Get Outdoors with Nature Valley #REDISCOVERNATURE

Somedays it feels like screen time takes over family time. For many it is just how things are today. We stay connected online, work online,  get entertained online and learn online. It is easy enough to get into the habit of sitting in place and not going out exploring the world around us. With each passing generation, children seem to be playing less and less outside. I remember my parents telling me they would be gone running around town, biking and playing with friends from the moment they woke until the sun went down. They said the only time they came in was when they were hungry. As a child I enjoyed being outside, but not to the extent they did. I now look at my own children and see them wanting to be outside less and less.

As a family we have always enjoyed the outdoors, even now. But on their own, they show little interest in going out and getting away from their devices.

We try to be active and get outdoors as often as we can. A hike in the forest or a walk on the beach are a great way for our family to connect the old way before technology. Spending my days online working I need to make an effort to get out and away from the screen daily. I am always seeing parents complaining about their kids having too much screen time but where are they complaining? Online , on their computers and on their tablets and phones. Children learn from example, so we need to set a good one.  How do we get our children back to playing outside and enjoying nature?

Childhood Belongs in Nature

Nature Valley is taking a stand, encouraging Canadian families to #RediscoverNature; to step away from their screens and create childhood memories outside. They’re dedicated to making the outdoors a bigger part of childhood, to give kids today a chance to use their imaginations, to get dirty, to feel the grass in their toes and wind through their hair—to enjoy time outside, just like mom and dad, grandpa and grandma did. In its latest mini-documentary film, Nature Valley asked three generations to share their favourite childhood memories. The contrast between grandpa and grand-kids is, as one mom put it, is ‘very concerning’. What if the next generation loses its connection to nature? Let’s work together to rediscover the joy of nature as a family and a community. To further its commitment to the cause, Nature Valley has partnered with Colin Harris, founder of Take Me Outside, a non-profit organization that champions children spending time outside, being active and connecting to nature. Nature Break Button

Rediscover Nature Day (Sept. 20)

Nature Valley and Take Me Outside are joining forces to challenge you and your family to spend at least one hour outdoors on Sunday, September 20th for Rediscover Nature Day. Whether it be in your backyard or at one of Canada’s national parks, on a trail or at a beach, we’re encouraging you to get outside and #RediscoverNature. Our family is always getting outside and having fun! Canada has some of the funnest and most beautiful places to enjoy in the world. No matter where you live I know there is something for your family to do. We recently went through a corn maze and got lost, it was the greatest experience and we all had a laugh.

The corn was so tall my teens who normally tower over everything could not see over it. I think we spent almost 1 1/2 hours walking around in the maze. On a recent hike we discovered a natural falls a few KMs off the road. It was amazing and my children will remember it forever. Had we ot been walking around outside, we never would have stumbled upon it. falls After spending time outdoors we feel great and I feel we are closer. We get exercise and we have time to talk and reconnect with each other, without technology.


Take Me Outside is hosting a Rediscover Nature Day contest with a grand prize sponsored by Banff Lake Louise Tourism. Join the Rediscover Nature journey and share photos of your experience in the great outdoors. It’s easy to enter! How to enter-RSVP to participate in Rediscover Nature Day and post a photo of your family enjoying nature to Twitter or Instagram using both #RediscoverNature and #MyBanff between now and September 30, 2015 for a chance to WIN. Prize- Trip to Banff National Park to experience Banff and Lake Louise with your family or win one of ten Nature Valley Rediscover Nature Kits! Visit for full contest rules and regulations and to RSVP. Join us on Sept 20th and commit to spending 60 minutes outdoors with your family! You will be glad you did. Share it with the hashtag so you have a chance to win the great prize as well! When was the last time your family took a nature break?

Banff Lake Louise Tourism / Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

photo credit Banff Lake Louise Tourism / Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

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This post has been brought to by Nature Valley, all opinions are my own 


  1. I would take the dogs for a hike through the woods!

  2. Biking the nature trails is how I would spend it.

  3. I hope to be cycling

  4. Dayna Wilson says

    We'd go for a walk in Minnekhada park. We already do an hour hike there every Monday, adding a Sunday is no problem!

  5. Juliee Fitze says

    We will be at a outside meeting for our park.

  6. i would go for a walk in our city park

  7. I would go hiking on trails in and around my community.

  8. playing outside with my niece, maybe at the park or playing soccer

  9. Playing at the park

  10. Go for a long walk with my daughter So she can tell me about everything that goes on at school that she forgets after school. The best thing to get a child talking is a long walk.

  11. We have lots of local trails i'd love to take a walk on. We hike them a few times a year and it's always relaxing and refreshing.

  12. wendy Hutton says

    we would be spending the time walking through the trails down by the river

  13. I will be walking my elderly dog in the park, his favorite thing to do

  14. I will be playing at the park with my daughter.

  15. I would ride bikes with my two boys and husband

  16. I would spend it going for a walk in the beauitful fall air.

  17. Depending on the weather we will go to either the Bird Sanctuary, Zoo, A Park By The River or to Kananaskis. We love being outside with nature.


    would go hiking

  19. We would go for a hike on the trails.

  20. Susanne McCarthy says

    Biking that trail we have been saying we are going to do for many many years now!!

  21. We are going on a walk through the Pacific Spirit park with the kids.

  22. Erika Letson says

    I would love to spend it with my kids on one of our local walking trails!

  23. no plan

  24. butterflyamyc says

    I love to go canoeing. I'm hoping to be doing that.

  25. Go running on trails by the river and eat lunch on a sand bar

  26. Going on a nature hike.

  27. biking and having a lunch/picnic at the park

  28. exploring places in the neighbourhood that I've never seen before. thanks

  29. Doris Calvert says

    Have a picnic in our gorgeous rive valley

  30. nicolthepickle says

    Taking a walk with my children.

  31. joanne darrell says

    I will be walking and enjoying nature.

  32. Amy Heffernan says

    A nice nature walk with my kids!

  33. I will walk in the park with my family.

  34. We plan on going for a hike to a waterfall !! So looking forward to a great day with the family 🙂

  35. Angela Massis says

    I would take a long walk with the family exploring nature and enjoy the leaves changing color at my nearby trail

  36. I'm thinking of walking around the block in my hamlet and seeing what is new and going on, and just take my time and enjoy the last bit of nice weather!!

  37. We will spend the day walking and going to the park

  38. Victoria Ess says

    We'd go hiking!

  39. We will be going for a hike in the Bruce Trail.

  40. danielle nantau says

    I will go on a walk with my daughter to the park, and enjoy the swings and slides 🙂

  41. Walking the commits forest trails in Fort Nelson

  42. Geocaching with my family!

  43. Just play at the park

  44. We would go for a walk in the conservation area behind our house

  45. We'll go down to the reservoir and walk around it. There are always lots of birds.

  46. hiking

  47. I will be out on my mountain bike enjoying the great outdoors.

  48. Christine C. says

    I would go hiking on trails or biking!

  49. prairiebelle says

    we plan on raking up all the leaves in the back yard and then jumping in them

  50. Going hiking with family

  51. We would go for a walk along the lake with the dog!

  52. Bringing a few outdoor games/equipment and having some fun in a park!

  53. Brittney House says

    I would go for a walk/run.

  54. Bethany Gallinger says

    I would like to visit a local park on Rediscover Nature day.

  55. We will go for a hike.

  56. spend an hour hiking in the park

  57. I am going to ride my bike with my family all day that day !!!!

  58. we are going to go hiking on the trails

  59. Go for a hike or bike ride.

  60. We will play in the park and my kids can ride on their bikes too

  61. We would visit a nature/scenic trail in the Niagara region….

  62. I would go for a walk with my kids and our dog.

  63. Tammy Dalley says

    Ill go for a walk

  64. Stephanie LaPlante says

    We're thinking about going on a trail.

  65. We're going to the beach to look for treasure.

  66. We will take a walk in the conservation area near our home. The kids love feeding the birds.

  67. will take my kids for a bike ride

  68. i would go swimming

  69. Kelley Moore says

    i would go for a walk

  70. Jogging through Princes Island park here in Calgary.

  71. I like to go for a bike ride!

  72. Ruth Moreira-Lozon says

    We're going pumpkin and apple picking! I agree fully with Kim Tanti – we don't own a car, so we walk everywhere, and that really is where the kids open up 🙂

  73. Treen Goodwin says

    Biking on the Trails in our neighborhood , with my Family 🙂 thanks for the chance 🙂

  74. Hiking and blackberry picking with the kids!
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  75. Go for a hike behind my house we have a awesome hill to climb

  76. Going for a walk

  77. Heading to the beach

  78. I will take my family for a walk around our by the lake park, dog included.

  79. Out walking the dogs!

  80. There's a park near us that is on the ocean so you get forest and water, that where we go!

  81. I will spend my 60 minutes outdoors with my daughter trying to scoop up water bugs, searching for pine cones, saying hello to the neighbours and their dogs as they go for fresh air. We will be practising her bike riding and getting ready to remove the training wheels!

  82. we went for a long walk

  83. Wanda Tracey says

    We love going for long walks on nice sunny fall days.We usually walk along the river banks and take a picnic with us sometimes.

  84. We spent it outside at the beach – it was +25 here today!!

  85. We spent our time hiking the trails at Elk Island National Park


  86. spent geocaching

  87. Angela Mitchell says

    We went to our outdoor fall fair for a few hours as a family on the 20th.

  88. billiondollarprincesss says

    Going for a long walk

  89. I would love a family hike in the local mountains.

  90. Robyn Bellefleur says

    Go for a nice walk along the river near our house.

  91. kathy downey says

    60 minutes on September 20th spent outdoors collecting rocks and leaves for school projects

  92. we went for a nature walk

  93. I spend Sept 20th walking to the park and back and play at the park with my little nephew

  94. Going for a walk in the beautiful weather

  95. We went for a long hike on this day with the family.

  96. I spent it in a park 🙂

  97. Julie Bolduc says

    I went on a nature walk

  98. I plan to take my cousins to the hopatcong river in Jersey. We'd get some kayaks and paddle through the duck weed. See if we can spot an eel, and just soak in the day. I might even bring my ukulele along and play us down the river.

  99. I spent it by taking my kids outside for a scavenger hunt in the woods

  100. Probably going on a nice long walk in a new neighborhood or park that we don't usually go to.

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