15 Frozen Inspired Crafts

If you have not seen the movie Frozen yet you are surely in the minority! Last year it seemed to be everywhere and my daughter loves it! Even now I see and hear Frozen inspired everything from crafts, recipes and toys, everywhere I turn. This fun Disney animated movie really is a great one for children and adults of all ages. Below is a fun round up of Frozen inspired crafts for you and your children to get into the wintry feel. I know, winter is not yet here, but it will be. And these crafts will surely be fun to do on a snowy day! Have fun!

Frozen Inspired Crafts
Create your own Queen Elsa Costume

Frozen Clean Mud

Melting Elsa’s Frozen Hands

Frozen Craft Puppets

Frozen Story Stones

Frozen Fractals Ice Sculptures

Rock Candy

Frozen Erupting Snow

Frozen Silly Putty

Frozen Play dough

Frozen Jello Ice Cubes

Olaf Snow Storm Bottle

Frozen Paint

Frozen No Sew Costumes

Frozen Peg Dolls

So, tell me, which Frozen Inspired craft is your fave?


  1. kathy downey says

    Thanks,gong to try some of these on the weekend with the girls

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