14 Creepy Crawly Crafts

In further prep for Halloween festivities, I have a great round up to share with you .

Halloween is the time for spiders to shine! Everyone loves a good creepy crawly spider at Halloween and my kids are no exception! This year we are going to make a lit of Creepy Crawly Halloween Crafts. I found 14 fun crafts that are sure to be a hit with my kids and I have a feeling your kids will love them too!

Giant Spider Web

Spider Lanterns

Sparkly Spiderwebs 

Spider Door Hanger

Bath Pouf Spider

Hand Print Spider Art

Styrofoam Spiders

5 Minute Spiders

DIY Spider Rings

Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Glitter Paint Spiders

Patchwork Spiders

Needle Felt Spiders

Glittery Spiderwebs

Which of these Spider Crafts do you anticipate making first? I think my kids will love making the DIY Spider Rings. Do you have a favorite Creepy Crawl Craft idea for Halloween? I would love to hear about it in a comment!

Happy Crafting! Don’t let the spiders bite!


  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    These are great for Halloween but NOT in my house thank you very much. For some reason I have a strong aversion to spiders so this isn't for me 🙂

  2. they're too cute to be creepy!

  3. Awesome ideas here to get ready for Halloween decorating, gotta have spiders for the occasion!!

  4. What an amazing list of Halloween crafts! Can't wait to make some with my grandkids this year!

  5. I hate spiders a whole lot but the fake ones with their googly eyes are pretty cute!

  6. Thank you! I think we can try to make the Pipe Cleaner Spider, looks like I have all the supplies needed on hand 🙂

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