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Since the kids have been home all summer our brains have gone a bit fuzzy! Not having a routine daily and lazing around all contribute to this. I don’t mind as it is a time for rest and relaxation. But I know it is going to take some big adjustments to get back into “school mode” around here. To help get my children back into the practice of using their minds, I have ordered a few books from DK Canada to read with them.

Whether you are looking for answers to questions about science or math or simply looking to discover more about the animal kingdom or the natural world DK has you covered with a full range of reference books. Fully illustrated and expertly researched each of these titles ensures that kids (and adults) will have something fun to share when there’s homework to be done!


We are checking out the following books for Back to School

Smithsonian Space
Great for any child who loves to learn about space and the journey to get there.
Smithsonian Geography
Children love to learn about the world we live in. The different countries and communities as well as cultures. This book is great for them.
Children’s world atlas
This revised edition of DK’s groundbreaking 2003 atlas has been refreshed with beautiful, bright, new maps, a topical introductory section, and an interactive CD.Facts, maps, satellite images, and local stories make this book a global yet personal experience taking the reader on the ultimate round the world journey from Bolivia’s bustling markets to carnival time in Venice.

First french picture dictionary 
This is great for my youngest who is learning French at school.
Amazing visual math 
Covering the essential math concepts learned in the first years of school, Amazing Visual Math brings a whole new dimension to learning.Amazing Visual Math is an interactive hands-on experience that makes math fun. Key curriculum subjects including shapes, patterns, telling time, lines of symmetry, addition, subtraction, measurement and more are explained through over 50 interactive elements throughout the book including pop-ups,

All the subjects my children need to brush up on  in these high quality books with big, colourful and clear images. Filled with so much info the kids are enjoying reading them as I type. DK Canada no longer sells the books directly but you can still get them online and at a store near you. Scroll to the bottom of their site for the retailer of your choice. I have seen them in store at Winners and Walmart before.
Once school starts back up again these books will help with home works as well as projects my kids will be working on. It is nice that they can look through a book to get the info they want/need and not have to find it all online. I miss researching books for answers some days!
You can find these books and more for back to school at the DK Canada Back to school boutique  I bet you will find something there for your family!
I received the above mentioned products free of charge in exchange for my coverage here. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Ashley Sanche says

    Great info! Thank you 🙂 my girls love to read – I’m very lucky with that one. Will definitely be checking out some of these books!!

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