Fun summer games to play outside


Summer is just over a few weeks in and if your kids are like mine, they may be getting a bit bored. They also may be putting in way more screen time than you would like. Remember when we were kids and we spent all hours of every day in the summer outside? I wish I did not have to entertain them all the time but they seem to be lacking creativity right now.

I keep offering my kids things to do but they just are not interested. Starting next week I am going to try and get them to do something fun each week. Hopefully some of these they can just do themselves in the yard without me supervising too much.

Here are some Fun Summer games to play outside you can do with your kids or they can do themselves

Fun summer games to play outside

DIY Twister-Spray coloured circles on your grass or sidewalk with chalk like a Twister board. If you paint multiple grids you can play against others teams. Maybe parents against kids?


Wooden dominoes

Large hand painted blocks of wood can be made into Dominoes. These are fun for the yard, park, beach or a family picnic. Get the kids to paint them one day and then they can play with them over and over again


Sponge water bombs

All the fun of water balloons without the mess. Fill up a kiddie pool or a few buckets with water and colourful sponges. Then run! You will get wet so this is a great one to play on a hot day!


Lawn bowling

Fill 1 litre pop bottles with water or sand and set them up as pins. Use a soccer ball or other large ball to knock them down.

Ice block treasure hunt

This is a fun one for younger kids on a hot day. Freeze plastic toys in a large block of water. A big plastic tub is good for this. Make sure you can fit it in your freezer. Then give your child the tools needed to break the ice and release the toys.



Gardening and weeding

This is a great way to make your yard more beautiful and get rid of nasty weeds.

Make your own slip and slide

A larger garbage bag or industrial sheet of plastic with a hose running on it makes a fun slip and slide. Be sure to check for rocks and other debris before you take a slide.

Spending time outdoors is a lot of fun! Make sure you stay hydrated and use sunscreen though! Have fun!

Does your family have a fun outdoor game they enjoy? Please share below


  1. These are all great ideas. I think wooden dominoes sounds like a lot of fun!
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  2. These are super fun and creative! I would have never thought of DIY Twister!
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  3. Love this! It's been so hot here I've been looking for ways we can stay cool outside. I want to play with the water sponges.

  4. These are such fun ideas and sound different from the normal outdoor activity suggestions. What great ways to savor the end of summer!
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  5. Kelly Hutchinson says

    I just made sponge bombs last week and the kids have had a blast. These are great ideas to cool off!

  6. These are all such fun ideas. I really like the ice block treasure hunt. So cool!
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  7. These are fantastic ideas to include in a big party before back to school starts! My favorite has to be the dominoes!

  8. Amber Edwards says

    Oh my heart, that DIY Twister looks like so much fuN! I think my kids would absolutely love that one!

  9. I love all of these ideas! I just have to try setting some of these up for a backyard party.

  10. Oh I love how creative these all are. I could totally see us all back there playing any of them. Oh and the kids love their slip and slide. Play on it almost every day

  11. jenniferjuro says

    My kids would love the lawn bowling. They have been begging to play Twister as well we may have to try some of these.
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  12. Sponge Water Bombs sounds like a lot of fun. I love doing fun things that also make a mess!
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  13. Awesome ideas. love the wooden dominos…

  14. Those are awesome games! The DIY Twister looks like so much fun!
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  15. These are great games to play outside. We love to play lawn darts. It is a great way to get the kids active.

  16. Tammy Roy says

    I love playing games with the kids outside. Lawn bowling is one of our favorites. we like to set up a giant slip and slide when it is to hot.

  17. Danielle H says

    These all look like so much fun. I know my girls would love the sponge water bombs!

  18. These are awesome tips. My kids would love all the activities. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I really love the ice block treasure idea! I think I am going to make one for my kiddos!

  20. Great ideas! I especially love the homemade lawn Twister 🙂

  21. Daniel Buca says

    I think we'll try some "water" games in the weekend 🙂 Even if my daughter is not that young anymore (she's 15 now) I think she'll love it. My wife will need some convincing :)))
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  22. What a fum list of summer outdoor activities! My kids would have a blast with the sponge game.

  23. Those ideas are all new to me! Gotta save them to make our summer become memorable, exciting and playful. 🙂

    Justin @ Cloverleaf

  24. Thanks for sharing,I love the ice block treasure hunt

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