We mixed up our dogs food with the #MixedFeeding Challenge! Giveaway

Just over a month ago I posted about my dogs taking the Mixed feeding challenge. I knew changing their food would not be an easy task but I was willing to give it a try. The mixed feeding challenge is feeding your pet both wet and dry foods in their day to day diet. Since I have two dogs this was going to be interesting!

Mixed Feeding Infographic v2

My dogs were both mainly eating dry dog food until this challenge. I started adding a little wet to their diet each day as suggested. I quickly realized one was eating more wet than the other and not letting the other eat any. Then because he was eating way more than planned I had to take him outside more often to do his business. This created a bit of a challenge for me being the primary feeder. I would have to feed them their wet food separately to be able to monitor who was eating what. The dry food I just had down all day and filled up as needed. When you have more than one pet it is hard to know who is eating what and how much.

Since my dogs both loved the wet food it did not last long! After a week we found their stomach was okay with the changes and there were no issues. They just finished eating the Pedigree dry food as well.

If you have not already, be sure to check out www.petmixedfeeding.ca for more information on feeding your pet a mixed diet

giveaway time

I have a fabulous giveaway for one lucky Canadian reader. I have a $100 prize pack containing all kinds of food from Pedigree, treats and toys to get your dog started on a mixed feeding routine for two weeks. mixed-feeding-prize


Disclosure- This post has been compensated and product was received for my participation in the program. All opinions are my own. 



  1. we feed ours dry dog food!
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  2. I had no idea that Wet food contains less calories per gram than dry food

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  3. Judy Cowan says

    We currently only feed dry food to our dogs. We have tried a couple types of wet but they didn't seem to like it.

  4. Erika Letson says

    Right now we just dry feed, but are considering doing mixed feeding. I think our big guy would really enjoy it!

  5. Erika Letson says

    I learned that including wet food in your pet's diet can help support a healthy urinary tract by providing extra water intake.

  6. Juliee Fitze says

    Our dogs just get dry food,

  7. lyndac1968 says

    My dogs get dry Pedigree and the odd table scraps!!

  8. lyndac1968 says

    I learned that Wet food contains less calories per gram than dry food, hmmmm maybe I should buy wet instead, my rotti needs to lose weight!!

  9. My three dogs get a high end dry dog food.

  10. we feed our dogs dry food only – except on special occasions they may get some wet food mixed in – like a treat

  11. wendy Hutton says

    the dogs get dry dog food and occassionally some treats

  12. We leave dry food out and at dinner time I give them a little mush food as well. Thanks!

  13. regularily feed dry with treat of soft occasionally

  14. Brenda Penton says

    I feed mine a mix. I do have some days where she eats dry only or wet only just to change it up a bit.

  15. Our dog will only eat dry food and has about 1/2 cup in the morning and another 1/2 cup around supper time.

  16. My boyfriends dog is on a diet kibble right now he is too big.

  17. Florence C says

    We mix dry with a little wet.

  18. cgrandy823 says

    I mix feed my cat, but I don't have a dog. I'd love to win this for my friend.

  19. jennifer bowen says

    I feed my puppy food she get's me up in the moring and I take her out side and I also give her her food out side she eats 2 times a day one big dog dish full of food. and a big water dish full of water then when its about 9:30 at night she comes in after doing what she knowed to do and go's to bed. and I some times give her milk bones

  20. billiondollarprincesss says

    I mix they don't mind.

  21. butterflyamyc says

    My older dog is super picky. We have tried different brands, we have mixed brands. We have given them wet food, dry food, a combination of both.

  22. We have just done dry food, and let him graze.

  23. My dogs have always eaten both dry and wet food. Beneful and Pedigree

  24. We use mostly dry with a small amount of wet,just to make it more appealing.

  25. combination. thanks

  26. Kelley Moore says

    Our dog just get dry food

  27. We feed dry food with some veggies or rice sometimes

  28. Carol Denny says

    My dog eats dry food. Once in a while I giver some wet with her dry as a treat.

  29. I currently feed my dog 2x day. Usually one of the times I mix in some wet food.

  30. Stephanie LaPlante says

    Molly enjoys it all. She eats both hard food and soft food. Oh and peanut butter treats of coarse.

  31. Melinda L. says

    Dry dog food. We change to a different flavour every time she runs out. We occasionally give her some wet food to change things up

  32. kathy downey says

    We do a mix of wet/dry

  33. kathy downey says

    I learned that Wet food contains less calories per gram than dry food,very interesting

  34. Our rescue pug is a fusspot and would eat only human food if he could. Right now, he is getting only dry food.

  35. I learned that there are a lot of benefits to both dry and wet pet foods that it is good to mix them to get all the advantages.

  36. I buy a medium sized bag of food and it lasts several months as my dog is tiny. Once it runs out, we buy a different flavour. Poor thing–not much variety!

  37. Julie Bolduc says

    We mix her food half and half

  38. We do both wet and dry food.

  39. My dog only eats dry food from Beneful. I would like to try something new for him!
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  40. Nate Fuller says

    I'm entering hoping to give this prize to my mom and as far as I can tell her dog eats any kind of dog food you put in front of him lol, he's not picky!

  41. cgrandy823 says

    I hadn't thought about the high moisture content in wet food, helping to keep my pet's urinary tract healthy.

  42. Angela Mitchell says

    I feed my dog once or twice a day the same food every time.

  43. We are actually looking at getting a dog/puppy in the fall so we don't have any routines yet! 😀

  44. prairiebelle says

    We mix feed

  45. Rhonda W G. says

    Our dogs eat a dry diet and are free range fed. I like to make them doggie treats sometimes too.

  46. My dogs eat Kirkland dry dog food, but we mix in real meat with every meal.

  47. Only have given dry food.

  48. dry dog food

  49. I learned that including wet food in your pet's diet can help support a healthy urinary tract by providing extra water intake

  50. I DO mix feed! He gets bored if I stay with the same food – it's like getting a treat every time I throw a handful of a different type into that bowl!

  51. I learned that crunchy kibble helps support oral care health!

  52. Most dry, but sometimes we add a little leftover protein from our dinner and he loves it.

  53. we just dry feed

  54. Ashley Sanche says

    He gets his dry food portions morning and evening. In the evening he also gets some soft food. We typically stay with the same brand but be has (twice now) gotten “bored” it seems and we switched brands.

  55. Ashley Sanche says

    I learned that wet food has less calories per gram than dry food. I thought it would’ve been the other way around!! Thanks for the info 🙂

  56. Pedigree is what I feed my Golden, but my Yorkie has tummy issues.

  57. Michael Hurst says

    I am so glad you are doing this giveaway, I have a Scrappy Dew who turn 11 in May this year and I pretty much feed him dry food with soft treats, dry cookies and Dentastix at night, I sometimes cook him a treat or give him a minimal amount of human food. ANd I am proud to say he is healthy, teeth in good shape and overall he is still very active.

  58. Benoit Brind'Amour says

    We feed our 90lb rottweiler 3 cups of Fhroms divided throughout the day most of the time. We also feed him white rice and boiled ground beef every now an then as a treat or when he gets the runs.

  59. My 2 Danes say yes please

  60. melissa Resnick says

    right now the get taste of the wild with beef broth

  61. This would definitely help out our baby girl.

  62. danielle nantau says

    We mix them. Dry on weekdays, wet on weekends. I swear my dog knows exactly when it's dinner time on the weekends lol

  63. danielle nantau says

    I had no idea that wet food had less calories than dry! #learneveryday

  64. I always give my girl the mix of both twice a day and throw in some bones between. Growing up I put Alaskan fish oil over the dry she’s nice a shiny and healthy. Gotta keep her eating, she’s use to it and won’t only eat dry food, so mix it up and you don’t waste money.

  65. Dry food mostly

  66. I learned wet food encourages water intake.

  67. Barbara Hutcheson says

    My dogs are quite spoiled with their feeding. I feed high quality grain free kibble, topped with a raw meat pate mixed with pumpkin.

  68. Jeanette Jackson says

    My dogs eat only dry food. I'd like to see if they would like mixing wet and dry.

  69. My 120 lbs rottweiler sure can eat, she always has dry food in her bowl. She eats rice, pasta and wet dog food, alternating every 3 days, sometimes I will make a stir fry and make lots so she can eat that too. I try to rotate it so she doesn’t get bored of the food. when I do make rice, I use different sauces too. thanks for the chance to win

  70. mommakoala says

    Dry food only. Moist food is a treat

  71. mommakoala says

    I learned: Chewing the crunchy kibble helps support oral care health

  72. Our dog is very picky, so we mix boiled chicken with warm water and dry dog food. We tried 6 different types of food before we found one he would eat!

  73. edmontonjb says

    I do mix wet and dry together but our dog prefers wet


  74. My Lab is always hungry, but also has a delicate system…he will have runny stool if he has something that disagrees with his gut. Maybe mixed feeding is an idea that would help.

  75. I went to the mixed feeding site and was interested to read: Wet food contains less calories per gram than dry food.

  76. We feed our dog dry food only

  77. Tammy Dalley says

    My puppy loves Pedigree!!

  78. Our vet told us to feed our pets wet food and we also give them dry treats. They seem to like both.

  79. we give our dog dry food but we put water in it or the pieces that are left over from cleaning meat like the fat or fish heads and bones

  80. We like to switch it up a bit for him, he gets so excited when he has a new type of food!

  81. SueSueper Sue says

    I mix feed. I like to five them a variety.

  82. I learned wet food contains less calories per gram than dry food, I always thought it was the other way around.

  83. Our dogs eat wet and dry mixed.

  84. I learned that wet food contains less calories per gram than dry food.

  85. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I mix their food every once in a while, not all the time.

  86. I learned that Wet food contains less calories per gram than dry food,

  87. newfiechick72 says

    We don't mix his food. We feed him dry food, Royal Canin.

  88. we just got a new dog, and we're trying him with dry right now

  89. ginafleury says

    We also mix his food using a bit of IAms large breed dry food and pedigree wet food. A bit in the morning and some after kids are home from school.He is very healthy with this routine-shiny coat and not overweight.

  90. ginafleury says

    Dry food is a concentrated source of nutrition and energy

  91. michelle matta says

    my dog is not terribly picky. he eats royal canin low fat dry food mostly. with an occasional treat of vet low fat wet food. we have had a long journey to learn what he can handle but we have it under control now

  92. Michelle Policelli says

    My dog gets mixed, she eats Pedigree dry food and wet food mixed in her dry food every other day 🙂

  93. Michelle Policelli says

    something new i learned is by including wet food in your pet's diet it can help support a healthy urinary tract by providing extra water intake

  94. i didn't know wet food was less calories

  95. Mostly dry food, sometimes wet food as a treat

  96. Would give this useful prize pack to my sister in law dog.
    She eats dry food, pedigree is of good quality.

  97. We feed twice a day, and we mix food. Our dog isn't picky at all.

  98. Holly MacRitchie says

    my dog currently eats dry Pedigree chow

  99. Holly MacRitchie says

    I learned that wet food encourages water intake

  100. Darrah Bailey says

    We mix and my dog LOVES it for a change

  101. I wish this was a more balanced review, Iams have had so many issues with their food over the years, recalls, poisonings, deaths, etc. I personally wouldn't be comfortable promoting Iams for other people to feed their pets. Sorry. I really like your blog and have read it for years, but this is disappointing.

    I would encourage people to please do your own research on Iams before feeding to your pets.

  102. Nevermind on my comment, I thought this was Iams, not Pedigree!

  103. We just got a new dog so we are trying him on dry food right now

  104. I like to balance my dog on a mix of wet and dry because I know that wet helps with digestion.

  105. I learned on the mixed feeding site that wet food also promotes water intake for dogs. I didn't know that!

  106. Whenever we can we buy wet and dry but my dog likes wet Better. Also will only eat certain dry foods

  107. Lisa McLain says

    My guys love there dry kibble !!!

  108. aarone mawdsley says

    my dog eats dry food sometimes get some wet as a treat

  109. we feed are dog dry food and some wet food on the occasion.

  110. We feed her dry food only.

  111. Feed once a day, dry food

  112. My dog eats in the am and pm. I try to it up for them so they enjoy a variety of flavours.

  113. Our dog max is on raw food and occasionally gets a we/dry mix

  114. We mix dry food with a bit of puree pure pumpkin for digestion

  115. We feed dry kibble with fresh veggies at this time.

  116. Brenda Penton says

    I learned that Dry food is usually less expensive than wet on a $/kg basis

  117. Carol Denny says

    My dog get dry food, sometimes for a treat i give her wet with the dry.

  118. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    Yes, we do mix their food, wet and dry…. they just love to eat, they don't care what they have… right now they eat pedigree.

  119. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    I learned that Wet food encourages water intake. High moisture content helps support a healthy urinary tract especially in cats and small dogs.

  120. Ashleigh Swerdfeger says

    Yes, they get some mixed food 🙂

  121. Wet food contains less calories per gram than dry food,

  122. Stephanie Galbraith says

    We typically give them 1 kind of food, but sometimes switch it up a little, then go back to that same food again.

  123. Melissa Greco says

    We don't mix. She eats dry food

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