Things kids today will never experience

Sometimes I sit and think of all the things kids today will never experience. Things like slamming down a phone after arguing with a friend or boyfriend.  Making sure to leave the house with a quarter just in case. Or riding a bike to my friends house to see if they were home to play. The time seems so far away but really my childhood was just twenty something years ago.

Now kids are on their devices more than anything else. They have phones but prefer to text each other over actual talking. Everyone has internet and schools and businesses expect this. They send homework home to be completed online, leaving parents no choice but to get with the times.

I would like to share with you some of the things I miss and some I do not in this list of Things kids today will never experience. Please share with me in the comments any I may have forgotten that you remember

Things kids today will never experience

Listening to the radio waiting for your favourite song, ready to record it. Push play, record, pause, hear song, push pause to record.


Only being able to walk as far in the house while on the phone as your cord will allow


Canadian kids will never get to roll pennies since they eliminated these recently.


Asking for a coin operated pony ride when at the mall



Using a payphone and making sure to always have a quarter “just in case”


Walking on shag carpet

Using a dictionary (paper not Google)

Station wagons and all the fun that came with riding in one

Big box televisions that needed to be started by pushing a button on the panel

Renting a VHS, DVD or Blue ray movie

How to write using cursive

15 Cent Popsicles

Blasting the Ghetto Blaster

Buying cigarettes at the corner store with a note for parents (glad they do not do this anymore)

Affordable concession prices at the movies

I know there are more but these are ones that stick out most in my head form my childhood.

If you have anything from your childhood that kids today would not get, please let me know below.  Cheers!




  1. Sara Phillips says

    You're right – there are so many great things that kids today will (already do) miss out on. My kids recently saw a pay phone and asked ALL KINDS of questions about it!

  2. You are so right. There are many things that kids today will never experience. I remember back then, my siblings and I looked forward to Fridays because we would rent a lot of VHS tapes and do movie marathons.
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  3. truckerofbc says

    I was buying my own Cigarettes at the age of 10 and smoking in the arcade and no one blinked an eye when I asked for a pack of Export A and I was paying $2 for that pack.

    Have Gun Will Travel
    Love Boat
    Laverne & Shirley
    Happy Days
    All In The Family
    Welcome Back Kotter
    The Lone Ranger
    Mork And Mindy
    Threes Company
    Batman and Robin
    6 Million Dollar Man
    Bionic Woman
    Wonder Woman
    Happy Days
    Littlest Hobo
    Gentle Ben
    Disney's every Sunday 6pm movie
    Saturday Morning Cartoons with Spiderman, Hercules, Bugs Bunny, etc,
    Charlies Angels

    Rotary Phones and not phones with buttons

    8 track Tapes

    $1 Bills and $2 Bills

    Buying a little round disk movie projector that was red, put up to the eyes like a pair of binoculars and was hand operated


    You never hear of chilblains anymore! Every child in our school had them when I was little, mind you the school had open fires (1960s Ireland); at weekends we headed into the forest on our bikes for hours, fishing for minnows with a jam jar & net (again, on our own), sharing a cigarette behind the bicycle shed at school, walking/cycling 3 miles to school along main roads (without helmets or even lights), Saturday nights in front of the telly as a family …

  5. nicolthepickle says

    I'm still planning to teach my kids to write in cursive.

  6. Pennies are gone out of Canada? WHAT?! I think I have some and I'm from the US 🙂

  7. I miss my childhood and all it involved. My kiddos are definitely missing out.

  8. eliz frank says

    Hahaha! Some of those things can still be found in my part of the world, while others have gone with the wind. Frankly, some of them I never experienced and I'm glad to see that a few are no longer here… 🙂

  9. OMG…. How about 5.25" floppy discs that takes you about 20 to load what we can now fit on the smallest zip drive.

  10. Leaving in the morning and not being back until the street lights came on! Now that would be child neglect.

  11. In the story below, we meet a woman who sees an old, tired-looking dog wander into her yard. We guarantee that you have never seen something like this before in your life!

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