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The task of keeping our children healthy is not always an easy one. I am the first person to admit my kids are picky and most likely not eating everything they should be. I have spoken to our family Dr about this and he assured me they are healthy. He also suggested that if I am worried I can give them vitamins daily to make up for anything they may not be eating on a regular basis.

Over the years we have tried many different vitamins and my children prefer the gummies best. They are chewy and soft and full of flavour.

It’s almost time for the kids to go back to school, so what better time to think about helping them stay healthy?

Treehouse Gummies, from a Canadian company called Webber Naturals, have been helping families for years.   Their full line of natural supplements in the shapes of popular Treehouse TV characters Franklin and Friends  and Max and Ruby are loved by kids because, in addition to looking like the popular TV characters, they taste great!


Treehouse Gummies are trusted by mom’s because of the products they DON’T contain. The formulas used were developed specifically with kids in mind, so you can give them to your little ones with confidence.

  • No artificial colours
  • No wheat
  • No aspartame
  • No preservatives


You can check out the entire product line of Treehouse vitamins and their benefits here

If you have thought about giving your children vitamins, now is the time to start. With back to school beginning it is a good time to add to your daily routine. My children always have theirs first thing when they wake up after they brush their teeth.


giveaway time


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I received the above mentioned product free of charge as a thank you for my participation in this campaign. All opinions are my own 


  1. They do. I found that without an added omega one of my kids becomes extremely disruptive in class.
    My recent post The Long and Winding Road

  2. My niece does take her vitamins daily

  3. Angela Mitchell says

    My daughter takes vitamins daily. I like to think that they can help if we are missing something in her diet.

  4. not yet – soon. thanks

  5. They do not at the moment but I think we should start as they could use them.

  6. My grandkids do – anything that keeps them healthy.

  7. Florence C says

    My grandchildren take them daily. With the gummy vitamins they don't forget to take them. We like to add the omega to the diet as they don't eat a lot of fish.

  8. My kids take vitamins to get an extra boost of needed vitamins

  9. Carole Dube says

    My grandkids do – to make sure she gets all the vitamin she needs

  10. No, I'm the only one in the household who takes vitamins now.

  11. no,my son do not take vitamins at the moment,,maybe he should though,,he seems to like to live off of bread and cereal.

  12. My boys both take vitamins because I air on the positive side that they do help

  13. My daughter usually takes vitamins to make sure she gets everything she needs.

  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    My grandchildren take vitamins to ensure that they have all the nutrients that they need to be healthy.

  15. hmrcarlson says

    My kids take calcium and vitamin D because they don't get a lot of sun.

  16. Ashley Sanche says

    Every morning! I want to make sure they get everything they need and more!

  17. Brenda Penton says

    My kids take vitamins daily to ensure they are getting all the essential vitamins they may miss in their diet

  18. Irene Eichler says

    yes the do …. the don't always eat perfectly so a vitamin is just a little added insurance that they get what they need !

  19. nicolthepickle says

    They do, although I started giving them to them in the winter just in case they weren't getting enough fresh healthy fruit.

  20. Stephanie LaPlante says

    We all do because it builds your immune system.

  21. yes they do since they love the gummy ones so much it is easy!

  22. Judy Cowan says

    My niece does take her vitamins daily, she tells me they help to keep her "not sick".

  23. andrea amy says

    My son likes vitamins, but will only eat gummy ones. He's a picky eater, so vitamins are important.

  24. mommakoala says

    I know my daughter eats well, but she still needs that extra vitamin boost for her immune system

  25. Stacy Scott says

    I do give my children a vitamin everyday, due to their lack of eating habits. This makes me feel the children are getting everything they need and more

  26. danielle nantau says

    Of course she takes her vitamins, they keep her healthy and strong! They're so pricey though, ugh

  27. my grand kids take them everyday

  28. Yes, they take vitamins to stay healthy.

  29. My kids take fish oil pills for concentrating better in school and for the other health benefits also.

  30. My grandchildren take vitamins because they are picky eaters and do not always get all the nutrition they need from foods.

  31. OMG, my nephew only one takes vitamin. I am broke. Wow, prize coupon is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me!

  32. Josie Tusa says

    They do, so they can hopefully supplement anything they aren't getting with their food intake.

  33. prairiebelle says

    my son takes vitamns because it is hard to get him to eat vegetables

  34. my Grandkids need vitamins

  35. My son's grown up and lives on his own-hopefully he gets his vitamins. He's eating very healthy for the most part, so he gets his nutrition through food. I prefer to get most vitamins through my food. However, I have started to sometimes have multivitamins.

  36. Erika Letson says

    Yes, my kids take vitamins! They don't always eat as healthy as they should and vitamins help!

  37. Susanne McCarthy says

    My kids have taken them daily since they were wee little ones. The gummies are a popular choice!

  38. cottagebunny says

    My grandchildren take vitamins and so do I .We like the gummy vitamins and I also take a gummy bear vitamin D Vitafusion.It would be nice to try these Treehouse supplements!

  39. Victoria Ess says

    They don't right now but I do.

  40. I give vitamins to my nieces because they could use them since they're kids who, like many kids, don't like to always eat healthy.



  42. Angela Massis says

    They did when they were younger. I do though

  43. Yes as want to make getting all required nutrients

  44. Wanda Tracey says

    All of my grandchildren take vitamins especially in the winter months to make sure they stay healthy.They love the Weber's gummies too.

  45. Just started my girl on a vitamin routine!

  46. My kids are picky eaters so eating vitamin gummies are a must every day 🙂

  47. My kids do take vitamins, but they think they are having gummy bears. We want to keep them healthy.

  48. my children take vitamins, to make sure they get the right nutrients

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