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If you are like me, you have a lot of items in your home you could live without. Recently I went through all of our stuff and did a major purge. I made four piles and marked them as “Keep” “Donate” “Toss” and “sell” . Over the years we all accumulate items and they are not always that easy to part with, but there comes a time when we just need to. These items take up space we can use for other things and if we sell them, we could use that money for something useful. Something we will actually use!

Having four kids we are often gifted items they already have, clothes, toys, furnishings and other items. When the kids were babies I found they grew out of most of their clothes before they even had a chance to wear them. Products that no longer fit in your life do not need to take up room in your home. Sell them and get some extra cash. I have tried yard sales before and found the weather never agreed with me. I have tried some online classified sites and worried about who was going to knock at the door. We all have seen scary situations on the news. As busy people we need something safe, easy and secure to sell our belongings to.


Introducing VarageSale

VarageSale is an online marketplace where you can buy, sell and connect with your local community. Founded in 2012, VarageSale has communities in 42 states across the US, Canada and around the world. They  have millions of users and billions of items viewed per month. VarageSale is FREE to use and available online at The mobile app is available on iOS, Android and Kindle devices.

They recently launched 20+ communities across Ontario including Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge.

Sell Items on VS

Why join VarageSale?

  • buy items you love at a fraction of the retail price
  • make money decluttering their home and selling unused items
  • feel safe buying and selling with people in their neighborhood
  • have fun connecting with people in your community


Join a local community to buy and sell. A local admin moderates the community to help build a safe and non-threatening environment. Admins review the user requests to join to ensure they are real people and local.

Post your items to the feed. It’s quick and easy from the website, but even easier on our mobile app. Post anything from clothing, baby items, shoes, accessories, home decor and more.

Browse the feed to see what people are selling nearby. Comment on an item to ask questions or express your interest to buy.



Send a private message to a user to confirm transaction details, such as final price, pick up time and location.

View a buyer or seller’s profile before deciding to meet at their home or in a public space to complete the transaction.



After a good transaction, leave praises on member profiles so others know they are a pleasure shop with.



With the speed my kids have grown, we have lots of sporting goods and clothes in perfect condition to sell. I have joined my VarageSale community and am excited to be making my first purchase now. I look forward to getting some of my stuff sold soon as well.

Join now and save big

A special offer for my readers in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge– Anyone who joins VarageSale, posts one item or more for sale, and includes my hashtag #ginger in their item description, will be credited $20.  This offer is on for a limited time so hurry before it is over.

Now go to your shed, basement, attic or the back of your closet and see what you have to sell. I bet you will find something you can live without. Happy selling!

Have you joined VarageSale yet? Tell me about your experience below.

Be sure to connect with VaraeSale online for up to date information and promotions




Disclosure- I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. All opinions are honest and my own. 



  1. julielaura1 says

    I have been listing things for the last week, it has only just started in my area so it is still a bit slow, but I find the site very easy to use!

  2. oldermommystill says

    LOVE this idea! Setting up a "traditional" yard sale is such a big task. Unfortunately, there isn't a community in our area just yet, but hopefully there will be very soon!
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  3. I just sold over $200 this past weekend using the Varage Sale app! I still have lots to be sold but happy with the quick setup it was to upload and post. So simple!

  4. I'm really impressed with Varagesale, especially the "Praises" part. I have been run over a few times on Buy and Sells and I wish there was a rating system there.
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  5. I like the idea of this app! It looks like something WAY better than anything else out there. I like how it is displayed on the screen and prices are right there for you to see!

  6. I wish I would have had this app a few weeks ago when we were moving. Looks like such a great way to get a little cash out of old stuff!

  7. What a great idea. My brother just moved in, so all the junk in our spare room has to go somewhere. Thanks for this…

  8. I actually just signed up for Varage and have gotten a few things together to sell. I love how easy this is to use.

  9. I love using Varagesale. It is a great way to sell the things you ae not using anymore. I like looking threw the different categories and finding great deals.

  10. We totally need to sell some things out of storage. There is some good stuff in there that we just don't use.

  11. Masshole Mommy says

    This is so neat! I have been wanting to sell some of my old things.
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  12. This sounds like an awesome app! I will have to check it out!
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  13. It's great when websites help you make money from your old stuff that you don't have room for anyway!

  14. This is neat. I should do this and get rid of some of my stuff that's piling up.

  15. jenniferjuro says

    I need to check this out!! We have been working on clearing things out this would be a great way to earn some extra money!
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  16. I have to get this app. I have some stuff that are just collecting dust in our storage room.
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  17. I so need to do this. I have a box full of kids items to sell but I was not successful selling them at our yard sale a few months back.

  18. I will definitely sign up for this, we have so much to sell! I am sure if I get some thing together I could make a pretty penny!

  19. I really need to check this out! Some of the local Buy, Sell, Trade groups can be sketchy at times so this may be a better option. Thanks for the $20 credit with the hashtag!
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  20. Boo, I checked and there was no community near me. I love the idea of this.

  21. mommakoala says

    I'm in the same boat. I need to get rid of stuff. I don't use it any more, but I know it's good for someone else.

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