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My children have always been great when it comes to expressing themselves! We encourage it and allow them to be themselves through music, art and sports. At a very young age it was obvious that music was an important part of each of their lives in some way. Music is freeing and lets the creativity flow. I love watching my kids act silly, be free and sing and dance like nobody is watching!

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Whether your little one is a musical prodigy or simply enjoys singing along with the radio, music has many benefits for children.  From reducing stress, to encouraging us to stay active, to working a new area of our brains, music is a great addition to any child’s life.  Below you will find a few tips on how you can encourage your little one to express themselves through music.

Don’t Follow Directions.

You read that right! Many parents encourage their little ones in music through structured music lessons. But for many kids, music lessons can be stressful and monotonous. While following directions and reading music is important for any musician, finding your own beat is just as vital.  Encourage your daughter to break the rules once in a while by singing or playing a musical instrument however she pleases. This will give her the opportunity to fully express herself and have fun while doing it!

Try Making Music Together.

Music is a fun way to empower and express yourself. Making music with your little ones allows you to communicate with each other in a way that words cannot. Music will unlock your feelings, creativity and open the lines of communication. Initiate this with a fun music video singalong in your living room or having a fun family jam session. You never know, you may find that you’re a better singer than you thought!

Bust a Move.

It’s challenging to listen to music without moving to the rhythm! To help get your little ones moving and expressing themselves, try playing a variety of musical styles to inspire them. Dance along with them and encourage them to try new things too. You’ll be surprised where it takes you!

Remember that no matter how your little ones chooses to express themselves through music, we all approach music and the arts from a place of creative self-expression that should be encouraged. When we reinforce that there’s no right way, we can all have fun!


Contest alert!

You could win a trip for 4 to Hollywood for a once in a lifetime Barbie™ in Rock ʻN Royals experience! Get the Royal treatment with airfare, transportation, hotel for 2 nights and $500 of spending money as a Barbie™ VIP! Walk the ‘Pink Carpet’, showing off your style on the way to some pre-concert fun with a special guest appearance! Are you ready to rock?


Giveaway time

One lucky Canadian reader is going to win a fun Barbie Rock n’ Royals themed prize pack valued at $60 This giveaway is open to all of Canada, excluding Quebec.

Disclosure- Even though this post will be compensated. All opinions are my own


  1. lyndac1968 says

    Music plays a big role in the childs life right from day one, even when they are still in the womb, music calms you, makes you happy or sad, brings back memories or makes new ones, and can be full out busting a move or just toe tapping greatness! I find my kids and now my grandkids are more calm and happy when we have the music going

  2. Music gives our girls the confidence to sing and dance 🙂

  3. My kids love to have dance parties in the living room and goof off to the music!

  4. My little music fan would love this!

  5. hmrcarlson says

    My kids love music. I found that learning music growing up was an instrumental(ha ha) tool in learning rhythm, memorization and syncopy. My kids love dancing around to music.

  6. Lisa Neutel says

    my kids love music it makes them feel happy and free

  7. Music gives my kids confidence to have fun, express themselves with out reservations and not worry about those around them & what they think 🙂

  8. My two littles, love to sing and dance and put on shows for us!

  9. Judy Cowan says

    Music seems to give my nieces/nephews the confidence to have fun and get over their shyness. They get caught up in the music and are just themselves.

  10. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    My kids are all adults now. My grandchildren love singing (some sound better than others!) and dancing around to music

  11. Stephanie LaPlante says

    My little cousins love to dance.

  12. Thanks for the contest and opportunity. My daughter loves Barbie and she enjoys the story line of the movies and she enjoys the fashion. She also loves to hear the songs of any show and sing along and I often catch her singing songs when she plays with the related toys.Children are amazing!

  13. Elaine Buonsante says

    My two year old granddaughter loves to dance like her mum, doing all the hula moves, when her requested songs are played.

  14. dorcontest says

    Music is very important to my children. It allows them to take a break from the world and just relax. It also allows to them feel and express themselves through writing their songs and putting music to it.

  15. Jacqueline says

    My granddaughter would love this.

  16. my oldest daughter loves music! she tries to sing along and dances to the songs. even my youngest sways herself back and forth 🙂

  17. my niece loves music, she loves to dance and sing, and she even makes up her own songs too

  18. My girls love music, because they get to choose what they like and sing and dance.

  19. Amanda Neilson says

    My daughter tells me that she wants to be a rock star when she grows up. She LIVES for music!

  20. Dayna Wilson says

    My kids love music. They both are very creative, very strange kids, and they love to dance and sing. It gives them a moment to have the spotlight on them, which I think they're bigf ans of.

  21. The Flying Couponer says

    My kids would totally go crazy over this Barbie prize pack! We also encourage them to express themselves through music.

  22. music has given my daughter more confidence not only at home but in school, she even joined the singing club at school last year.

  23. Florence C says

    My granddaughter loves to go to her room, listen to music, sing along and dance.

  24. Holly MacRitchie says

    My children express their feeling by making up song lyrics about their mood

  25. Darrah Bailey says

    Wow, How FUN!

  26. My kids LOVE Barbie movies. We get them every time they come out on DVD. My daughter will be so happy to hear there's a new one coming out!
    My recent post Capture all the Fun with the Vtech Kidizoom ActionCam

  27. music helps kids let go of their inhibitions and relax!

  28. mamabear6910 says

    We always have music playing of all different genres, when my daughter hears music, she just gets up and dances.
    My recent post DIY Crafty Birthday Party

  29. my daughter loves singing and dancing to music

  30. My son likes to write songs about his feelings.

  31. Ashley Sanche says

    It allows them to express themselves by getting them up singing and dancing. Being silly and carefree!

  32. Carole Dube says

    My children love to express them self by singing along.

  33. Carol Denny says

    The kids love all kinds of music

  34. Ashley Sanche says

    I don’t know if anyone else if having issues… but I am having ALOT of trouble submitting my entries! I get an error message that says “Giveaway tools is taking too long to respond. Please refresh your page and try again. If the problem persists email ” I have emailed them but the problem is still persisting. Is anyone else having troubles?? I’m so disappointed because my girls would LOVE this if I won!

  35. Music helps my kid to express themselves by helping them tune out the world while they write or draw.

  36. Angela Mitchell says

    My daughter loves to dance and it helps have fun, relax and get exercise.

  37. Victoria Ess says

    My niece LOVES dancing and singing!

  38. Music gets the kids dancing (or groaning, depending on the song). It can help kids express emotions that they might not otherwise be able to convey.

  39. prairiebelle says

    It allows them to be free and have some fun

  40. kathy downey says

    my grandkids love to be creative and make up their own songs and dance moves.We call call rainy days dance days in our house when there is no school

  41. My kids love music – they spend most of every evening playing instruments, dancing and singing – it has taught them to be imaginative and creative.

  42. Music allows me kids to just have fun and dance and be silly.

  43. theresa black says

    My kids and I love to dance. We always put music on when its time to clean up or just to have some fun.

  44. Music allows my little granddaughter to express her feelings!

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