7 Simple Steps to Help You Make and Manage a YouTube Playlist


If you’ve been using YouTube for any length of time, you probably have an epic favorite’s list. It’s time to turn that into a playlist. Fortunately, this is pretty simple to do.

Start Assembling Your Playlist

If you have your own music (or other) video you want to include, upload it to YouTube. But, before you do, use a program like YTD, available from youtubedownload.altervista.org, to convert the video to a format that will look nice online.

Write down all of the videos you would like to include in your playlist so that all you have to do is go in an add them. If you want to add copyright protected videos, search for VEVO videos on YouTube. These are videos that are properly licensed on the site, and can be shared from the YouTube ecosystem without you running into any legal problems.

Unauthorized videos are those videos that are not uploaded and managed by the copyright holder. Unfortunately, these videos do exist on YouTube, and some of them are quite popular. Just because a video has a million views, doesn’t mean that it is in compliance with the law. While you cannot get into legal trouble by watching these videos, or adding them to your playlist, it’s better not to support that kind of activity, because it makes it harder to artists to justify uploading videos under their own account.

You may also find that unauthorized videos get removed on a regular basis as soon as YouTube finds them. So, even if a video has become popular, it may disappear tomorrow, and you’ll have to find another video to take its place. If you stick to legal videos, you’ll never have this problem.

Navigate To YouTube

Go to www.YouTube.com. Once there, you can start building your video lists or pull from your favorites.

Use “Add To”

Navigate to a video’s page, and start playing it. Use the “add to” menu option underneath the video to add it to your favorite’s or “watch later.” Don’t worry, you’ll be dragging it out of here soon. If you have a channel, you will see “add to playlist.” This will let you add it to an existing playlist. If you don’t have a channel, create one.

Create Your YouTube Channel

If you don’t have a YouTube channel, it’s time to make one. Channels are sort of like special “sections” of YouTube that are yours. In some ways, it’s like having your own T.V. channel. You can upload videos, share videos, make playlists, save favorites, and customize the background, look, and feel of your channel page. There are two types of channel pages you can create – personal and business. Personal channels are, as you might guess, for personal videos. Business channels are usually created by businesses for commercial reasons.

When users come to YouTube, they can navigate to your channel and watch all of the videos that you’ve uploaded. They can also watch videos that are in your favorites or your playlist if you allow that in your privacy settings.

So, to create a video channel, make sure you’re logged into your YouTube account. Now, go to “create a channel.” Next, check all of the details and click “OK” to create your new YouTube channel.

Once your channel has been created, you can upload new videos to your channel, set their visibility to the general public using privacy settings, and even add background music to them using YouTube’s AudioSwap feature.

Open “Playlists” Tab

Open your Playlists tab from the channel page and select “new playlist.” Now, you can add any video you want and name your playlist something clever.

Name Your Playlist

You can select anything you want as a playlist name, but it’s probably best to name it something you will remember.

Set Privacy Settings

You don’t have to share your playlist with the world, if you don’t want to. YouTube lets you set privacy to “unlisted” or “private” so that people either can’t find your YouTube channel or videos or they simply cannot view them at all.

Privacy is a big issue these days, and a lot of people don’t want their videos viewable to the world. That’s fine, but just remember that the default setting is “public.” If you want something set to private, you must set this yourself when you upload the video. Do not forget to check this setting before you upload your videos.

If you don’t mind the world peeking into your deepest musical passions, then leave the privacy settings to “public” and share the link with everyone you know.

When using downloaded videos, remember to respect intellectual property rights.

Michael Hayes is a YouTube guru. Since he uploaded his first video years ago, he has played around with and written about the ins and outs of the video platform’s capabilities to help everyday users make the most of it.



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