Step-By-Step LEGO Themed Birthday Party Planning

A LEGO themed birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate the LEGO enthusiast in your life.  You can build a great foundation for your building brick inspired party in just a few easy steps.  Jen Carver, from Spaceships and Laser Beams, is here to take you on a step-by-step journey through some party planning basics.  Get ready to build a great LEGO party with ideas for invitations, party decorations and LEGO inspired refreshments!

Little blond kid boy playing with lots of colorful plastic blocks indoor. child wearing colorful shirt and glasses having fun with building and creating.

Little blond kid boy playing with lots of colorful plastic blocks indoor. child wearing colorful shirt and glasses having fun with building and creating.

The Invitation

Build excitement for your LEGO themed birthday party by making or buying LEGO inspired invitations.  Etsy is full of creative, colorful LEGO themed invitations that you can print at your favorite copy shop or even from your home printer.  Or, if you enjoy crafting, you can make your own!  Use your paper cutter to create a rectangle LEGO shape out of colored cardstock.  Use an appropriately sized circle punch to punch four circles and affix with 3-D adhesive foam to give dimension to the LEGO.  Print out all of the fun party details on a piece of paper and glue them to the back of your LEGO invitation.

The Decorations

Get inspiration for LEGO party decorations from LEGOs!  Pull out your child’s LEGO bin and examine the colors, pieces and shapes.  Don’t be afraid to use the actual LEGOs in your décor plans.  You can fill up decorative jars or even have your child make some LEGO creations to display.  There are several ways to recreate the look of a LEGO or LEGO Man.  You can make 2-dimensional signs and banners using cardstock and following similar directions as described for the DIY invitation.  You can get creative with vinyl adding LEGO Man facial features to yellow balloons, plates and party cups.  How about incorporating LEGO party colors?  Set a tabletop with a mixture of red, yellow, blue and green plates, napkins, cups, utensils and linens.

The Refreshments

The internet is full of awesome LEGO inspired refreshments.  From LEGO brick candy to LEGO Man cake pops to LEGO shaped sugar cookies to a fondant LEGO Man topped cake, transforming regular party treats only requires a little creativity! Imagine transferring the LEGO look to other snacks such as rectangle crackers topped with cheese circles.

Add in a little time to build and you’ve easily created a LEGO themed birthday party your child will love!  Step-by-step LEGO party planning has never been easier!


  1. My son would have LOVED a party like this when he was young. He was all Legos all the time. Now that he's gotten older, he's not as into them, but I'm still hooked!
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  2. My kiddo would love to have this as his theme. He is SO into LEGOS its crazy! Great ideas. His birthday is a month away I am going to check all this stuff out for his party!
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  3. My boys would love a Lego party like this! They’re just getting into Legos so I can definitely see this in our future!

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun. Kids adore Legos!
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  5. I love these ideas because my son wants LEGOs themed birthday party. I want to have one at our house instead of at LegoLand to save a bit of money, so this sounds like fun stuff to try and also not spend a fortune.

  6. My son has been a Lego fanatic for a lot of years now. He would love a Lego themed party.

  7. Amber Edwards says

    My boys would absolutely flip for a Lego themed birthday party! They are both crazy in love with LEGO!

  8. You know my Little Man is just starting to get into Legos, so he would love a lego party. What a great idea. Love these tips.

  9. i love legos. i visited the hotel/park a few months ago and had a blast. legos are awesome.

  10. Aimee Smith says

    My five year old would think this was so much fun! What great ideas for a perfect party!
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  11. My son loves legos!! Maybe I will use your tips and throw him a Lego party this year!
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  12. My kids would love a Lego themed party. There are so many great decorations you could make with Lego.

  13. way2goodlife says

    Love Lego stuff! So much variety to cover every aspect of the party

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