Places in India Which You Must Visit Once in a Lifetime

If you are a nature lover and want to explore different attractions in India, you must know about the main tourist spots in the country. You can achieve the experience of a lifetime by exploring various nooks and corners of India. Before you die, you must see a few places in India like:

Frozen Lakes of Himalayas: The great Himalayan range consists of hundreds of beautiful lakes starting from Greater Himalayas to Arunachal Himalayas. You can enjoy watching some of the best frozen lakes in Sikkim and Himalayan terrain of Arunachal Pradesh. Famous Dal Lake in Srinagar and Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim are some of the world renowned spots.

Beautiful Western Ghats: You can enjoy the mesmerizing natural beauty of Western Ghats which is also known as Sahyadri Mountain that covers entire west coast of India starting from Gujarat and ending in Kanyakumari. Experience this biodiversity spot with different kinds of flora and fauna along with many undiscovered species. This site has been recognized as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Various man-made lakes, waterfalls, and sceneries can be found here.

Ladakh Lakes: Situated at a height of 4350 m, Ladakh is comprised of various magnificent lakes throughout the region. The nature of lakes changes during different times of the day and appear most beautiful in the evening. One of the well known lakes situated in high altitude is known as Pangong Tso. The combination of blue skies and dazzling light of the Sun on the lakes appears to be innumerable stars on earth.

Wildlife in Kanha: Situated in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, the Kanha National Park is world famous for its wildlife. It is home for Royal Bengal Tigers, Indian Leopards as well as Indian Wild dogs. Covered with dense bamboo and Sal woods, Kanha as well as Bandhavgarh offers rich wild life.

Thar Desert: Situated in the middle of royal state of Rajasthan, surrounded by Great Rann of Kutch and Aravalli mountain ranges, the Thar Desert offers magnificent experience. During night, you can enjoy a spectacular camel ride between the dunes. Bikaner is well known as the jewel of Thar Desert and renowned for its extreme climatic conditions.

Kerala Backwaters: The backwaters of Kerala include five large rivers, canals, lakes which actually cover almost half of the state with water bodies. The lakes are considered to be homes of various aquatic animals, birds as well as backwater lagoons which are present throughout Arabian Sea coast.

Goa Beaches: Goa, though smallest state in India, is well known for its beautiful beaches. Besides the white sand beaches, Goa is famous for its exotic flora and fauna throughout the ranges of Western Ghats.

Manali Mountains: You will be amazed to see the snow clad mountains of Manali. Snowboarding, skiing and Heli-ski are some of the most adventurous winter sports in the mountains.

Bhubaneswar Temples: Bhubaneswar city is comprised of more than 600 Hindu temples. Along with Konark and Puri Jagannath, there are many famous Indian temples known as Duladevi, Mukteswar etc.

Himalayan Flowers: You can enjoy trekking within the valley of Himalayan flowers. Monsoon is considered to be the best time to trek within a carpet of flowers.

Kodaikanal Hills: Kodaikanal is considered to be a gift of nature in Dindigul district within Palani hills of Tamil Nadu. Beautiful meadows, pillar rocks as well as cascade waterfalls have ornamented the region very well.

Besides the above mentioned spots, you can also consider traveling in Kanyakumari, Araku Valleys in Eastern Ghats, and mangrove forests in Sundarbans. If you are a bit spiritual, you should not miss the Varanasi Ghats where you will find a crowd of pilgrims from all religions. Along with that you can also enjoy wildlife sanctuaries in states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh etc.



  1. Never thought of visiting India… but it sure does sound good! I am going do more research about India!

  2. India was not on my bucket list – until NOW!!!!

  3. Elva Roberts says

    I would love to visit India. I had not idea that there were so many beautiful places to visit. I did not realize that India had frozen lakes. I would love a country where some places are carpeted with flowers

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