5 Tricks to Stop Summer Sabotaging the Beautiful You!

Who doesn’t wish to have a life full of happiness? We all do right! Infact, we try really hard to achieve the same, and then there is always an obstacle so dreaded that we tend to give up even before reaching half way. We end up fighting with ourselves, especially looking at glossy magazine covers and photoshopped models, who look perfect. And on most days we tend to feel it is a gloomy day, because we just don’t feel diva’ish or glamorous enough.

What are we talking about?

We are talking about the way we’ve sabotaged our bodies all through the summer months, and only when Fall and Winters arrive- when the party invites come through, and when we see the haute couture we plan to wear doesn’t fit, our confidence takes a nosedive. We end up depressed and sad, with plenty of excuses to counter for the emotional eating – sometimes unhealthy. Excuses galore, can we just put an end to that? And here are five ways to escape the summer sabotage!

Eat healthy

Summer months surely are cruel to say the least, but take pity on your health and your stomach especially. Stop feeding it too much of oily, salty and sugary junk- go natural and raw for sometime. With plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrition galore found in salads, antioxidants and the choicest of natural enzymes in leafy greens to fruits of all colours, shapes and sizes, your stomach would be happy and your weight would be in check as well.

Small portions at all times

Ditch the three meals plans and stick to six small portions per day, should you want to eat regular food. Speak to a nutritionist for the right amalgamation of protein, carbs and calories, along with a proper workout plan this summer to follow. Ditch those salad dressings for good, and even when eating a salad with dressing, sticking to the smallest portion would be the best thing to do.

Boozy woozy

A drink or two, a pint of beer or a chilled glass of red or white wine, who wouldn’t want to have a sip of the bubbly! This happens when daylight is on and in full-swing, and the large-pant sized glasses are out, especially when happy hour flow. We cannot say more, but to stop and cut down if possible on that extra glass or two.  There you have it – commit yourself to a 30-minute workout plan on daily basis and get truck-load of motivation for it by getting some lucrative discounts on dynamic fitness clothing!

BBQ pickings

Summer months and the backyard parties boast of BBQ times. It is not only the hotdog and the ribs that attract the nose and the taste buds the most, but the smell of oily and greasy delicacies too. From pies to burgers, pastas to corndogs and the pints of beer overflowing, with added cheese on fresh potato and pea salads, what are we doing to our bodies? Throw in plenty of veggies- raw and with a dash of spices and lime. They help cut down the fat in the liver and the body for sure. Fruit bowls should be offered too, instead of creamy desserts with empty calories!

Will power at events and functions

Weddings, events and occasions are abundantly thrown when the summer months hit. And since the season of weddings knocks every town during the summers, you would be invited to one as well. Moot point here, who doesn’t love wedding food? We all do! But again, moderation is the key, since most weddings and events serve delicacies very high in calories. The hors d’oeuvres on the table should be passed off, and healthy steamed or fresh bowls of fruits and veggies should be opted for. And yes, meet and greet more, dance more at the events, and your mind would be off food too!

We hope these five tips and tricks come in handy in beating the summer sabotage! Take good care of your bodies, not only in the summer months, but all through the year.



  1. These are such great tips. There is such a wonderful abundance of fresh fruits and veggies in the summer, but those barbecues and special events are so tempting!

  2. mommakoala says

    I find it's easier to maintain my weight during the summer months. The fresh fruits and veggies are appealing, and I am more active.

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