Social Media is part of our daily routine #FacebookDown

So Facebook is down. If you tried logging in recently you will already know this.

Big deal right?!?

In the big picture it isn’t.

I am not the person who is on there to see what people are up to. I am not one to post my every move for the world to see. I do use Facebook and other special media sites to communicate with my readers, clients and promote my blog. I always have it open in the background so I can respond to any questions or comments my page may receive. to me It is amazing to me how social media is such a big part of our daily routine still. I have had my blog for over 5 years now and still am surprised how much we rely on it.

The other day I was at the mall with my family. We saw this many working hard at the computer. He was very focused and could not look up to help us. I figured we would stop back later and ask our questions. The purchase was not time sensitive and we had other stores to visit. On the way back we came around the other side of the kiosk. This time I could see his screen. He was not working, he was Facebooking. His job in no way had anything to do with Facebook. He was not updating a page or answering a customers question. The animated lady in the bikini on his screen was just one image I saw as I glanced over. He still could have looked up and gave us the customer, attention. Instead we went elsewhere.

The nice thing about social media is the content is always there. It can be great for real time updates and it can also be great for reading later, when you have time.

My sons school and many others block Facebook and other social media sites for this reason. Many businesses as well. They do not want to be having people distracted while they should be focusing on school or work.

I get it.

But for the few like me, who actually use it for work, it sucks when it is down.

We plan out our day and now things get pushed aside.

Yes life goes on and we have Twitter.  But it still sucks.

If we did not rely on it so much though, I may be out of a job 🙂

So, do you care if it is down? How often do you log into your Facebook account?


On the upside, for those of us who think it to be a distraction often, we will be super productive today! And like anything, as fast as it went down, it is back up again


  1. Shelly Seward says

    Well that article was fast getting written! I don’t depend on Facebook for work, if I did I would have so many promotions by now! LOL. It is definitely too much of a distraction sometimes.

  2. Reese Speaks says

    I was not impressed with FB going down today! I was using it for non-happy-happy-fun-time purposes, and I go that FB death screen. I asked a friend if she was experiencing the same thing, and she was. It was a relief when it went back up. I know FB is coming up with a new look and I hope this news was not the cause of this outage. If it was, I hope that we get some kind of a warning the next time as to when FB will go down so I'm better prepared for it!
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  3. They blocked me Anyway for not using my real name, even though lots of my friends (including IRL friends) don’t even know it. I’m using it for more than 36 years now…

    @facebook #facebookdown

    Mr. Paul David Hewson is FB stockholder #1

    We may presume he knows about #mynameis?

    We know him by his “name” Bono.

  4. My nickname, I meant.

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