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I am the first to admit that my kid’s lunches get boring after a few weeks of school starting back. There are so many restrictions with their school and allergies, we need to be careful what we send with them. No nuts of any type, no spillable dairy (milk, yogurt, pudding, powdered cheese) and in the past, no citrus but I think that is different this year. Add in the fact that my children are super picky and the healthy options are very limited. The creative options are sometimes even more so limited as routine is good, but gets boring. I have been guilty of getting busy and buying everything prepackaged and ready to go for them. These lunches are quick and easy, and it was nutfree but not always the best option.

This year I am hoping to put more thought into lunches, especially for my youngest. As the teens often just buy something or pack their own. If I plan ahead it should be simple enough tot do.  Maybe since she is not as picky it will be easier and more fun! I have put together a fun and yummy kids aproved list of lunch snacks I know she can take to school.

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Mini Babybel cheese
  • Celery sticks
  • Muffins
  • cereal no milk
  • dried fruit
  • pretzels
  • wraps
  • jello cups
  • Gold fish crackers
  • popcorn
  • frozen juice boxes (thaw by lunch and keeps food cool)
  • breadless sandwiches


One of my children’s biggest complaints has always been their sandwiches being too soggy or too dry. This year I am excited to try some options without the bread. This yummy cucumber ham and cheese sandwich has already become a huge hit in my home. As always I headed to Walmart to pick up what I needed. The nice thing about Walmart stores is they are all laid out pretty much the same. I walked in and there was the produce at the front door.


I grabbed the English cucumbers as their skin is nice to eat and they are super fresh this time of year. You can not beat the price either!


I grabbed some meat from the deli, and the rest of my items I needed. Headed home and started playing around allowing the kids to be taste-testers. I was going for something fresh, seasonal and yummy. I also wanted to add a little colour in for additional fun. These yummy cucumber sandwiches can be placed in a resealable container and packed with an ice pack. Because the cream cheese is not runny it is not considered “spillable” and my daughter’s school will allow it. Small plums, carrots sticks and other fruits are a great way to add colour and nutrition to a lunch box.


Ham and cheese cucumber sandwiches

What you need

English cucumber washed

Cream cheese

Sliced deli meat (I chose ham)


Wash and slice your cucumber. You can slice in disks or long rectangles. Spread cream cheese on the inside. Place slice of meat. Top with slice of cucumber


You can mix up the cream cheese you use and try different varieties. You can also change up the meat. The cream cheese keeps everything firm in place. My kids loved these and look forward to having them in their school lunches.

So score one for mom!

Other options for breadless lunches are using wraps in place of traditional bread. I find these too to be a hit with my little ones.

So keep me inspired, how do you keep lunches fun and fresh throughout the school year? Leave me a comment below letting me know. My children will thank you!



  1. Great ideas! My kids are not in school, but all three go to daycare, and packing lunches that they'll actually eat is a NIGHTMARE. Thanks for the suggestions!
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  2. zephyrhill says

    Sandwiches without bread – great idea for something new! Love the way you put all the food together.

  3. My youngest daughter loves cucumbers! What a fun idea for her lunch.
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  4. I just recently found out how awesome cucumber is as a 'bread' alternative! I've tried it with tuna and it's AMAZING! Saving this for when my little goes back to school!

  5. I love the idea of doing breadless sandwiches! Cucumbers are usually a big hit in our household, so I'll be giving this a try.
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  6. kathy downey says

    Thanks for the awesome suggestions!

  7. If your kids are well-rested, they’ll be happier, more active, and less likely to overeat. Getting back into the swing of things will also be a lot easier if they’re not exhausted and grumpy.

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