Minions, Minions and more Minions! Craft & Recipe round-up

With the much anticipated release of the Minions movie later this week, all my youngest can talk about is the fun loving little yellow guys. She will stop whatever she is doing and watch the trailer every time it comes on TV. When we go to the store her eyes go straight to the products with the Minion promotions and she has a little giggle. These fun loving characters crack everyone up! If you have not seen them yet then you are missing out. And maybe living under a rock?

We saw both Despicable Me movies at the drive in and hope to see this Minions movie there as well! Since my little one loves Minions I assume many of you have children who are excited about the movie too! I have put together a fun round up of recipes and crafts from my fellow bloggers to get everyone involved in the fun. Check it out below


Minion Cake


Another minion cake with a few changes

Minion Party Mix 


Snack mix


Minion shaped rice krispies 

Minion marshmallows on a stick


Kinder Egg Minions


Party decor ideas

Easy-DIY-Minion-Party-Ideas DIY Minion costume


Minions Party ideas


More party ideas

Minion nail art


Minion Pinata

Minion pencil jars

Minion slime 

Minion tire planter



I can not wait to take little one to see the Minions movie! I know it will be so much fun. Will you be going to see it?


  1. Mir Cheung says

    Oh my, the minion craze is really strong!! all my coworkers are all over it.. and especially those mcdonald toys.. the hunt is on!

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