CUJO Smart Internet Security Device on Indiegogo- Available Sept 15th

The modern family consists of a device in every room. Every member has some sort of technology, a tablet, phone. lap top or what have you. Do you ever worry about the security on these devices? Are you concerned about your family and your privacy? Who can access your information and passwords to your important accounts and more? I like to think we are protected, but to be honest, I am unsure. It is a fact 90% of devices store personal data.

Looking around I see my kids game system that is online, our Streaming device for movies and my work computer. This is just in one room, I know there is plenty more throughout the house.

I am not willing to put my family at risk. Your privacy can be protected with a smart Internet security device that protects you against hacks, viruses, malware, and virtual intrusions.

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Introducing CUJO

CUJO protects your networks against hackers, viruses, malware, malicious websites and other virtual intrusions. To protect your devices from a broad range of attacks, CUJO goes beyond traditional security by using a multi-layer approach that combines firewall, antivirus, and malware typically found in separate devices.

Even with traditional internet security, virtual intruders can easily hack baby monitors and security cameras to spy on you and your family. By simply plugging CUJO into your router, your home will be protected from virtual and physical privacy invasion, device destruction, personal identity theft and more.

This plug and play system is user friendly. Just connect CUJO to your router with a single cable and you are set.

If you are facing an attack, you will get an alert on your mobile device. It is always up to date and improving as well.

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Having a business that relies on the internet I can not take the chance on being vulnerable and putting my family at risk. We all have documents, family photos and personal information we need to keep protected. Using CUJO is a safe and reliable way to be protected.

CUJO will be available for pre-sale through a special campaign on Indiegogo on 09/15.

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Want to be one of the first to try out CUJO yourself? Enter to win an Apple Watch Sport and get up to 25% off on a CUJO Home Internet Security Device

Sweepstakes only open to legal residents of the United States (excludes Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands), 18+. Entry period ends: 11:59 p.m. PST on 9/14/15. ARV of prize: $349 USD.

Protect your family today!

You can read more about CUJO at


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  1. What a great way to be sure your internet is protected. How had I not heard of this before?

  2. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    That sounds like something every parent needs to have. I am definitely going to look into getting it.

  3. I'd really like having this extra security for my home network. I like how it sends mobile alerts.

  4. listen2mama says

    Sounds like all parents would love to have that type of security at home for their kids.

  5. What a fantastic sounding device, I am sure it will be well sort after. x
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  6. This would be great to get an alert when someone is trying to put our family at risk.
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  7. This is a great way to stay protected. I hadn;t heard of this before today. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Catherine S says

    This sounds really great. This would be perfect for us as much as we are online.

  9. I need to get a CUJO Home Internet Security Device for my Daughter. She is away at College for her first year. I could use one here at the house as well.

  10. Sounds like CUJO is a great security system! I'd love to use it at my home!
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  11. This sounds great. Definitely like something everyone should consider. Sounds like a great way to keep protected.

  12. HopscotchNjb says

    These are perfect to my family. what a great way to stay protected

  13. This wuld be wonderful to have. I always worry about the bad guys hacking.
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  14. 25% off is a nice deal. I'm happy to hear about CUJO

  15. Wow, CUJO sounds like something every home with internet need. We don't often see the threat, but we need to be protected before it happens not when it's too late.
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