Give Every Room In Your House A Unique Style

Thinking about it, our home is a little haven for us from the rest of the world. When we come home from work, we want our house to be clean and tidy, waiting for us to settle down and relax in front of the TV. A house is our own little world inside a far bigger place and because of that, we want it to be a few things. We want it to be safe, stylish and comfortable. Let’s focus on those last two, style and comfort. How do we get our house to pass the test on these two factors?

We redesign, of course. Note, I said redesign, not renovate. A redesign means I am going to the nearest shop and building up a bill on my credit card with furniture and accessories. Renovate means I am off to book an appointment with a therapist because I am about to take on the stress of tearing down and rebuilding my home. See the difference? I don’t know about you, but I will always choose the former over the latter.

Kids Rooms

Let’s start with your kids rooms because they have probably got some ideas on how they want it to look. Always start with asking if a room needs repainting. If it does, ask your kids what colour they would like the room. If it is acceptable (not going to make the house hard to sell) let them have their first choice. If not, negotiate until you reach a colour that you are both happy with. A common problem is that an older child wants to paint their room black, and a parent negotiates to a dark colour that is aesthetically, still appealing.

After you have repainted, you can think about buying some new furniture for the room. A popular choice among boys is an elevated bed, but do think about whether or not this is safe or even practical. If you have low ceilings, then it may not fit, and if you have a young child, they might be at risk of falling off and hurting themselves. You can buy beds at a lower height that are a lot safer.

For a girls room, you should look into buying stylish pillows and perhaps even accessories that match. For instance, you can buy matching sets of curtains and bed sheets and in doing so create a bedroom that has a theme. This may be your little girl’s favorite princess or hero. You could think about adding some fairy lights around the curtain rod so that her room looks beautiful even from the outside.


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The Bathroom

The bathroom may be the most important room in the house for some people because it is where they start their morning routines. As with every other room, you want it to be comfortable but also relaxing. We suggest adding some scented candles and making your bathing more of an experience than a simple routine. You may also want to consider adding some flowers to make your bathroom look beautiful as well as smelling lovely.

You can opt for the most expensive choice of replacing fixtures in your bathroom such as the bath and sink. This will certainly make your bathroom look more stylish but may be costly. However, if you buy the one of the bathroom suite sets available online, you may find it is far more affordable. There are advantages to doing this because your bathroom will match, and it will save you a lot of hassle.  You could also consider redoing the floors and walls to match your new suite. For instance, if you have just bought a new bath with a black outer rim, consider laying down tiles to match and painting the walls cream. The contrasting shades will look beautiful and fashionable.

Although, what you may be looking for in your bathroom is an improved bathe. If that is the case, I suggest improving your shower by updating the pump and do away with that drizzle that greets you as you step inside in the morning. It is time for you to know what it feels like to bathe under a powerful water surge that feels as strong as a waterfall.

Your Bedroom

I said the bathroom is the most important aspect of your home, but perhaps for you, it is the bedroom. There is nothing more satisfying than getting a well earned good night’s rest.

Paint your room whatever colour you like, but do take into account that a lighter colour will make it harder to sleep and a darker colour will make it easier. You also want to think about buying some, thick, dark curtains, particularly if you have trouble sleeping.

A new bed will certainly make your bedroom more comfortable, and there are lots of different styles to choose from. I am not just talking about the type of frame, wooden or steel. This is an aesthetic choice. I refer specifically to comforts such as buying a memory foam mattress or even a smart bed that can record your night time activity. It then uses the information to recommend ways to gain a better night’s sleep. How perfect is that!

If you want an idea of how to make your bedroom unique you can try adding some star lights to the ceiling. You can find instruction on how to do this online, but the finished effect will make your ceiling look like a stunning night sky. The cost is reasonable at around six to seven hundred pounds.

The Living Room

The living room is the place in your house that is most at risk of getting cluttered and full of junk. The simple reason for this is that it is the room people will spend most of their time, and you will gather together as a family. For this reason, we recommend limiting the amount of furniture that you have in this place. You should only have as many seats as there are people living in the house. You can also consider fixing the television to the wall and buying some shelves to put your entertainment players on.

Also do not forget that different coloured walls have different effects. If you want your living room to look and feel bigger, then paint it a lighter colour. This will limit shadow in the room and make it look larger than it is. The negative to this is that it will deflect heat so if you want the room to be nice and cosy without a big central heating bill, I suggest choosing a darker colour.

You should also consider what you are using the living room for. For instance, if you are using your living room to watch movies on Friday nights, you may want to upgrade your television. The new models are slim and look stylish, fitting easily onto a wall mount. The picture quality is fantastic too, and the latest Ultra HD models have recently started to drop in price.

On the other hand, perhaps you and your family use your living room mostly for discussion and conversation. If this is the case, I suggest some stylish, modern tables that can go next to the furniture in your living room. This will add some character to the place and make it look more formal.

The Kitchen

Adding style to your kitchen is all about the tech. If you want your kitchen to look stylish and modern, it is probably going to cost a couple thousand pounds. I am still not talking about a complete renovation, but equipment for the kitchen is expensive. However, there is no denying the positive effects of a complete upgrade.

You could buy a smart fridge, freezer set with a stainless steel door. This will look fantastic in your kitchen, but that is not the best part. A smart fridge has WiFi capabilities and can connect to your tablet or mobile phone and make your shopping list for you. This is not an exaggeration. You can check on the supplies in your fridge while you out and write a shopping list to match.

Or, if you want to make a stylistic choice that will you reduce your energy bill, you could invest in a brand new heat induction hob. These look futuristic when they are switched on, save energy and are a lot safer than normal hobs. This is because heat induction hobs only heat the bottom of the pan. It makes them perfect for teaching your kids some culinary skills because they will be less likely to burn themselves.

As with any other room, improving a kitchen may be all to do with saving space, and I have got the answer for that too. New ovens that can be bought in a set with your hob and matching microwave have doors that disappear when opened.  Although it looks like a magic trick, the door slides into a compartment underneath.

We are sure you have enjoyed finding out about these improvements and enjoy using these suggestions to add a little style and flair to your house. Happy home improvement!



  1. These are such great tips and suggestions…..and I absolutely love the color you've shown above. Beauty!

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