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When my children were babies there was only one diaper brand I knew I could trust to keep them dry day and night, Pampers. For each of my four children Pampers was the brand that was there for us day after day, night after night as long as we needed. There is a large age gap from my oldest to my youngest and things changed over the years with diaper technology,but they always changed for the better. When people ask me about diapers and my experiences using them Pampers is the brand I mention. As a mom I am so excited to tell you Pampers is still evolving with their new Pampers Cruisers.


As babies grow, develop and explore their world, they need a diaper that allows them to play freely, provides a great fit and stays drier. The #1-selling diaper worldwide, Pampers is introducing a new and improved Pampers Cruisers diapers with Extra Absorb Channels that help little ones stay drier and doesn’t sag like an ordinary diaper.

While a poor fitting or saggy diaper can limit babies’ freedom of movement, the new Pampers Cruisers have three absorbent channels in the core of the diaper that distribute wetness evenly so babies can go from #sagtoswag, moving to their own beat without restriction!


New Pampers Cruisers

  • New Pampers Cruisers has three separate channels, unlike ordinary diapers, which have one unstructured core.
  • The unique channel structure helps evenly distribute wetness from front to back.
  • The new design provides noticeably better fit and doesn’t sag like ordinary diapers. (Based on size 4 vs. a leading value brand)
  • A thin core to help lock away wetness and provide up to 12 hours of protection.
  • Pampers best protection and fit with fun Sesame Street character designs.

It’s time for babies to show off their one-of-a-kind swag in Pampers Cruisers! Pick up the new and improved Pampers Cruisers at Walmart stores or at the click of the mouse at, Canada’s one-stop-shop for baby needs. At, you can also learn more about the new technology and watch a video that demonstrates why the innovative design helps the diapers move with your active baby.

Don’t let a soggy diaper hold your child back from discovering the world around them! Check out for product information, coupons, parenting tips and more.

You can find Pampers Cruisers at Walmart stores nationwide

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To help celebrate the new Pampers Cruisers, P&G is offering one lucky Canadian reader a $50 Gift Card for Walmart. You can use it to stock up on Pampers and more.  Fill out the form below for your chance, good luck!


  1. I love the quality! I have used it from the time I had my first son to with my second son now

  2. Love the Extra Absorb Channels to help keep them dry. 12 hour protection is also great for nights!

  3. My grandson and granddaughter have been using Pampers since the day they were born and there has never been a leak! Love them!

  4. Victoria Ess says

    I love that they rarely leak!

  5. You can dispose of Pampers instead of washing them like cloth diapers.

  6. No leaks and keeps them dry so they sleep through the night!

  7. Rosanne Robinson says

    I love the extra absorbing channels keeping the babies dry, plus 12 hour protection against the skin.

  8. silverneon2000 says

    I like the protection and that you can move in them with comfort and ease with no leaks.

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  9. I love that it moves with them and no leaks, only brand we use

  10. wendy Hutton says

    I love how snug they fit and absorb and best of all no leaks

  11. I love that they are good quality and I can be confident I won't get a leaky diaper (especially at night!)

  12. they don't leak

  13. I love how great the cruisers are for fitting a busy baby and keeping leaks at bay when she is on the go!

  14. I always loved Pampers, they were the only diaper that kept my kids dry during the night.

  15. I like that Pampers don't sag

  16. You can't beat the 12 hour protection for overnights!

  17. I love how absorbent pampers are without leakage.

  18. My daughter caught a great deal on huggies and switched.My grand baby got a horrendous rash.She switched back to pampers and no more troubles.

  19. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I love the fact that they are so absorbent and that they fit so well that they rarely leak.

  20. I love that pampers go on sale often.

  21. i love that it keeps my son dry

  22. I like the wide range of sizes.

  23. erin mcsweeney says

    I love the fit of pampers on babies

  24. I love that Pampers offers my little grandson all night protection.

  25. Monique L.S. says

    I love that Pampers offer comfort and function.

  26. I like that Pampers has three separate channels in the diaper to keep your child drier.

  27. I love how they are good quality compared to other brands.

  28. I love that they have the points to collect so I can get prizes for buying something I buy anyways!

  29. rarely leak
    good quality

  30. Rose Holloway says

    Love the night time protection

  31. not nearly as many leaks as previous versions. thanks

  32. I like that they never irritated his skin

  33. Pampers off great protection against leakage and they have been around for a long time

  34. They are the softest diapers of all that we've tried.

  35. I love the fit of pampers and we never experienced any leaks

  36. Both my kids wore pampers. They are so soft I knew they were always comfortable.

  37. I love the wetness sensor lines for the smaller sizes and their overnight diapers

  38. I like that Pampers don't leak.

  39. I love how we have had no leaks with them with our almost 2 year old son!

  40. butterflyamyc says

    I love the unique channel structure to keep wetness away.

  41. I love that they'll last through the night without leaking.

  42. i love that Pampers is a trusted brand ..they dont leak and fit my baby perfectly

  43. I love the softness of the diapers and the cute prints!!

  44. The only diapers I buy

  45. joanne darrell says

    I love the fact that Pampers is a well respected company.

  46. No leaks. Pampers have been around for a long time
    (Debbie W)

  47. I love pampers. Never leak like other ones!

  48. i love pampers 12 hr protection at night

  49. I like the thin core that locks away wetness and can give up to 12 hours of protection.

  50. my fave feature is that they have the extra absorbing channels which is important for comfort and healthy bums.

  51. I love that they aren't bulky!

  52. Sarah Stickney says

    i kike pampers baby dry, i've always used them for my sin

  53. we love Pampers Rewards 🙂

  54. Only brand I can trust to prevent leaks

  55. The fit

  56. Angela Massis says

    I love Pampers! It was all I used for my 3 children. My kids are no longer wearing diapers but I do use Pampers Wipes for my daughter that has incontinence issues.

  57. I love that they're reliable.

  58. Jayne Cameron says

    Pampers are by far the best diapers. The babies never have diaper rash or redness when I use pampers and they hold the wetness at night.

  59. Melissa Greco says

    I love how absorbent they are

  60. Leanne Robinson says

    I love the quality and the fit for the babies

  61. I love the protection it provides.

  62. I like the extra absorbing channels for 12 hours of dryness.

  63. Juliee Fitze says

    I like their reward program and how depended they are and don't leak.

  64. Bailey Dexter says

    I love that you can take my grandson out in the papers and they never leak, great quality!

  65. Susanne McCarthy says

    The only brand we used for our kids… the wipes too!

  66. Dayna Wilson says

    I love that they actually work…every other type I've tried leak.

  67. Ease of mind that the protection is there and I don't have to worry about leaks after 2 hrs

  68. I love that they are great to use over night without leaks!

  69. prairiebelle says

    i like how pampers grows with your child, has fantastic absorption capabilities and protection for babies bum

  70. viclery soto says

    Great giveaway 😀

  71. cartersmom89 says

    My son uses Pampers and I will NEVER switch. The diapers have never leaked or left marks on him. Love them!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!! 🙂

  72. I like that it protect really good

  73. I love that they have been a trusted brand for years,,its all I wore on my son 16 years ago,they are great quality and do not smell like the "other"

  74. no leaks and they are comfortable for the baby.

  75. Keeps skin dry!

  76. I take pride in knowing Pampers are a high quality diaper design, which have been around for decades, continuously trying to make their product better. Great fit, no leaks, & transitioning with your child up to size 6. Pampers are awesome!

  77. i love that they're quality products that really prevent leaks

  78. That they are leak proof!

  79. I love how they are a well established brand with a ton of useful baby products. I don't have to look at other companies for all baby product needs.

  80. kristine ewald says

    I love pampers, don't leak and I love the smell.

  81. i love that they fit so well and don't bunch up on baby.

  82. I love the fit and that pampers is leak proof too!

  83. I love the fun Sesame Street character designs! 🙂

  84. Wendy Jensen says

    What I love about Pampers is that they make life easier.

  85. They are reliable and don’t leak!

  86. Wendy Jensen says

    What I love about Pampers is that it makes my life easier.

  87. The fit of the diaper is great!

  88. I work in a daycare, and have chosen pampers for my own daughter who us due to arrive in 7 weeks. Pampers tabs NEVER rip off when putting them on, unlike some other brands, they don't leak, and they don't irritate.

  89. nicolthepickle says

    I like that they wear well and fit well. We've used pampers for years around here.

  90. I always loved the snug fit of pampers diapers.

  91. I like the fit and absorbency.

  92. All of our kids have worn pampers, they seem to be the most leak free!

  93. Pampers are the best, no leaks at all!

  94. I love that there are no leaks with Pampers.

  95. We are a Pampers family – they don't leak, and that is a magical thing in a diaper.

  96. I love that they rarely leak

  97. I love the quality, great protection

  98. I love everything about Pampers, I have used it for both my boys, now 9 n 27 and when Pampers cruisers came out I was so happy. The product gets better and better and both my boys used it and I never used anything else, love Pampers

  99. I love that they work better than all the rest!! Also fit our little guy perfectly 🙂

  100. They are so durable and absorbs lots without worrying about leaking

  101. i love their reward program.

  102. Michelle Policelli says

    love the 12 hour protection!

  103. I love that they offer great coupons on their products

  104. Pampers cruisers have extra absorb channels and come in Sesame Street prints.

  105. Brenda Penton says

    I love how absorbent and fitting they are

  106. I love the no leaks and 12 hour protection

  107. Love the no leak and how comfy the baby is in them.

  108. I love that it is a very reliable brand that it never leaks and keep my little one happy

  109. Pampers were our go to diaper when traveling, we used cloth, but were super impressed with how well Pampers held up while out and about….

  110. love pampers. they absorb a lot of fluid, covers a wide amount of the body so no blowouts.

  111. they were the best diapers! never leaked

  112. Tammy Dalley says

    I love that theres no leaks, the only brand I use

  113. Pampers were the only diapers that I was able to use with my kids. The other brands resulted in rashes.

  114. Love the softness

  115. Stephanie LaPlante says

    I love that they're absorbent and comfy.

  116. I've never needed to buy diapers but the commercials are super cute!

  117. Jessica M Walker says

    Love that there super absorbent

  118. I loved how leak-proof Pampers diapers are, especially overnight.

  119. love the quality and how long a child can wear it.

  120. I love that you don't have to wash them and they don't leak

  121. Bethany Gallinger says

    I like that Pampers are affordable.

  122. I like how well they are fitted and move with babies. Nothing is worse than going to change a baby and seeing marks on their little legs where the diaper has dug into their skin because it has not stretched with their movement.

  123. Aimee Robison says

    I love the 12 hour protection against the skin, great for sleeping.

  124. I love how well Pampers diapers keep my baby dry, and I also love their rewards program!

  125. The Quality, A Trusted Brand that i used for Both of my boys.

  126. I love how there is no leaks!

  127. Ruth Moreira-Lozon says

    We used cloth diapers during the day and Pampers at night for both our kids, and we were never disappointed!

  128. I love that they keep my kid dry all night

  129. danielle nantau says

    They fit my daughter JUST right. No leaks, no nothing!

  130. I like the absorbency and that they last 12 hours.

  131. Treen Goodwin says

    I love Pamper because the don't leak , they are the best diapers ever , and my granddaughter sleeps all through the night because of the 12 hour protection 🙂 thanks for the chance 🙂

  132. I love that their products-such as baby wipes-are versatile and can be used for cleaning,not just wiping baby's bottoms!

  133. leaks..the most important thing!

  134. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I love the designs that they use and how well they work, so leak proof.

  135. I love that Pampers has a thin core to help lock away wetness and provide up to 12 hours of protection. That translates to a better chance of baby sleeping through the night and a happy momma.

  136. I love that they have something for babies of every stage!

  137. Wanda Tracey says

    I love the nice snug fit of Pampers and there is never a leak or mess when my grandson wears them.I love how its easy to find just the perfect fit for him.They are the best!

  138. I love that babies wake up dry when using Pampers


  139. love the absorbtion

  140. I like that they're widely available so I can get my hands on the products we like easily.

  141. Heather Howard says

    I love the smell of Pampers.
    I love the great absorbency.
    I love the sizes being very true to their size.

  142. Nathan Lapointe says

    I love how innovative they are as a brand.

  143. No leaks!

  144. Angela Mitchell says

    I love how Pampers fit, how long they last, and even their baby smell:)

  145. I love that Pampers works effectively, that it fit will, but allows movement and don't leak when baby goes in the diapers. We only use Pampers brand.

  146. Quality products and a trusted brand! 🙂
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  147. I like the cartoon designs on them.

  148. I love the fit of them! No other diapers keep my daughter dry. They are a life saver!

  149. Erica Seaman says

    They are very dependable and rarely leak.

  150. shellie clark says

    No leaks and keeps them dry

  151. kathy downey says

    I love they can keep baby dry all night

  152. They're soft against babies skin and don't leak like some other brands

  153. It worked really well for my kids

  154. I love the 12 hour protection on the skin and baby stay dry.

  155. Tricia Cooper says

    They offer great protection, easy movement and no leaks!

  156. Susan Spidle says

    I love that they keep my grand daughter really dry and me too when I hold her.

  157. I like the 12hr leak protection

  158. Pampers is the only brand we use in our house! No messy leaks to deal with and it kept my babies dry.

  159. Kelley Moore says

    I love the 12 hour protection

  160. Stephanie Liske says

    I love that they work so well.


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