Ponds, Preserves and Peaks: Reasons Mont-Tremblant Wilderness Survival Centre is a Must-See

The Mont-Tremblant area is a cornucopia of activities.  Most know about the premier skiing opportunities but not as many are aware of Mont-Tremblant’s Wilderness Survival Centre.  You may have gone camping before, but there’s going camping overnight in nearby woods, and then there’s knowing about wilderness survival.  Those who visit the centre learn about the wilderness, and especially, braving the ponds, preserves, and peaks in the Mont-Tremblant area.

Survival Course and Hike

How many courses will you take that can actually save your life one day?  You’ll never be the same after learning a multitude of techniques that help you feel more than comfortable and prepared for surviving the rugged wilderness.  Learn survival priorities, how to take control of a situation and given factors, managing stress in a wilderness setting, fire starting techniques, how to find water, and how to signal for rescue.  The course welcomes all family members and was designed by an expert survivalist who has 11 years of military experience and went through Commando training.

Day with a Trapper

Once upon a time, there were no grocery stores or take-out menus; man and woman had to go out and find food on their own.  Trappers who share a passion for animals and the wilderness, teach Native American techniques that were once executed for trapping.  The experience begins with a hike up a creek bed.  The creek, full of small pools of water and filled with trout, serves to help you learn advanced fishing strategies.  You’ll soon master how to catch a fish with your hands!  When you get back to the main camp, you’ll learn how to prepare your trout over a wood fire as well as prepare traditional bread, which is cooked on a wooden branch.  Next, stroll through the forest, discovering habitats of wild animals living in the area and learning how to spot tracks and trails.  Finally, find out how ancient Native Americans lived and a bit about their way of life.


Every kids dreams of staying in their own treehouse, and at the Survival Centre, big kids can finally realize those dreams, sleeping in an oversized treehouse.  Without the kind of modern comforts offered by Tremblant Sunstar, you’ll be among the trees in the middle of the woods.  Take a dip in the nearby lake, cast your rod, float in a canoe, and picnic on the warm rocks.  The treehouses reside within a 2000 acre, protected regional park, replete with walking trails, 4 lakes, wetlands, and a boardwalk.


Take a guided canoe tour through Tremblant National Park, learning about the Diable River and the oldest mountain range in the world.  A park warden will be your tour guide, telling all they know about the area as you stop for snacks and a swim, set your eyes on the Laurentian Mountains, and experience ducks, beavers, and several species of birds.  Another adventure that is perfect for all ages, don’t forget your family back at the hotel; they’ll want to experience the wilderness like only Mont-Tremblant’s Survival Centre can deliver.


Lucinda Grey has been working as a travel guide for a number of years. She enjoys being able to share her experiences and insights with an online audience. Her thoughts can be found across a number of different websites.



  1. So beautiful!! I need a getaway… and to stay in one of those treehouses!!

  2. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    I think a survival course sounds really interesting. I bet my husband would like it, too.

  3. Amber Edwards says

    The treehouse! Seriously I would absolutely love to hang out in a treehouse! is it just for kids? I'm a kid at heart, I can go too right? 🙂

  4. Sounds like an amazing place to go. I love places like this that are away from technology and to enjoy the outdoors.

  5. This looks beautiful. The day with a trapper sounds like an amazing and unique experience!

  6. That sounds like so much fun. I love getting back to nature – from a healthy distance, of course.
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  7. What a great place! My husband and son would love this! They love anything outdoors especially kayaking and canoeing
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  9. Wow, now this sounds like a great thing to do. I know for a fact that I could use some of the tools in that survival course… i don't think I'd even be able to start a fire without matches. LOL

  10. I have not canoed in such a long time! This looks like a great place to take the family

  11. This sounds like so much fun! I would love to see the tree houses.
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  13. A survival course would be interesting. I could use a few tips!
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  14. It looks so beautiful there. I would love to go to the Wilderness Survival Center. It would be an amazing trip.

  15. It would be great to get out on the water. Canoeing is so much fun when you're with friends. I'd do some hiking too!

  16. What a fun place. I haven't been canoeing in a long time.
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  17. Aimee Smith says

    This looks amazing! What a beautiful way to spend your time!
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  18. This sounds like a great place for the outdoor enthusiast. It would be an adventure.

  19. Treehouse?! I want in! That sounds so cool!

  20. That looks so fun! My kids will have a blast with these activities.
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  21. I have always wanted to go canoeing! That would be so much fun, and having a tree house? that is something that my husband would just flip over!

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  23. I would LOVE to stay in a treehouse! This place would be an awesome place to visit.

  24. The native way of life is so intriguing. I love that they has to depend on their survival skills to thrive.

  25. I haven't been to Quebec in such a long time. The entire area is beautiful, and there's lots in Mont Tremblant that it looks like we'd enjoy, like the canoeing!

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