have to be frazzled and pull your hair out on a daily basis. Instead, take a few steps to help reduce the stress in your life, and make sure to take time to enjoy your children!



  1. These are really fabulous tips. Although my kids aren't really little, they are home for the summer, meaning they are often "bored" and mommy often gets a bit stressed. A night out sounds like a good plan, Kim! 🙂

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  2. Ashley Sanche says

    I can absolutely relate to this lol sometimes you feel so alone. This article was nice because it helped make me realize I’m not! Great advice 🙂

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