Summer camp Good byes

Finding the right summer camp to send the kids is never easy! There is always some hesitation and mixed feelings from both them and you. Trust me I know. Many years ago my oldest wanted to go to camp. I was worried she was not ready to be away from home. She insisted she was ready and wanted to do to camp. We searched and searched and asked all kinds of questions until we found the right camp for her. I am glad we did our research as she ended up going multiple times and learned a lot. Not only did she learn life skills but she made real good friends.


This year it was time to find a camp for the other kids. Sending your child to sleep away camp is a great choice. Sleep away camp is when the child sleeps over and is gone from home for a few nights. Most I have seen are a week or two long. Each camp seems to be geared towards age and each has rules for the campers to follow.  A cam like Camp Chateaugay is a great summer camp located in the scenic Adirondacks surrounded by wilderness. A great location for adventure and exploring. A place that your child will want to go year after year after year.

Things to think about when choosing a traditional sleep away camp:

  • If you prefer a sleep away camp for boys or for girls, or a coed overnight camp.
  • Specific dates, a specific location and price range. Many camps offer help with funding if you need and qualify.
  • Any particular activities or strengths the summer camp program should have, i.e., a great horseback riding instruction, animal programs, water-skiing, religion, strong sports training, adventure or themed, etc.
  • Anything else you think is important in making this decision for your child.

When you are looking for a camp for your child it is important that you learn as much as you can about the staff and the location. Be sure to tell them about any special requirements your child may have as well as allergies or medications needed. You want summer camp to be a fun experience and a smooth one for you and your child. A great memory they will cherish for many years.


Things my kids loved about camp most

  • Learning to canoe and kayak
  • Hiking
  • cooking outside
  • Campfire singalongs
  • making new friends
  • being independent but also a team player
  • learning about other
  • fishing

Camp is a chance for your child to do something outside their comfort zone without you hovering over them. I highly recommend looking into camp for your child next summer!

When your child is sad to say good bye to their summer camp friends, make sure they know it is not good bye. It is see ya later as they will see them next summer 🙂

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