Create The Perfect Home Office With These 5 Easy Steps

If you haven’t planned for your home office space, it’s time to get out of those pajamas and stop working from your bed or kitchen table (you’ll thank us later!).

A designated home office space helps train your brain to know when it’s time to work and be productive. Not to mention, you’ll have all the amenities you need nearby to work comfortably and efficient. Use these tips to create your perfect home office.

Plan For Privacy

Your home office should be in a room or corner of your home where you have complete privacy and quiet. Use a spare bedroom or office with a door to limit distractions. If you all you have available is a corner area in a larger room, use room dividers to improve privacy. Another great option is to turn a large closet into a workspace. Some people will even makeover their garage to create the space they need for that perfect office.

Add Personal Touches

Keep your office simple and clutter-free to reduce distractions and improve your productivity. Also include personal touches to make the space inviting and all your own. Use green plants, art (especially landscape art), functional décor, and pictures of your family or friends—all of these decorative ideas have been shown to help increase productivity, improve concentration, and improve your mood during the day. Additionally, adding personal touches to your space can help encourage your creativity.

Organize For Proper Storage

Plan for storage with low cabinets, book shelves, bins, drawers, or wall shelves. Give paper files a proper place to hide in file drawers and put office supplies in bins or drawers so your desk can be clean and clear. Get creative and use decorative designs to enhance your storage options.

Select A Comfortable Chair

A home office isn’t complete without a comfortable desk chair. Whether your spend two or eight hours a day in your home office, you deserve a comfortable way to sit. Choose an ergonomic chair —such as these Ekornes Stressless office chairs—for optimal comfort and support for your back.

Utilize Technology

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can skimp on technology. Depending on what you use your home office for, you may need to upgrade the services and tools you have at home. If you do a lot of graphical work, work on websites or even heavy data work (such as with Excel) using multiple displays/monitors when using applications can help improve speed to get work done. There is a bit of a caveat here: don’t let additional technology create more distractions or “work ADD”—be aware of too many programs and tabs being open at a given time. In addition to hardware, you really need to invest in high-speed internet and if you do sales or client calls get a separate business phone line. Save yourself time by using the best technology you can afford.

Your home office should be a comfortable, inviting space that encourages you to complete your work and improve your creativity. Don’t rest until you’ve made it just right.


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