I would be just as lost as my teens if they did not have a phone! Seriously, the comfort of being able to reach them when needed is a big relief. Having access to the online world helps them stay connected with friends and keep up to date on their surroundings. It is also great for school as many teachers communicate through email these days.

My youngest teen son accidentally dropped his phone and was devastated. Luckily for him I received an ALCATEL ONETOUCH Idol 3 just a few weeks later to review. Timing was perfect!



ALCATEL ONETOUCH recently announced Canadian availability of the award-winning IDOL 3 at Bell, TELUS and Videotron on June 30.  The smartphone is the first in North America to include the innovative security feature Eye-D – a biometric technology that uses eye print verification for secure authentication to unlock a user’s device with a simple selfie. It also features a fully reversible interface .

The IDOL 3 also challenges the convention of an affordable flagship smartphone by partnering with top brands like Qualcomm, JBL and Technicolor to deliver a best-in-class experience at a price that’s considerably less than other flagship smartphones.


IDOL 3’s premium symmetrical design is the perfect expression of its unique user experience. It’s 100% reversible: use it either way up and the user interface rotates to match even to make or receive a call. The result is a faster and more intuitive experience with no need to think about how you are holding your phone.

The large screen on this Android device allows for great detail when taking pictures. Compared tot eh previous model my son says the quality is better as is the large screen. He much prefers this one and says the phone can be flipped around and viewed with ease. The speakers are quite loud for a mobile device. Since we have not yet activated it on a plan, he has been using the WiFi only. He noticed that it finds WiFi networks quickly when we are out and connected without having to add in additional info (to open networks)

The thin design allows this phone to be easily taken anywhere you may go and more.

You can get this phone for $0 on a plan or buy it out right at $360 through Telus or Bell

Feature highlights:

  • 13 megapixel camera, with an 8 megapixel wide-angle front facing camera that allows you to capture the perfect moment
  • Dual front-facing stereo speakers with JBL audio technology for superior sound quality
  • 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display provides vivid colours even in direct sunlight
  • Watch over 40 live and on demand channels with Bell Mobile TV
  • Access Canada’s largest LTE network

If you are looking for an affordable phone for yourself or your teens, this one is worth checking out. It has everything my son needs and more. At this time I am not sure if I am putting him on a plan or doing pay as you go. But having the option for both is awesome too 🙂

See more about this phone here


Disclosure- I received the above mentioned product through a PR firm I work with. NO other compensation was received. All opinions are honest and my own as usual. 



  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    That sounds like a sweet phone. My oldest has been asking for a phone lately, so this might be a good option for him.

  2. Toughcookiemommy says

    This looks like a great phone for teens going back to school. It's important to have a way of communicating with them when they are going back and forth to school.
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  3. thelesleyshow says

    Sounds like an excellent phone. I am going to need a new one soon. That camera sounds awesome.

  4. Drew *just* got a new phone last week, wish I'd seen this earlier!

  5. What a fantastic sounding phone – I really want to upgrade mine sometime soon! x
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  6. What an awesome phone. I love the features and the wide screen.

  7. How neat. This looks like a great phone. I am looking into new phones.
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  8. Catherine S says

    This sounds like a great phone. I need to look into a new phone for my husband.

  9. What a cool new phone. It has some great features and I'm glad they're making it so affordable.

  10. aimee fauci says

    I just ..finally… got my phone replaced! This phone sounds great though.

  11. I've been debating a phone for my high school student, thx for the review!
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  12. I never heard of this but it sounds like a great option. Will definitely be checking it out.
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  13. I haven’t heard of this before. Sounds like a great option. My oldest has an iPhone 5s but when he needs an upgrade thisncouls be great!

  14. mrsmafoodie says

    Having a phone for a teen is important and this one looks like a great choice. I mean that camera alone is worth the deal! 13 megapixels! Awesome! My daughter is almost a teen, so we'll definitely be checking this baby out.

  15. That looks like a great phone. I like how small and thin it is. Sounds like it has all the bells and whistles!

  16. That phone has great megapixels for the camera! Sounds like a great phone alternative 🙂
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  17. The IDOL 3 looks like a fantastic phone. I will have to go check it out. I need a new phone.

  18. The second phone I had was an Alcatel. It was nice and durable. I think this one-touch Idol 3 model is a good choice for teenagers. Plus the fact that it is being offered at $0 when you avail of a postpaid plan. Great!

  19. that sounds like a really great phone. I love the convenience of getting in touch with my kids.
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  20. Perfect timing, my son just broke his phone – he works at an amusement park and it ended up going in the pool for the boats! I will show him this one to see if it will work for him as a replacement.

  21. Paula Schuck says

    This phone has a ton of great features. I will have to check it out for my Son.

  22. Great for folks in Canada to be able to easily access the largest network. I think it sounds great too.

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