Walmart Celebrates Back-to-School #BeReady2Roar Giveaway

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The final bit of summer is here and even thinking about getting back into the school routine is hard to do.  With September right around the corner, we are all preparing for Back-to-School – it’s a busy time!


Back-to-school is often a time young women want to start experimenting with beauty products, or if they’re already using them, they’re looking for ways to incorporate Fall trends into their routine!  To help moms introduce their daughters to cosmetics with confidence as they head back to school P&G has enlisted COVERGIRL Make-up Pro, Veronica Chu; and Pantene Consulting Stylist, Justin German to develop tips using some of their favourite products from COVERGIRL, Pantene, Olay and Venus. Here they are:

1. Every great beauty look starts with a great regimen:

“Following a daily hair care regimen is the basis of great looking hair!  One of the staples of this is a shampoo and conditioner like the Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner – I love this collection because it’s designed to repair hair, control moisture levels and prevent damage for a soft, smooth, moisturized feel. This makes it a fantastic option for girls experimenting with new styles and putting their hair through its paces so it looks healthy and strong.” – Justin German

“Similarly, great makeup starts with great skin. For young women in their teens or early twenties, their bodies are still growing and factors like stress and hormonal changes can cause skin to act out.  I always recommend following a cleansing routine morning and night, followed by a good moisturizer. One of my favourite cleansers is the Olay Total Effects Refreshing Citrus Face Scrub – the oil free formula won’t clog pores and cleanses without over drying.  For a moisturizer, apply the Olay Total Effects Featherweight Moisturizer – I like this one because it’s super light-weight and includes an SPF for added protection.” – Veronica Chu

2. Less is more:

“Playing with hair products and different hair styles is really fun, and it’s a great way to learn! But using too much product can leave hair crunchy, frizzy, flat, or oily. Start off with lighter products like detanglers or the Pantene Pro-V Stylers All-in-One Styling Balm to avoid this – the light multi-tasking formula tames frizz and flyaways while protecting from damage. As an added benefit, other styling products can be layered on top so it’s a great one to experiment and play with.” – Justin German

“When girls start asking to use makeup, think of it as a gradual transition with a very soft and natural feel.  Mascara is an easy way to start experimenting – I usually suggest younger girls start with a single coat of brown mascara to give a more natural look. My favourite for beginners is COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume with its wide, straight barrel that makes it really easy to handle. Once comfortable with LashBlast Volume, then branch out and try others in the COVERGIRL LashBlast family (Bloom, Clump Crusher or Fusion) and experiment with other pigments.” – Veronica Chu

3. Fresh and effortless is in:

“Undone, dropped out waves are everywhere and they’re so easy to create, especially if your daughter showers at night. Simply apply a leave in conditioner to the hair while it’s still damp, then braid the hair. In the morning, break down the braid and spray the roots with Pantene Root Reboot Dry Shampoo, adding volume and texture. Not only is this look on trend, but it’s a great time saver too!” – Justin German

“Dewy skin is a staple for the upcoming season. What makes this look particularly good for younger girls is that it’s so natural for them – it’s all about a fresh youthful glow that they already have! To help bring out this natural glow and even out skin tone, apply a small amount of Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream. I love the extremely light weight, oil-free formula because it allows for even colour while minimizing the look of pores.” – Veronica Chu


Body care is also important at this age.  For those who are starting to think about shaving or already doing it regularly, the new Venus Swirl razor is designed with new proprietary FlexiBall technology featuring unique four-way movement to shave those hard-to-reach places that other razors might miss. And for a fresh clean that lasts all day, the new Fresh Outlast body washes from Olay that contain 3X more mild cleansers than before

I can remember it like yesterday when my oldest started wearing make up. I knew she was growing up and I could not fight it any more. It was important she learned a little make-up would go a long way and the proper techniques needed to apply. It was also important she knew to never ever share makeup with others.

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  • Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream – $32.99
  • Venus Swirl razor – $19.99
  • $25 Walmart gift card



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  1. Angela Mitchell says

    I was 12 when I started wearing makeup and I believe there was generous amounts of blue eye shadow involved:)

  2. I start using makeup at about 16.

  3. When I was around 14.

  4. I was 14- 15

  5. When I was about 13

  6. stacey dempsey says

    I guess I was about 12 and my daughter was about the same

  7. I was around 14.

  8. At about 12 or 13 years old I think.

  9. My daughters are 6 ans 8 and wear it now!!! lol Just a little eyeshadow and some lip gloss for now 🙂

  10. around 16. thanks

  11. I started experimenting with make-up when I was about 12. I used to ask my mum to do my eyes for me when we were all going out to a party or wedding

  12. I was 13 or 14.

  13. Travelbuds says

    it was too long ago for me to remember but my daughter's first time she got to wear a little makeup was when she was in a dance recital at the age of 2. Just a little blush and lip gloss. She is 9 now and has been in the ballet recital every year and it's the only time she gets to wear makeup…but she loves it.

  14. I was about 13

  15. Erin McSweeney says

    well my niece started at 3 and at 4 has her own makeup drawer…she is totally obsessed haha

  16. I was about 14

  17. i started when i was 13

  18. Florence C says

    I was about 15 when I started to use makeup.

  19. butterflyamyc says

    I was about 14

  20. My daughter is 10 and trying but I am still saying a big NO.

  21. about 12

  22. prairiebelle says

    I started around age 13

  23. I was about 15 or so when I started wearing make up. My older sister use to help me.

  24. She’s only 8 and she’s already started.

  25. Jeannie Lam says

    I think i started experimenting with make up around 15 or 16.

  26. I was about 14 when I started to experiment.

  27. I didn't start wearing makeup until I was about 15!

  28. lyndac1968 says

    I was 12 and my girls were both about 12 when they started to wear makeup

  29. I can't recall specifically, but it was at a pretty young, single digit age.

  30. I was about 15, she was about 13.

  31. My aunt was an Avon lady so I got makeup early on. It was the early 90's though so it wasn't pretty. I remember blue eye shadow! Lol!

  32. when I was about 12-13 I started

  33. Both my daughter and myself started trying out makeup about the same age- 12 years.

  34. I started when I was 13.

  35. I remember I started wearing make up when I was probably 12 or 13

  36. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I started experimenting quite late really, I think I was about 15 at the time.

  37. Michael Hurst says

    I am entering for my Niece she is starting high school and I think she'd like this as a gift

  38. I probably started experimenting with make up around age 14.

  39. Erika Letson says

    My daughter and myself both started wearing makeup at age 13.

  40. Knittinchick says

    I was 12 but 16 when I took it seriously.

  41. I first wore make up at 14, just mascara and gloss.

  42. I started experimenting with makeup when I was in grade 7, although I was not allowed to wear makeup then!

  43. I was about 14

  44. Susan Patterson says

    I think that I was about sixteen when I started experimenting with makeup! Thanks!

  45. I started exoerimenting at about 12.

  46. Doris Calvert says

    I was 12 and that was young for the early 70s

  47. hmrcarlson says

    I loved to "do" my mom's makeup from 3on but didn't start using cosmetics until prom ie 17 yo. I had skin issues so I avoided it. My girls have started to fool around with it but won't be allowed until 16.

  48. Ashley Sanche says

    I was 12.

  49. Jennifer P. says

    My girls are still too young to think about make up, and as for myself I was 13 before I started experimenting with it (and even then it was limited to lipstick).

  50. Brenda Penton says

    I started experimenting with makeup when I was around 12

  51. Carol Denny says

    I was 14 years old but my dad would not let me wear it.

  52. Started experimenting with make up at 14.

  53. Victoria Ess says

    I did around 12.

  54. When I was about 14

  55. I think I was about 14 when I started trying out makeup.

  56. wendy Hutton says

    probably about 14-15 yrs old

  57. not yet

  58. Karin Dollery says

    I started experimenting with lipstick and rouge when I was 12, but without my dad knowing. My mother always said your father better not see you like that lol. I was not allowed outside wearing it and only once in awhile. I really never wore a lot of make-up in my teens or when my 3 boys were growing up gee who had the time lol. Now other than a little mascara and lip gloss I don't really fancy it up unless I am going out somewhere special.

  59. I started when I was 15

  60. Doreen Lamoureux says

    I believe I was around 12.

  61. nicolthepickle says

    My daughter started with a blue marker when she was 3.

  62. Stephanie LaPlante says

    I started experimenting at about 7

  63. 13 years and boy did I wear too much eye shadow and blush!

  64. Judy Cowan says

    I was 16 when I started to experiment with make-up.

  65. my daughter is 14 now, and a pro! she has been applying makeup for a few years and is good at it!

  66. My daughter has been interested in makeup since three years old. Which is very interesting considering I do not own any, not even lip balm or cream. She's taken a course on brushes and how to apply makeup from a professional. If you'd asked me five years ago if I'd ever let my young daughter use makeup I would be eating my words right now.

    Besos Sarah.
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  67. Juliee Fitze says

    I was in grade 7 and had to sneak it to school and wash it off before I went home.

  68. billiondollarprincesss says

    For me probably in grade 5 and love it to this day!

  69. Marilyn B. says

    I started experimenting with makeup when I was about 13. 🙂

  70. seham merzib says

    around 15

  71. Dayna Wilson says

    I wasn't allowed to touch makeup until I was about 13. I always put some on my son (3) and daughter (18 months) when I'm making up my face, just for fun. She loves it.

  72. about 12

  73. Jessica M Walker says

    Around 12 for me

  74. I started experimenting with makeup when I was about 12. I thought all the girls from shows like 90210 and Melrose Place looked fantastic…That's what got me started haha.
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  75. Andrea Williams says

    I started around age 15.

  76. Sunshine G says

    I think I was around 13 or so…

  77. andrea amy says

    No daughters, only sons. I started wearing makeup near the end of grade 9 when I was 14.

  78. mommakoala says

    I think she was about 13

  79. Nate Fuller says

    Just recently, she's allowed to play with it at home and try it out but not for school yet!

  80. I think I was 14.

  81. Michelle Policelli says

    I first started experimenting with makeup back in grade 5, my best friend and i use to give each other make overs lol, i remember we would even bring some makeup to school with us such as eye shadows, blush and lip gloss – such fun times! 🙂

  82. I started when I was about 15

  83. Valerie Mallette says

    I started experimenting with makeup when I was 13.

  84. kristine ewald says

    at about 16

  85. I was around 13 years old.

  86. magscheung says

    I don't have a daughter but my gf's daughter started at 14

  87. I started using it around 14

  88. sschool2010 says

    When I was about 14 (Suzi)

  89. Julie Bolduc says

    My daughter has started at 13

  90. SweetPanda says

    My daughter is 5 year old and she's very attempted to put on blush on her face whenever she sees that I put make up on

  91. I started experimenting around age 13.

  92. I started experimenting with make up when i was 13 yrs old

  93. wobbless13 says

    I started at university

  94. My daughters danced and had to wear makeup for their competitions and recitals so they figured they should have been able to also wear it to school. I had to tell them for every day they had to wait until jr high.

  95. Josie Tusa says

    I was around 12 or 13 when I started.

  96. edmontonjb says

    I started experimenting with make up when I was around 12-13


  97. In my early 20s!

  98. karinespace says

    Around 13 I guess with some makeup (bad quality) that my aunt had given me for birthday gift

  99. I started experimenting with make up around 13.

  100. Caroline M. says

    Haha my daughter is 3 months old. I only wear lipstick, probably since I'm about 15 years old. It wasn't a memorable 1st experience or anything.

  101. kathy downey says

    I start using makeup at about 16/17

  102. it was junior high

  103. I started trying out lip gloss and eyeshadow when I was around 11. The other girls who figure skated with me were all wearing makeup and one girl decided to put blue eyeshadow and pink gloss on me one day (this was in the mid 80’s when blue was in, think Madonna in her 80’s garb!)

  104. Would say around 14. Had fun with my girlfriends,
    trying different style of make up. Great useful giveway, thanks.

  105. I think probably grade 7 – with clear mascara! I don't know if it exists anymore, but I still remember my cover girl clear mascara 🙂

  106. I was 14 when I started to use make up. My daughter was 15 and use very little.

  107. I started at about 15 to experiment with hair and makeup. I wasn't interested before that.

  108. cottagebunny says

    My daughter started using makeup about age thirteen.I think I was about fifteen.

  109. Tricia Hope says

    I was about 12 and my Mom didn't know until the end of the school year.She was not a morning person,lol!

  110. Tammy Dalley says

    I started when I was about 13

  111. Jenness Mills says

    I started using makeup at about 13.

  112. at like 11 or 12 i think, what a mess!

  113. 16

  114. I started experimenting with makeup in high school.

  115. Nicole Jubleew says

    Around 14

  116. I started around 14.

  117. Bethany Gallinger says

    I don't have a daughter. I think I was about 15 when I first tried makeup.

  118. Susanne McCarthy says

    Wicked blue eyeshadow for me — I would guess 13ish or 14? Thought it looked sooooo good!!

  119. I was 15 when I started wearing make up and my daughter 14.

  120. I was probably 12 or so and it was usually just at slumber parties for the first couple years.
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  121. newfiechick72 says

    I was 15 years old before I started wearing makeup.

  122. kissychrissy2 says

    I was a late bloomer. Never started wearing make up until I was 18

  123. I did when I was about 13!

  124. Angela Massis says

    I was about 14 years old. My daughter started around the same age.

  125. Ruth Moreira-Lozon says

    my daughter trying on my coloured lip gloss. she's too young for lipstick, but she loves the shimmery look of gloss

  126. I was around 12 or 13.

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