Food Fans, Do You Know What You Should Have In Your Fridge?

Foodies know that a well-stocked fridge is a path to happiness. What exactly should be in there, though? How do you balance your diet as well as your fridge? Does anything that isn’t food need to be in there? It’s a tough one to figure out on your own. So to help out we’ve put together a little fridge essentials guide. It includes a few dos and don’ts too, so pay attention.


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A balanced fridge needs some of this. If you’re not a big fan of vegetables, try only to stock it with favorites. If you start buying things you don’t like to eat them, I guarantee they’ll only end up thrown away. It’s important to try a lot of vegetables, though. To at least get a taste for them and see if you like them. Make an exception now and then and buy something you’ve never tried. You might just love it. A small salad with lunch and dinner can add a lot to a meal. It can be used as a palette cleanser, or a flavor enhancer if the main meal isn’t hitting the spot.

Air Purifier

An air purifying bag for the refrigerator can do a lot for your fridge. Sometimes fridges can get a little smelly. The odors from food can stick inside of it and mix into something quite unpleasant. In some cases, these smells can be an indication of breeding bacteria and might put your health at risk. An air purifying bag can help get rid of these odors and prevent the spread of bacteria. It can also help soak up excess moisture found in the fridge. Just to stop your food getting too soggy.


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If you’re a meat eater, keep a couple cuts in the fridge. If you’re a fan of sandwiches, some cold cooked meats could make a great filler. Even served alone with a few garnishing vegetables could turn those cold cuts into a nice little snack. Keep the uncooked meat for your main meal. That may be lunch or dinner depending on your perspective. You could keep a few uncooked seasoned chicken breasts marinating in the fridge. Stick them on the grill and you could have your own little indoor barbecue. If you want something a little heartier, how about a few steaks? You could serve it up with a large baked potato and a little touch of meat gravy.


Some people keep their condiments out of the fridge. These people are wrong. Cold condiments bring an extra dimension to the taste. They also thicken them up. Nobody wants to have thin, watery tomato ketchup. Just stick it in the fridge. Then when you break it out, you can have cool, tangy ketchup over warm and salted fries.


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How about a slice of pie for later? Just reheat it in the oven a little and it’s ready to go with a lump of ice cream. Word of warning, though, think twice about keeping a cake in the fridge. It can absorb the smell of your fridge and ruin the taste, and a whole lot more.


  1. Doris Calvert says

    All good suggestions which I try to do but sometimes it just doesn't happen, like marinating meat ahead of time! But it's nice to be organized.

  2. Good ideas! I do keep a box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb smells – but I would be interested in finding one of the air purifying bags… never heard of that!

  3. redlizzy1 says

    Some good tips. I have put cake in the fridge before and it did absorb some not so nice smells. Lesson learned. BTW, the picture of your pie looks amazing and has me drooling a little.

  4. amy lovell says

    Great tips, altho i never have meats in my fridge, def dont have time for marinating. I never figure out what to make till a hour or two before dinner

  5. Elva Robertsf says

    Thank you for your very interesting post. It gave me some ideas to think about. I think I buy some things hoping we will eat them but they are not eaten. Your tips should save waste and money. Thank you so much.

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