Mountain Melodies: All About the Music Scene in Jackson Hole

The music scene in Jackson Hole is very diverse and extremely vibrant, which is why it is such a magnet for music-lovers who want to get their fix of live music events and festivals as well as enjoying all of the popular music venues in the area.

Jackson Hole is a positive paradise for nocturnal music fans who are looking for somewhere to enjoy live music, socialise with friends and enjoy something good to eat, all of which is on offer seven days a week.

Places like the White Buffalo Club offer a perfect base in Jackson Hole so that you can make the most of all the nightlife that it has to offer. With events every night of the week, the air is constantly filled with the sound of great music and plenty of people having a good time, so here are some of the events and venues to look out for.

Eclectic and interesting

These are just two words that can be used to accurately describe what you get in entertainment package that is on offer at the Pink Garter Theatre.

This venue has a habit of showcasing talent that you haven’t yet heard of but soon will on a bigger scale and this small downtown venue never fails to offer an interesting line-up that caters for all types of musical tastes.

Après-ski hot spot

Teton Village is where you will find the Mangy Moose and this is definitely not a place to go for a quiet drink.

The enormous stuffed moose hanging from the ceiling gives you a clue to the zany and raucous atmosphere you will experience in the Mangy Moose and this is a place that almost instantly transports you back to your fraternity days, with plenty of beer flowing and live acoustic music playing most afternoons during the ski season.

Walk Festival Hall

All tastes in music are covered in the Jackson Hole vibe and the Walk Festival Hall has been playing host to a renowned symphony orchestra for the best part of 50 years.

The Grand Teton Music Festival runs for a seven-week season starting from early July and you can expect to be entertained by a wealth of talented musicians, including symphony concerts that are held every Friday and Saturday night during the season.

Live Outdoor Concerts

JacksonHoleLive is free outdoor summer concert series that takes place at Snow King Ball Park, which is situated in downtown Jackson.

Families and partygoers are all able to enjoy plenty of live music and plenty of food and drinks tents to keep your energy and spirits up, whilst enjoying some excellent bands and talented musicians.

Silver Dollar Bar

If you are heading inside for the rest of the evening, you may want to enjoy a dance at the Silver Dollar Bar.

Bluegrass night on Tuesday’s is a good time to go, where you can grab a table and enjoy watching some well-rehearsed local dancers hit the floor and even get up and have a go yourself if you feel the urge to do so.

The music scene in Jackson Hole is diverse and is the real heartbeat of the area, so plan your visit and join in the fun.


Tina Sarandon has worked as a travel advisor for many years. She always appreciates the chance to share her insights with an online audience and has written for a number of travel-related websites.





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